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  1. 36 minutes ago, iacas said:


    Then every time your opponent thought he was in a divot hole, you'd have doubt about it, and every time you were in one, your opponents would have doubt.

    You can't define a divot hole in such a way that removes the doubt AND a divot hole is not an "abnormal ground condition" on a golf course.

    Who says? I've hit some of my best shots out of divot holes.

    It's fair, because we all play under the same rules.

    Using the other definition of "fair," it's not "fair" that a ball headed OB can hit a tree and kick out into the fairway, too, but we don't make you take stroke and distance there, either.

    If there's doubt, then the ball stays.  But you're right, this is why the rule won't be changed and good shots might be penalized.  I can hit a nice shot out of a divot, too, but not all divots are created the same.  A guy hits it really fat and doesn't replace it or fill it in, it's not right. 

    The "hitting into a tree" comparison doesn't make sense to me, unless some golfer went and planted a tree in the fairway in front of you.  Besides, you're not supposed to hit into a tree, but when has anyone ever said to you that you're not supposed to have your ball roll into someone's deep divot?  Are you supposed to look down the fairway and make sure you don't hit your ball into someone's divot that's 275 yards away? 

    Bottom line:  This rule won't be changed.  But moving the ball out of a hole in the fairway with no penalty does make sense to me. 

  2. Good find with the video.  I'm still siding with Jack on this.  My feeling is that if there's any doubt about it being a divot, then it's not a divot.  If I didn't fill in my divots and if you landed in the hole (kind of hole) that I created with my wedge, you'd be in big trouble with your next shot.  My point is that that wouldn't be fair at all to you.  I think it would be very fair if you could move your ball out of my divot and place it right behind the divot on normal fairway.  (I know, I know....life isn't fair....so why should golf be?)

  3. 6 minutes ago, iacas said:

    You do know he won last year and finished really high in relevant stats, right?

    In his first year back from major surgery.

    I do know that.  He was amazing, as was his swing speed.  I still don't think he'll win this year.  Let's see what happens.  I think he'll have 2 good rounds but not 4.  I think Sunday will be a problem for him, but not the younger guys.  Just a hunch. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Many of those other things are changed too.

    And divots, sorry, you ain’t winning that one.

    I know I won't.  But someone by the name of Jack Nicklaus said that divots should be considered GUR.  I totally agree.  If someone leaves a big fat divot in the ground, why should I be penalized for having my ball roll into it?  Makes no sense. 

    I'm glad the wind blowing your ball on the green won't be a penalty for you.  That was beyond ridiculous.

  5. 1 minute ago, iacas said:

    He struggled in his switch to Nike.

    Fair enough.  He struggled for a while and then got used to them.  Spieth DIDN'T change clubs and he didn't even make East Lake.  That's golf.  Look at Hunter Mahan.  Did he change clubs?

    2 minutes ago, Lihu said:

    Only “crazy rich Asians” flaunting their wealth in front of us normal people. 🤪

    Whoever heard of Honda when they first came out?

  6. 2 minutes ago, iacas said:


    Hell, the article you cited talks about how Rory's transition to Nike came with more than a few speed bumps.

    I'm not saying Justin Rose is going to have any issues, but he just won $10M playing TaylorMade equipment, and Honma isn't exactly widely used among the PGA Tour's best.

    My point is your point!  Rory changed clubs, made a lot more money doing so, and is still one of the top players in the world.  So that's why I don't think Justin Rose has much to worry about.  To your point:  This is the first time I've heard of Honma clubs.

  7. 1 minute ago, iacas said:

    The Rules change doesn't change that situation - you were always allowed to leave the flagstick in when hitting a shot (like a chip) from off the green.

    Yes, you're right about this.  I should have just said a long putt that the flag could stop.  Truth is that I'm not bent out of shape over this rule change, but I don't think it was necessary at all.  I think hitting a ball into someone else's divot is what bothers me the most, as well as having your ball be moved by the wind on a green or on a fairway, or if your ball oscillates or moves a little if you address it.

  8. 1 minute ago, iacas said:

    It was not.

    Not really true. McIlroy, DJ, Koepka, Rose… etc. are all pretty consistently in the top ten in the OWGR.

    And yet… "history is littered with players who have switched equipment companies and seen their games drop off the cliff."

    Look at Bubba Watson switching to Volvik only a few years ago.

    C'mon, man, you're making assumptions AND ignoring history.

    Did you forget something?





  9. Just now, iacas said:

    Did I say anything like that?

    What I said remains true: history is littered with players who have switched equipment companies and seen their games drop off the cliff.

    I think it was implied in your statement.  Keep in mind that players (by the scores) drop off the cliff without changing clubs.  I am betting that the new clubs will give him the same exact feel that he has with his present clubs.  These people aren't stupid. 

  10. 13 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Those deals pale in comparison to what they can earn on the golf course.

    History is littered with guys who switched equipment companies and struggled afterward.

    I would be shocked if he hasn't already had the new clubs fitted for him and if he hasn't already played with them and found them to be as good as the clubs he now plays with.  Do you think he would be that foolish?

  11. I love watching him swing and play.  I watched him win the U.S. Amateur as well as the NCAA title in the same year.  Two other golfers did that -- Jack and Tiger!  I predicted (to my friends) that he would be a very big star.  It took a while, but it was inevitable.  I think he's 5th in the world now, and it didn't take him long.  Think about how different he is and how good he is.  That takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  He's right where he belongs.  What a great crop of young talented golfers we have now to watch.  I'm predicting more great finishes every Sunday then ever before.  Guys are shooting 62's and 63's on Sunday and still not winning!  Very exciting time for golf right now.

  12. I liked Johnny a lot and I will miss him.  When the U.S. Open went to Fox, I really missed him.  I'm sorry that NBC is going with Zinger.  He says one platitude after another and I find him tedious.  I'm a fan of Justin Leonard's skills as an announcer.  And, of course, Tom Weiskopf.  For me, they would have been great picks.  (Feherty isn't available, but he would be my 1st choice.)

  13. 16 hours ago, iacas said:

    I know Ken Venturi. And I know him as a player, too.

    Nicklaus as an architect is not comparable to Johnny Miller as an announcer.

    What you should have said is that Johnny Miller as a golfer is not comparable to Jack Nicklaus as a golfer.  Either way, as golfers, we study the history of golf and not the history of announcers.  Let me add this: I'm a big fan of both of Johnny's careers.  I'm not happy he's leaving NBC.  And I'm glad that he'll be remembered either way.

  14. Doesn't "legacy" mean how people will remember you even after we're all dead?  Who will remember any golf announcer/analyst in 50 years?  Do young people even know the name "Ken Venturi?"  If Johnny is remembered at all in future generations, I think it will have to be as the golfer.  Nicklaus, the golf architect, will still be remembered more as the golfer. 

  15. I resent that this is a Pay-Per-View event and I won't give those multi-millionaires a penny of my money, especially when I don't care who wins.  It should be for free on NBC on Saturday and Sunday just like the skins used to be.  They couldn't even get a half a point in France!  These are two very greedy people.  I hope no one pays them.

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