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  1. If you play golf perfectly, ie. hit every green in regulation, two putts for par, on a 72 par course you will have taken 36 shots with the other 13 clubs combined and 36 putts. This alone highlights the importance of the putter.

    Now obviously, it is not quite as straightforward as that as it is rare for any golfer, even the top professionals to hit every green. However, around 27 putts a round is considered good for a pro and that would probably result in a scoring average of perhaps 68? So, not half, but still a considerable percentage of the overall shots would be with the putter.

    The second point I want to make is more about confidence. Having confidence with your putter takes the pressure off the rest of your game. If you are out of position off the tee you are less likely to try something desperate to get to the green wth your next. You will probably be confident to play conservatively, putting the ball pack into play knowing if you put in on the green for your next shot you will fancy holing a putt to make your par.

    Tiger Woods made a pretty decent career (understatement) by missing fairways by a considerable amount on a regular basis then making a ten footer for par to keep in touch with the leaders. Confidence in his putting placed, pretty much, no limit to how many times he could get up and down in a round. How many times did he come in with a one under 71 or whatever, and the commentator said ‘that was a 78 in anyone else’s hands."

  2. Just now, iacas said:

    @Herkimer nobody is selling anything. This stuff doesn’t need to be sold. You’re denying a truth.

    Do some reading. Keep an open mind. You only stand to gain.

    I know what I've seen over the years and what I've experienced myself in my own game. So I really don't need to read anything about it.  Obviously, it's important to make great shots with all your clubs. But it comes down to sinking your putt.  "Clutch putting" is what wins tournaments.  Johnny Miller said that it was his putting that kept him off the tour.  I've heard him say that many times over the years on air.

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