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  1. I had the same issue and tried a similar route but alas no magic cure. Unfortunately a different club won't cure the problem, you have to address the slice. I worked with our local Pro on my swing and must of hit 1,000s of balls at the range. Now fairly consistent with my driver and hey presto picked up yardage and better dispersion off my irons as well. So in a nutshell invest in lessons not clubs.
  2. I think the logical answer is go to a 4W as @WUTiger has stated above, like the idea of 4 & 7W myself, I'll have a rummage in the cellar and dig out my 7W and give it a dam good thrashing.
  3. Yes I'm a believer, cut mine down from 45 to 44" which improved my consistency and no noticeable drop off in distance, in all fairness I would say my average driving distance has improved. I didn't bother about swing weight, too complicated, just cut it down re-gripped it and took it to the range to see if I liked it. I also took 1/2" off my 3 wood out of curiosity, didn't really make much difference either way on that one. What I really want is a driver that I can thump like my 5 wood.
  4. Pinhawk Single Length Irons - 5-GAP Wishon Sterling 5 Hybrid bent down to 22deg Cobra F8 19deg One Length Hybrid Nike Engage Square Wedge 56deg Either 90s Wilson Staff Deep Red putter or Nike Method Mallet putter (prefer the Wilson mostly) Bridgestone J40 3 & 5 woods Cleveland Classic XL 9deg driver (if it's behaving itself) And the greatest club ever made.........Wilson Harmonized Chipper
  5. Yes, purely to reduce the risk of errant strikes but only if I've a straight run at the green, I'm not that accurate with a full wedge. My local courses have quite small greens with out of bounds very close to them so it's risk management really.
  6. Watching instruction videos on YouTube, convinced this will be the one that unlocks my perfect swing, 1000s of balls later revert back to old grip, swing, stance, ball position, etc. Repeat above until you finally understand your own swing then turn Pro. 🙄
  7. It's very rarely I'll hit a full wedge for 100yds, if I've got a straight run at the green I'll take a 7i at 1/2 swing, almost a bump and run, if not it'll be a gap wedge at 3/4. I just want it on the green with the least amount of drama.
  8. So we've all been suckered into believing the marketing hype, basing our buying choices on said hype. I too fell for the low compression, more feel but same distance hype but I should have known, you can't kick a soft football as far as a firm one, doh.
  9. I also recently changed to single length but I went down the Pinhawk road. On the range I thought yes these are the future but alas the first time I played them it was a bit of a disaster. The problem was gapping, I thought they would gap similar to my variable set but I was way off, especially from 8 to GW, hitting these a lot further. What this means is I'm bunched up with the lower irons and not entirely sure what club to take on approach. I've just bagged a Cobra F8 19 deg hybrid to see if I can lengthen the gap. Need to go on a trackman and get an idea as to what the true yardages are. But aside from the above once I settled down, relaxed and used the round as a trial my scores improved, 3 pars and a birdy on the back 9 against a 12, couple of 10s, 3 lost balls and no pars on the front.
  10. Thanks Club Rat, makes for interesting reading, looking forward to Friday. I’m thinking of playing the front 9 with the Wilson DX2 and the back 9 with the e12 to compare, my gut feeling is the e12 will be a winner.
  11. Hi All Just picked a dozen of the above to try out, not playing until this Friday so I was wondering if any body else had given them a good thrashing and would like to comment? As a comparison I normally game the Wilson DX2 Optic which I beginning to think maybe is a bit too low on compression for my swing speed, I tend to leave a big ball imprint on the driver head.
  12. Hi That's some seriously expensive irons you're looking at there but fair play to you, I'd do the same if I could be sure the wife wouldn't divorce me. With regards to the single length irons from my own experience it was not a smooth transition. I naively believed they would instantly improve my game but I really struggled with the low irons (4,5 & 6), lost yardage and gapping and it's only after many trips to the range that I'm now getting close to my old irons. With hindsight I probably should have gone with a new variable set but I'm stubborn so I'll continue with these The Edels are very expensive to realise that the concept may not really suit you but that's not to say they won't, I'd advise trying them first. Hope this helps.
  13. I can recommend the Dynacraft driving iron, I game the 2 iron (18 degrees) with a regular Graffalloy Blue shaft. Relatively easy to hit high and long, I can't get it passed 200 yards but that's me. I bought a used one off ebay for peanuts to try out but the jury's out on whether it'll replace my 3W though.
  14. Yeah I totally understand this, although I do carry a driver I'm not always consistent with it, I'm usually aware from the 1st tee whether it should stay in the bag or not. When I'm unsure I'll revert to my 5 wood or 3i, and that's because I have confidence in my swing with them. Unlike the Driver I don't have to run through pre-flight checks on the tee before I attempt to launch them both, I just let them fly. And yes I know it's all in my mind that I should be able to hit my driver just as well but some days it just doesn't happen, so it stays in the bag. I never feel like I given shots away because I didn't play my driver on those days. My local UK course has 3 par fives where in all honesty a long drive is not a requisite but being a tree lined parkland course keeping it on the fairway is. So if the OP is happy just to play irons and minimise the risk he gets my vote and I may add any club I hit long and straight always gives me a buzz, not just the driver. Cheers
  15. Hi I live in Leek , North Staffs, a small market town on the edge of the Staffordshire moorlands. Cheers
  16. Hi All Just a quick hello from England, returned to Golf after a twenty plus year lay off, realised there is a massive gap between what I think I should play like to what I actually play like, currently hovering around 100 with wild fluctuations upwards. Cheers
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