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  1. If you're around West Michigan there's several nice ones: 1) The Ravines in Saugatuck - A Palmer design, but really expensive. 2) Diamond Springs in Hamilton - Very affordable and more fun than Ravines, IMO. 3) The Meadows in Allendale - Also affordable and well taken care of.
  2. Not that it's hugely important, but next fall I will be a senior in college. Because I need to fill some credits in order to graduate, I was able to take two golf classes (Golf I and Golf II) during the fall semester. For $50 in extra fees I get instruction from the school's PGA professional and range balls for two hours a day, four days a week. I'm really hoping I will be able to use this opportunity to significantly improve my game.
  3. I got a chance to play 18 holes on Wednesday at what has become my "home" course as of late. It has dried up a lot here this week, and it was in the mid-60s with little wind when I played. I shot an 87 (41 on the front, 46 on the back). It should have been better, but I fell apart with a pair of eights on both par-5 finishing holes. Friday I went to the range to work on my ball striking. I'm doing a better job of making solid contact with the ball, but I am constantly fighting an urge to flip the club at impact. While it was windy Friday, I was having lots of problems getting distance out
  4. After spending much of the last four months buried under snow and annoying my downstairs neighbors with full wedge swings on the carpet, I finally got a chance to get out and play a couple of rounds over the last several days. While temperatures have been creeping into the low 50s occasionally, the ground here is still very swollen with water. The only course open near me is a pretty beat-up, nine-hole field, but at $5 to walk I'm not really complaining. I went out three times -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday -- and played two balls Monday as my friend and I were the only people on the cours
  5. I second the thought on hybrids. My 3 wood is usually used only off the tee, I like the hybrid much more off the fairway. Just swing it like an iron and the ball flies away nicely.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'd have to go with Adams, even though they are definitely not a top-tier company. I love my (relatively old) driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. I know they make great irons too.
  7. My 5 iron needs a new shaft and a new grip is in order for the driver. Otherwise, I'm pretty much all set for 2010. Pocketbook can't take much more tinkering. I just need the weather to start cooperating now.
  8. Picked up a used Adams Insight BUL 3 Wood for $32 today and it went directly into the bag. Also grabbed a new Nike golf towel and a Nike Durafeel glove because they were on sale.
  9. Same here. After playing baseball throughout Little League and high school, I had a huge void in my life when I moved onto college. When the weather is good, I try to play 1-2 times a week. I have a never ending urge to compete, so golf is perfect because I can compete against myself. I don't need to find 17 other people to put together a baseball scrimmage.
  10. Great video Uberswing. Those distances are right in line with mine. Like you said, it's nice that I can hit a driver 210-230 straight, but on most holes this leaves a hybrid or 4 iron for me into a green, and makes even short par 5s nearly impossible to birdie.
  11. I played all kinds of balls until I finally settled on Top Flite D2 Feels. Great price, good feel. First ball that I can actually stick on a green.
  12. I was playing behind two groups once and was waiting to tee off on the first green. First group was an older couple and the second group consisted of two 12 or 13 year old kids. The older couple teed off (including the woman from the reds) but drove back to let the two young kids through, leaving their cart facing the tee on the left. The first kid winds up and overswings a bit, and absolutely smacked the windshield of the cart with his tee shot. Thank goodness the windshield was up, or else the woman would have taken a drive to the face.
  13. Played 18 this morning at Crestview Golf Course in Borculo, Mich. Shot an 89, which is my first time ever breaking 90. Many thanks go out to this forum and the people on it for all the wonderful help.
  14. Went and played Crestview Golf Course in Borculo, Mich. Shot a 40 (!) on the front, before falling back to a more normal 51 on the back. Two bad holes killed me on the back. Oh well. I still can't believe I shot a 40.
  15. I should also clarify and say that the majority of balls had logos on them and/or pen marks. They are definitely a good deal though.
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