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  1. Dude, shes a joke. And a spoiled brat.
  2. Maybe his tempo, but his outside/inside move is unique to him. Trying to swing like that wouldn't work for 99.9% of the population.
  3. Into a wall ? putt-putt doesnt count brah
  4. In the first round of her latest attempt to play with the men, European tourney. Whens this little brat going to learn? She makes me really angry. First it was her withdrawing because of heat stroke ( aka sand in her vagina ) now this.
  5. For me it's got to be Maggert's. So simple and balanced. Great use of his right elbow, effortless.
  6. I've had one, failry long hole-224 with a four. Never saw it, right into the sun. My playing partner said it was going right at it, it felt like I pushed it. Walk up to the green, see the pitch mark five feet in front, ball in the hole. Booyakasha!!
  7. Has he takin a shine to huffing paint?
  8. I highly suggest Widespread Panic. Seen over 50 shows. Going to Orlando next month to see three more. Theyre the best around today. Check em out.
  9. I embarrased myself. 82 83 84. Well, I wasnt really embarrased, I just know I can play much better. Theres always next year.
  10. If you answer the following question correctly, skip this article, because you understand wrist cock. However, if you answer incorrectly, be prepared to see through the illusion that is keeping you from playing good golf. The Question: How does the right wrist correctly cock in the golf swing? Demonstrate your answer by extending your right arm in front of you, as in reaching out to shake some body’s hand. Now, cock the right wrist, as it should in your swing. The Answer: If you bent the right wrist back on itself, forming a concave at the back of the wrist, then you are correct. But if you angled the wrist up to the sky, with the back of the wrist essentially flat, then you have been fooled by some of slight-of-hand; it sure looks like that should happen! Read on, and your game will improve. The proper bending back of a golfers right wrist is not unique to golf; a baseball pitcher will do the same thing when throwing a fastball, or a tennis player when delivering a serve. The illusion comes because the left wrist does cock upwards. It would seem inconceivable that one wrist cocks back while the other cocks up; but that’s exactly what happens. The reason this is possible is explained in the grip illusion section; if the palms opposed each other, you could cock the wrists in the same direction. Thumbs-on- top and palms opposing go hand-in-hand with faulty wrist cock, and weak golf. The correct move can be illustrated by the age-old image of the right arm holding a tray at the top of the swing. Assume that position, and just turn around and look. The right wrist will be bent back. Now this image can be further refined; even more accurate would be the image of reaching back with your right hand while in the shower, and grasping the shower curtain rod. To practice proper wrist cock, take a 7 iron and assume your stance. Then right in front of you, bend back your right wrist, while cocking up the left. The back of your left wrist should be relatively flat. (If this seems awkward or even impossible, I can assure you that your grip is faulty). From this pre-cocked position, swing the club back and strike the ball. Good hand, wrist, and arm swing is the lifeblood of a good swing.
  11. Okay, so I've been trying to come up with a way to set my wrists really early and consistently because it seems to me a very important factor in the swing. Am I right in assuming the wrists should cock the way a waiter carries a tray at the top of the swing? Any advice/tips/insight on how to do this more consistently and easier? anything ? thank you.
  12. Does Adam Scott play on the LPGA tour? Insecurity isn't a virtue.
  13. Got to be Adam Scott. Head to toe Burberry. God I'd love to have a sponsorship like that.
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