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  1. As far as I know there is no connection to our little league. But there are BIG BIG prizes to be won in the bracket contest that is IIRC.
  2. Yep, know that feeling, been there done that a few times over the years, today however I am scrambling to get off the bottom, of The Sand Trap.😠.
  3. I doubt that would happen at this late hour; as the overall pool is a prize pool and they might get some legitimate complaints if they started doing that for people. Many of us did not get any emails or restrictions when trying to enter our picks, I am in several FGP's, six this week sometimes more, so as I did not get any of this stuff on any of them, very strange,
  4. From what I saw over on DraftKings those golfers won't be affecting to many peoples picks.
  5. No problem at my end; picks are in for the WGC Mexico and I have not seen anything resembling the problem you seem to be having .
  6. Well this sucks had a good first round, even wasting Phil sitting on my bench. Now comes the dilemma, if I switch him he'll have a poor second round, if I leave him as is, he'll probably shoot the lights out again. This always happens to me it seems, decisions, decisions.
  7. Woodland and I both got MDF**ked, so a very poor 8th place for me, not that it would have changed much.. Congrats to Antneye on the win.
  8. Come on you guys be more positive, I am starting waaay back but hoping to put a push on over the W/E.
  9. I am quite happy with the current format and just being in 3 segments.
  10. Well, I am a late joiner to this Pool, I'm a member in several others also, plus I do Draft Kings every week, so another one for me would be fine and I'll post in both. Happy New Year all, and good luck in all your pool endeavours.
  11. I hate this time of year, now we have the long wait until the Sentry Tournament of Champions in January which can some times be a bit of a stretch with some of the top guns opting out of it. Of course we will still have, the Phil vs Tiger and then Tiger's Hero event and another Shoot Out gimmicky event that don't count for this of course.. Maybe I'll just hibernate till the New Year. "won't compete for season, but can compete for the last 3 segments". Not sure about this, is it saying that if some forecasting genius can accumulate enough points in the last 3 segments that exceeds the total of people with 4 segments that it would not count for the season total?
  12. I saw that, it was close call between those two for me also Charlie 3 Sticks was considered. I enjoy this format, and often I won't change picks between 1st and 2nd rounds buy sometimes you have to. These tournament is also hard because of the two different courses. Looking at the top guys here I think it'll be a tight back nine on Sunday.
  13. RSM Classic this week, only a couple of big names and a few young guns looking for fame playing, the only interesting thing is to get ones FGP picks right. I also play on DraftKings, not one of those big buck gamblers, just the quarter or dollar pools, some times a lot more for the Million Dollar Major pools. No big prize on there yet but find it makes my Sunday afternoon, or evening if I have PVRed it because of a football game, so much more exciting looking for things to throw at the TV set.
  14. Some one had to do it, here's a Golf Pool just or this event, not something I am entering anywhere soon, but thought some here might be interested in doing this in the Office or where ever. :https://www.easyofficepools.com/tiger-vs-phil-prop-bet-pool-run-your-own-pool/
  15. Yes Sir! All present and correct Sir, just kidding You wont see me on your screen apparently until this weeks event, when I hope to be in that same spot at the top. LOL.
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