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  1. klund

    Malaysia Maybank Open European Tour

    It is being played on my course. I was there yesterday and the pins were very friendly. Also tees up on the long par 4s. My guess is the winning score will end up around -16 to -18 as usual on the asian tournaments. I friend of mine was told by the owner of another tournament venue that during that tournament the first 3 rounds i think the leading score was -15. The ET "promised" the score would not be more than -18 and they set up the course to do this the last day. There is very seldom more than ½ club wind in Malaysia.
  2. klund

    Heartrate Monitors Against Rules of Golf

    This is what i need. Playing CC this weekend and want to track my walking so i will just remove the HR from the display.
  3. klund

    Heartrate Monitors Against Rules of Golf

    I know, i said if they (committee) agrees. But either way i can just remove the HR from the screen and i should be ok.
  4. klund

    Heartrate Monitors Against Rules of Golf

    I will go with (c) here for the tournaments i play. if they agree then i will use it if not i will remove it. So if you don't access the information its ok?
  5. I have been trying to find a decision regarding heart rate monitors available on some of the activity bands and smart watches now days but have not found anything. Anybody have any information about this?
  6. klund

    DJ relief from rough to fairway, 10th hole Sunday

    Agreed i have also "used" the rules to my advantage but it has always been reasonable. This incident looks strange to me. I also feel i often see from PGA tour that the officials are a bit weak in their rulings. They are for sure very scared to get it wrong! More should be like the offical in the below clip. Maybe a bit OT and should be in antoher thread.
  7. klund

    DJ relief from rough to fairway, 10th hole Sunday

    My first thought when i saw this is was that it looked like NPR would be to the right of the tower. I can not find shotlink data for the US open. Anyone did any measurements? Also i believe as some other posters say before it was not reasonable for the tv tower to be reached from were he was but again this can not proven so we have to take his word for it. Which to me does not say much after the putting incident. Im happy either way as he made me $500 on the betting. The thing about this rule that i think is revving people up is that the player decides if he wants it. Its obvious in this case that the TV tower was not really the issue. The lie was. He would never have claimed this if he was in the fariway and NPR was in the deep stuff.
  8. klund

    My Swing (Jeremie Boop)

    I agree with @saevel25 above regarding your hands. I have similar issues often and usually fix that with cocking the wrists earlier to get the club up more.
  9. klund

    My Swing (klund)

    Have been working some and playing alot and trying to turn more in sync. The wedge swing attached i believe is a step forward. Am i on the right track??
  10. klund

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Like your update above. When my putting is out of sync i do similar. I saw this video of Thomas Björn years ago and depending on the issues i follow this. Usually i struggle more on pace and strike the middle of the putter head than line so it has happened i have putted right handed only on the course with remarkable results. I agree with you with not changing grips as soon as it "stops" working. We are not Ernie Els are we!
  11. klund

    Golf statistics nGIR

    It was a lot of discussions in the scorecard thread regarding up and down and in regards to par or not so it is not a "Malaysian thing". This software was great and easy to use but stopped working for windows. For the record i live in Kuala Lumpur but i am from Sweden.
  12. klund

    Golf statistics nGIR

    I forget to quote @SavvySwede i meant to say i liked his definition and the one followed by @ajw426 Regarding scrambling vs up and down i believe there is a difference. My scrambling % (par when missing GIR and includes UD) is higher than my UD%(which in my mind is a chip+1 putt for par or better some people count his even if it is for more than par) When writing the above i realize that my thinking of nGIR is the same as when i count a UD. I would not call it a UD opportunity from 20yards off the green. But as you say many variables in this stat which opens for a lot of different definitions.
  13. klund

    Golf statistics nGIR

    I like this one.
  14. klund

    Golf statistics nGIR

    Would you not think that this differs depending on the level of the player? Some people for example count up and downs for each chip+1putt others only when it is for par or better. A 20 yard "miss" for a lower hcp is very bad but it might be ok for a 20hcp? In my mind it is for a shot that is good but just misses the green or hits it and rolls off.
  15. klund

    Golf statistics nGIR

    I have went about to make my own statistic software since the scorecard software stopped working with updated windows. I have added the nGIR stat to this and read in a couple of different threads about this. In one it was 20yards for me i have only counted balls within a yard or 2 of the green. What is you definition of nGIR?

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