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  1. I cant see anything there, is it because I'm not watching in the US?
  2. Forgot to say Sandy Lyle, Ian Woosnam, Mike Weir, Trevor Immelman Not sure about that, no other major has lifetime exemption
  3. I have wanted to ask this question for a while, Larry Mize seems to be playing every year even though he probably knows he has no chance of winning. Also a question about the lifetime exemption of a champion, does the exemption reduce the chances of the other exemptions entering the field? What happens if too many past champions sign up?
  4. I don't watch LPGA, but PGA would be Gary Woodland
  5. Basically after I make a good swing, I may totally lost it after a few swings. Let's say I hit 90 mph on my best swing, then I drop to 80 mph after a few minutes just because I made a few small mistakes, it could be just a slight angle change or tension change in my arms, hands, wrists, some parts of my body get a little fast or slow, or maybe my body just gets tired and the muscles go out of sync. It's like one or two small mistakes and I lose all the power. How do you guys practice to remember the best swing?
  6. I think stiff flex is for speeds around 100 mph
  7. I think speed has more to do with strength and flexibility than technique, something either you have or you dont, unless you train your body to get stronger. I would say any average healthy male golfer below 50 years old with 2 hands and 2 legs can get to around 85 mph without any training, but if we're talking about 95-100 mph then I dont think it's doable without some kind of training and a close to perfect golf swing. If you look up the average LPGA swing speed, I think it's around 94 mph, those women are pros and their swings must be pretty good right? Then how come the average is only 94 mph? Pretty sure strength is the main factor, they just dont have men's strength. By the way, I'm a small Asian guy so I'm probably at a disadvantaged position when compared to bigger guys from other countries in the world.
  8. So on a perfect driver swing I can hit about 90 mph max, around 85 mph on average, I would love to get to 100 mph but I dont see how that is possible because there's nothing more I can do as far as technique goes. Now I'm thinking maybe my shaft is a bit heavy for myself? I'm playing a 55 gram regular flex shaft, I know it's not considered too heavy for the average male and there's guys who swing over 100 mph with 60-70 gram shafts. If i go down to something like a 45 gram shaft, how much speed will I gain? Thanks.
  9. The game has ended, you made profit off the PPV, now release the highlights for the good of the society, damn it
  10. I will be the honest guy here, 35 years old and best drive I hit was under 220 yards on the full swing simulator at 125 mph ball speed. I always think the simulator under estimates though. My 5 wood goes over 200, so I dont know whats wrong with the driver.
  11. Still no replays or highlights on the internet, except a one or two shots of the par 3 and Phil's winning putt, WTF
  12. My ball speed just matched his swing speed recently, done on the full swing simulator though, could be an under estimate.
  13. Good golfer, but Hideki is probably the best asian player now, not good looking swing but better than AK
  14. The question I want to ask is, why has technology made the drivers and woods sound so terrible? I prefer to play better sounding woods from over 10 years ago if the distance gain is insignificant.
  15. Just found out my speed radar is way off when not hitting a ball, it's about 20 mph slower, so I'm actually at around 110 swing speed. However, even when I go to hit a golf simulator, I only get about 120 ball speed max, so the problem seems to be the smash factor? Or perhaps the simulator is not accurate? By the way I hit old range balls at the simulator, maybe I will buy some new balls soon to see if there's a difference. I will try to edit and post a video up here.
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