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  1. I'm no scratch or single digit player, so old or new equipment probably dont make any difference, I just play 15-20 year old second hand clubs because they look and sound better than new ones
  2. Your problem is the launch angle, you're basically topping or thinning the woods, optimal launch angle for the driver should be like 13, and 16 for the 5 wood
  3. I think 80% of weekend golfers cant hit it 260
  4. Old Cobra model 440 sz and Nike Ignite 460, all stock shafts so they are very old, I dont know if that affects the smash factor
  5. My swing speed is around 90 to 95 mph with the driver and I may get 130+ ball speed maybe 1 out of 100 times, and I'm using an illegal head that's supposed to have even higher smash factor than normal. How can the tour pros and some youtube golfers get near 1.5 smash factor every time when they are just using conforming heads? I just watched some Japanese golfer video bombing some drives that carried almost 300 yards, and his swings speed was around 128 mph, he never had one drive over 1.4 smash factor, average was around 1.35-1.39.
  6. That's weird, irons are usually harder to hit, the club faces are much smaller than drivers, if I lost the driver swing I can find it back pretty quick, but if I lost the iron swing I just keep shanking and topping, and I dont know what went wrong
  7. Only way he shot 120+ was probably because he hit 2 drives out of 10 over 300, the other 8 drives he shanked it, and he didnt know how to hit irons
  8. I dont live in America so I cant watch golf on TV like you guys, I have to watch it on computer, golf.tv is a good option,
  9. I wanted to watch the Arnold Palmer Invitational and golf.tv just did not work, I could not log in and the page did not respond to any clicking at all, anyone else got the same problem?
  10. There's lots of videos on youtube comparing balls, there should not be much difference unless you're playing 20+ year old balls or the dimples are worn out
  11. To avoid confusion, I'm talking about the club head speed, but I guess body speed, arm speed, hand speed are all correlated to the club head speed?
  12. I dont have any data, I just estimate based on watching videos of the swings, I dont think there's any device to measure it either, people here are also estimating only by analysis
  13. I think the back swing plane matters less than the speed, some guys are upright and some guys are flat, they can all play well and hit it long, but when it comes to speed, the majority of pros are not slow and I think there must be a reason. Look at the best guys right now, Rory and Brooks, they are all fast, I believe they are at least 50 mph on the back swing, and Tiger, he went from a slow back swing to fast back swing after 2000.
  14. It's pretty safe to say that most pros are fast, I think it makes less room for error
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