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  1. Just found out my speed radar is way off when not hitting a ball, it's about 20 mph slower, so I'm actually at around 110 swing speed. However, even when I go to hit a golf simulator, I only get about 120 ball speed max, so the problem seems to be the smash factor? Or perhaps the simulator is not accurate? By the way I hit old range balls at the simulator, maybe I will buy some new balls soon to see if there's a difference. I will try to edit and post a video up here.
  2. I think I do move my legs and hips first on the downswing, but maybe my arms and shoulders are moving out too fast as well instead of moving down? Another thing I noticed is my left arm is too flat and hands are too high at impact. I could try to imitate a tour pro's position at impact but I still could not get faster swing speed, usually even slower than my normal swing. What else could be making me lose speed?
  3. Hi, just want to see if anyone can help with my swing problems here, sorry about not having a video of my swing but I will try to explain as much as I can : Background: I just got my first speed radar yesterday and I've been swinging my driver as fast as I could without hitting a ball. My best swing was recorded at 40 m/s (around 90 mph) . Funny thing is, when I slowed down and relaxed, then did practice swings at around 60% effort, I could still get around 30 m/s of speed. So I think my full hard swing has some big problems to cause such power loss? My swing: The biggest problem I'm aware of is that I can never bring my right shoulder down like the tour pros at impact position, it's always too high like it's spinning out towards the ball. My back also tends to straighten up while doing that. This is the only problem I can think of that might be causing me to lose a lot of power and speed. How can I improve my impact position? I might be using too much hands instead of my body as well because of the spinning out problem, Appreciate if anyone can help me out. Thanks a lot.

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