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  1. TOUGH LOVE? Just tell him, Get your own set. Use my starter set all you want, but from now hit them. I know its easier to say what you want on here, but man just sit down with him and tell him? Good Luck.
  2. David, Thats not a true Handicap? As iam probably somewhere around a 18, I have never established one. I really dont know why thats at 11 I should probably change that? I've played golf in the past, just for Something to do with my Dad and Brother, they were the golfers in the Family, But this year i have really taken a liken to the Game and try and get better each and everytime out, I have taken a few lessons also and thats helped alot, Money well spent? It must be the age thing iam 50 this year, and wish i would have taken it more serious when i was with my Brother and Dad, So i do have some
  3. Well i just started playing golf seriously this year, And purchased anew set of Irons Wilson Staff Ci7, which are not the most expensive club, but i bought what i could afford at this time in my life, Iwas Given a new Driver 3 weeks ago,(Talyor Made R7), and now iam looking into a Hybird, or a Lob Wedge, Iam looking at a Taylor Made Rescue Club? And in Wedges looking at a Titleist Vokey 60*? Iam up for sugestion on these two clubs, which one first? and is there something you like better. Iam kinda new at this stuff, looking for some help, from the guys that play alot. Thanks for your Time D
  4. Have Fun, All that work you put into your game is comming around, Someone has noticed. And yes i would take it as a compliment.
  5. Stay upbeat, You know you can play the Game, Put the bad shots completly out of mind, and remember (Tempo) thats the new word for the Day>>>> Stay in rythem and it will all work. Good luck and make us PROUD........
  6. I was watching a Golf show, and they were talking about a Rescue Club, what type of club is this? Also iam looking for a Hybird Wood, something that i can hit appx 200+ yards?
  7. Working on hitting whatever shot i have in front of me at the time, I just want to get better at every aspect of my game, And try to enjoy a tough game, This game is so fustrating at times, and need to learn to slow down my backswing also, It seem to all start there for me? I Love This Game, wish i would of started when i was younger, but enjoy it more everytime i play, Need to work on getting My Wife out, so i can play more.....
  8. Sounds like a Car Saleman, But if it made you fill good it worked.
  9. My short game has been probably the best part of my game as of lately? I did have some help with my short game from a very good player, and he had me practice by taking my wedges about belt high, and work from there, and to finish. I seemed to stop the club after i hit the ball, and worked on hitting and contuine through the ball, if that makes sence. All i know is that it has helped me alot. I find when iam having problems with a certain club, I go ask for help, and seem to find some willing to help, and work with that club, for several hours, Thats what i love about this game, alot of folks
  10. Go to a Pro Shop, and hit alot of different brands, I bought a new set of irons this summer,Wilson Ci7, not the most expensive, but i bought what i could afford, and Love them, listen to the guys here as well, they are very helpful. Best of luck in your choice, and your Game.
  11. Went to the range the other day, and was working on my Ball Position, I always seemed to address the ball more off the inside of the front foot, and started playing the ball futher back, at first it was odd as hell for me,and seemed to push everything, but after a few hundred ball its working out better for me, i seem to strike the ball better then make my diviot. I just for the life of me seem to struggle with my Irons, But played a Par 3 yesterday and enjoyed it alot. When you make a change just a small change can do wounders?
  12. Kinda wanted to see how you guys prepared for a golf course, that you never played before. Iam playing a course next week with some high school buddies, and its all for shits and giggles, but would like to be somewhat prepared for the round that day, I went to google and came across it, looks to be a decent course, kinda of and old course, that got runed down back in the day, well new owners have bought it and are pouring some money into it again, Thats one reason were playing it, I havent played the course in probably 30 years, but remember that it was hilley and alot of blind shots into the
  13. I have a video Camera, but no tri-pod yet? I did however kinda figure it out some just by having someone at the range watch me. I was to fast in my backswing, which throws everthing off for me, so i worked on slowing way down and it helped alot. I do still want to get a video, and see if i can get some pointers as well? Thanks
  14. I have never had one, But once hit a par three, and was maybe 2 inches from the cup, but the condition were very soggy and it stuck, no roll what so ever, or it may of run off the green? I had a friend that had one this year, was playing with the club pro and he had the cup removed and gave it to him along with signing his ball. He was very pumped?
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