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  1. A little picture here I think is a good representation of golf for a lot of us. These are two practice sessions 5 days apart I think this explains why I can shoot 80 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. My guess this is a familiar experience for a few people
  2. I agree. I'm enjoying having a record of my progress
  3. Thanks. Yeah, I guessed people would tend to not offer too much advice as I'm working with an instructor. Good to have a single voice guiding changes etc to keep it consistent I expect.
  4. I definitely have to exaggerate a feeling to make an initial change. I'm quite fond of trying to hit relatively extreme shots either side of what is optimum to find a sense of the middle ground. So I will practice having a very closed and a very open face or extremes of path fkr exampms. For me this helps me then have a sense of where that sensible middle range is. Like I have said before I just have to check I don't continue an extreme feeling too long.
  5. Did some work on being less flat with my mid irons to calm down occasional over draws. This produced some in-out paths that were lower to the zero. Hit a lot of half swings with this and then a few full swings not quite at full speed. Here's the outcome one full swing; Hopefully this is a good I think I'm probably creating this thread just for me but I like having it as I kind of journal of what I've been working on.
  6. Did a trackman combine today and was having a very good day for me ball striking wise. Scored a 73: This raises the question of where I drop my shots as I'm nowhere near the 4 handicap it estimates Thinking about the ten shot gao between estimates trackman combine handicap and my real handicap; A) I did have a much better than average day doing the test- I was at my best ball striking wise. B) I'm prone to a blow up off the tee where I'm out of bounds and this just by chance didnt happen on my 6 drives for the combine test. C)I am very poor when it comes to an up a
  7. Feeling more and more into the groove now. Seeing a reliable small push draw with most clubs. Playing well for me bug sure there's plenty still amis technically. Included a 4iron DTL as I find long irons bring out my flaws most clearly. To my unqualified eye I feel my impact position could have a better left worst but I'm not entirely sure.
  8. Not too long ago I got the game golf device and realised I can be totally wrong about my strengths and weaknesses once I actually look at shots gained (lost) data etc. It's making it easier to confront my game as it is as oppose to the con I can be prone to telling myself. One big takeaway from the stats has been that I just do not make up and downs and my game from 40 yards in not as good as Id thought.
  9. Up to date driver swing This was really on form at the weekend (0.75 shots lost to scratch off the tee according to game golf) but it still feels quite a boom or bust part of my game. I have decent distance and swing Speed for my handicap and according to trackman my path numbers are relatively well controlled. However, some days I just lack the face control to get good results.
  10. Yeah overshoot and over correction would be synonymous in this context. I think my take home is try to be vigilant when the exaggeration feeling has become real (And to check this with my instructor).
  11. Yep we went last weekend. I was not striking it particularly well so ended up playing quite a conservative style and managed to be about 3 or 4 over handicap both days. The course was amazing though and managed to play well enough to enjoy it. Played today and saw a big step back on track. Slightly under handicap and had a few areas I could habe scored better around the green so all in all quite happy.
  12. Saw my instructor and started to tackle issues that had crept into my swing. Path numbers now consistently back in to out. Good shots habe me getting the face mayne 1 closed to the path. Everyone now and again leave it just slightly open to path and hit small push fade. Now though these are the kind of push fade that hit bunkers instead of OB so they are way more playable than pre lesson. Videos are me hitting practice balls as I'm in the garden but I don't that it changes my mechanics
  13. I take lessons about every 6 weeks. The overshoot is often picked up in a lesson. Sometimes I notice it in between lessons and try and rein it in myself. I can be prone to over analysing to don't like to go too far with a correction until I've checked out with an expert that I've identified the correct flaw behind the apparent overshoot.
  14. This is a mix of personal observations amd questions so perhaps not the most focussed post- apologies in advance. As I've started to give more time to golf over the last year and take some lessons I've noticed a fairly consistent pattern. I have a flaw identified in a lesson, the lesson proposes a fix (be that a change in understanding or specific drill etc), I practice that fix, then finally I overshoot. An example would be - I had at one time a very under plane in to out swing that was identified in a lesson. We did a few things to fix this and it got gradually better a
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