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  1. Yeah overshoot and over correction would be synonymous in this context. I think my take home is try to be vigilant when the exaggeration feeling has become real (And to check this with my instructor).
  2. Yep we went last weekend. I was not striking it particularly well so ended up playing quite a conservative style and managed to be about 3 or 4 over handicap both days. The course was amazing though and managed to play well enough to enjoy it. Played today and saw a big step back on track. Slightly under handicap and had a few areas I could habe scored better around the green so all in all quite happy.
  3. Saw my instructor and started to tackle issues that had crept into my swing. Path numbers now consistently back in to out. Good shots habe me getting the face mayne 1 closed to the path. Everyone now and again leave it just slightly open to path and hit small push fade. Now though these are the kind of push fade that hit bunkers instead of OB so they are way more playable than pre lesson. Videos are me hitting practice balls as I'm in the garden but I don't that it changes my mechanics
  4. I take lessons about every 6 weeks. The overshoot is often picked up in a lesson. Sometimes I notice it in between lessons and try and rein it in myself. I can be prone to over analysing to don't like to go too far with a correction until I've checked out with an expert that I've identified the correct flaw behind the apparent overshoot.
  5. This is a mix of personal observations amd questions so perhaps not the most focussed post- apologies in advance. As I've started to give more time to golf over the last year and take some lessons I've noticed a fairly consistent pattern. I have a flaw identified in a lesson, the lesson proposes a fix (be that a change in understanding or specific drill etc), I practice that fix, then finally I overshoot. An example would be - I had at one time a very under plane in to out swing that was identified in a lesson. We did a few things to fix this and it got gradually better and perhaps 2-3 months later I had very acceptable path numbers for my level (ranged from +2 to -2 on launch monitor). I then had a spell of playing noticeably improved golf. Fast forward to 2-3 months later and my numbers had gone the other way and I began to struggle with an out to in path (which in turn have rise to compensations and changes to my impact conditions such as delivered lie angle etc). Anyway, this pattern for me has been pretty common. Its happened with quite a few swing aspects. The over correction is usually picked up in a lesson and I can reign it back in in a few weeks often with just a slight tweak to a swing thought suggested by the pro. Is this a common pattern in students? Is it just part of the process of getting better or can the overshoots be managed more effectively? If I take a step back and look at a longer time scale than week to week my scores are getting better. The graph would certainly be trending down if viewed over the year but it would look an incredibly noisy signal to borrow an engineering term. Does this sound familiar to fellow handicap golfers? Is it something the instructors on here see in their students?
  6. Thank you. The tiny video is from when I was playing well (maybe 3or 4 Better than previous handicap for about a month) The two below are me today playing pretty terribly. I've included two of my worst (both tops which I haven't done in a long time prior to this) I can see a lot has changed for the worse but not sure how its crept in
  7. A current face on view. Feedback very welcome. The hook seems to have now gone from my game but on bad days still have push and even push fade from time to time. So I've hit one of those total collapse phases. I've hit 150 range balls over the last 3 days an I feel about 3 have hit target. I'm hitting shanks, huge fades, and snap hooks! All this is unfortunte timing as I'm off for a golf weekend away to play some links golf this weekend. The joys of the game!
  8. A current face on view. Feedback very welcome. The hook seems to have now gone from my game but on bad days still have push and even push fade from time to time.
  9. Thank you. I think the slow motion might be doing me a few favours
  10. Been away a little while practising and working on imorovements. Game is definitely better outcomes wise and hope this is also a better swing. I'll try and get a face on video to go with this at some point .
  11. Thanks for the article. Good information there for any sport or skill practice. I forget how many drills or technique exercises I did when playing organised sport. I expect I repeated my volleyball blocking footwork a good few thousand times at half speed when in university. If only I had that kind of time available now!
  12. My home course is for the most part well maintained. However, a few of the holes have a problem with wind exposure to the bunkers and as such the softer loosely packed sand tends to blow out. What is often left is firmer tightly packed sand. How would people advise playing these? I've started appraoching them like a firm bare lie which has been a bit more consistent than a concentional bunker shot for me. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the heads up re embedding. On the full speed thing. I tend to practise new things at slow speed, with holds, or a reduced hip height to hip height swing. I just don't film those bits. Im not sure if these are necessarily the best way to practise though. Just whay ive foind good for me. Any tips on how to practise would be greatly appreciated though- I was always fond of drills and technique work in other sports and now have my full attention on golf. I'll try and tidy up my filming. I think I'll mark where I place the camera so it's always the same. Thanks
  14. I'd agree with people who have mentioned the traditional compound lifts. It's very hard to perform a squat or deadlift without a lot of stabilisation from the core. I'm also a fan of loaded carries such as farmers walk and waited walks. For strength and conditioning for sport Id really recommend any of the books by a coach called Dan John.
  15. [ ] Tried to work on not pushing the hands out today but on looking at the video it looks like I'm still doing it. Will try it again next time.
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