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  1. I think that's just the way it is. I have a similar issue with a lower handicap in the sense that last time out I was 7 over with 2 double bogeys. The day I shoot a really good round is that day I eradicate those doubles and from time to time it happens.
  2. Ask yourself why the out of bounds shot happened. Was it just another example of poor driving that follows you round the course or was it an isolated poor shot amongst many good drives. I think you get better by isolating reasons why a bad shot happens. For example if I hit 1 bad drive out of 10 and on that particular drives I've stepped up to the ball with the intention of driving it 400 yards...well then it's pretty obvious what caused the poor shot.
  3. Yea I kind of figured you had missed that line. Still think you are missing a trick here. If there are 10 people in the pack and 1 shoots a 65 to win then being in the chase was of no advantage to 9 people. That is why I am asking how many people in 2nd stayed there or finished lower? 13:24 is an amazing conversion rate from the lead.
  4. I've read the first post and can confirm it's 24 times.
  5. I would be interested to know how many times a player in 2nd finished lower after the final round this year? 24+?
  6. It doesn't matter if you are a 100 handicap. Statistics are essential. The last thing you want to do is hit a perfectly good shot but it ends up short or long because you didn't know your distance.
  7. Everyone should want to be in the lead. Wanting to be in second, wanting other players to have played less shots than you or wishing that your score was higher. Well, that doesn't make sense to me. As for the psychology of leading that is a matter in itself. If you can't handle being in the lead, the solution is not to hope to be in the chasing pack but rather to work at controlling yourself when front running, to develop a superior strategy etc. And if you are playing the shots to put yourself in the lead in the first place then I don't see that anyone should have any problems.
  8. Context is important. The course I play at has been habitually wet this summer with no roll. I play with blades which are unforgiving and crush my yardage with off centre hits. The lofts are traditional so my 7 might be as lofted as a game improvement 8. Like Stewie and others seem to be saying, everyone has a stock distance which corresponds to the optimum shot. The lower your handicap the more often you pull off that shot. Once I pull the 5 iron out at 165 I more often than not hit a shot which is within 10 yards of that distance. I'd probably be overestimating if I am on the g
  9. I think luck in golf is negligible. You may hit a lucky shot, maybe even a hole in one. Well, that only accounts for one shot and there are maybe 68 more to go - that is, if you are good! Good luck being lucky for every shot in a round. For me personally, I've not had a hole in one in 13 years. Golf is a game spread over many shots. The reality of the game is you have a handicap and if it is accurate you play to that handicap over many rounds. The more you play the closer you get to that average. You cannot defy statistics and you cannot defy your ability on a consistent basis. Of cours
  10. 69 for level par. Not a short course but just 1 par 5. Can't be considered a landmark breaking 70 round as it was not on a par 72 course. In other words I need to shoot 66. Definitely possible.
  11. Put a 30mph wind behind me and I'll give you a 300 yard drive. It is the people who claim that it is their average drive that I have trouble believing them and there is no doubt that this relates to handicap. A 20 handicap could very well hit 1 300 yard drive every 25 shots. He can't average it. In fact some of his drives will be 75 yards into thick rough way right of the tee box. That is what being a 20 handicap is.
  12. How many players on the PGA Tour average 300 yard + drives this year? How many people on this thread manage it?
  13. It would seem I am one of the few people who carry a 1 Iron. I tend to believe that irons offer more accuracy that woods so I'm happy to have it in the bag and I use it a few times per round depending on the wind. Of course it is going to be hard to hit if you already struggle with the low irons. Can't say I find the notion off putting myself.
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