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  1. To be perfectly honest, I'm left handed(so is one student in the group) and didnt want to be left out of the fun of testing the putters.
  2. If the students ever go into production I'll be sure to let you know.
  3. For those interested, here is the shaft and grip installed. We will be testing after the Thanksgiving break. Thank you everyone for the feedback!
  4. The students researched designs and drew blue prints. We voted as a class on our favorite. The loft is milled at 4* and the lie is 70. When the shaft is installed it will play at 34.5"
  5. Thank you for the kind words. The students will be happy to see that actual golfers approve.
  6. The weight is 332 grams, we have not checked it for a balancing point (and wouldn't really know how to do so) this was much more a "proof of concept" project for the students, however we will be testing it out after the thanksgiving break. The left handed version is pictured, we have an identical right handed version.
  7. Hi everyone. The advanced students in my welding and fabrication class have designed and built a putter (with a bit of guidance from me) as their final project for the semester. One of the students suggested we post it online to get some real world feedback. So here it is...machined using a 100% manual mill from a piece of 1018 cold rolled steel, we made our own nickel electroplating system to plate it, hand stamped and paint filled. Thank you! -Brad
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