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  1. @iacas can you add this post to the TST instructional thread, I’m always referring back to this when analyzing my own swing
  2. I feel like I just push my butt out left, does anyone else feel this way?
  3. Here is a video I did yesterday before practicing keeping my head still and starting my transition with my body. So it’s a lot like my first swing form BUT it’s head on!
  4. Yeah I think I’ve always done that and have noticed it since I’ve picked this back up, do you have any tips on how I can get that extension in my arms? Or should I post another videos face on?
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 months after a 8 year break, before that 2.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 19-25, broke 100 last week with a 96 My typical ball flight is: @ range left, on course straight or slice (long 3 & 4 irons) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I have been hitting it FAT especially off the tee for irons, my wedges seem to be good that last 2 rounds of golf. The first swing is my “natural” swing, I literally don’t think about anything and just hit the ball. What I noticed was I drop my head excessively, start my down swing with my arms, and get caught up at impact.... what I have been working on this week is keep my head more stable (posture) and start my transition with the lower body, the left knee until is becomes 2nd nature. My practice I just did about 150 practice swings exaggerating the knee then the shoulders and arms; while hitting a large bucket, thinking of my knee as I reach the top of the backswing. I think the third thing is about having a flat wrist but I’ll worry about that after I can have the above 2 items down on the range and one the course. Thank you viewing. Videos: WARNING!!! The first video has rave lighting sorry!
  6. How are you liking your putter, I’ve been thinking of getting one of those I like the weight
  7. Has anyone bought one of these putters? I was looking at the tpw 2 it looks nice has all the bells and whistles that all the other premium putters but it’s 1/3 the price. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these putters and what they think of them?
  8. How often are you all doing#1? I have clubs from 2002 never had them checked... I measured myself and web says I’m std/std just curious
  9. Driver 3W taylormade R580 Hybrid taylormade 3h 19* irons taylormade t300 3-PW wedges cleveland rtx-3 (52,56,60) putter ping remedy 34” couldn’t be happier with my set, except my putter it’s a little too light for me but will do until I start playing below 85 consistently.
  10. Very true, I have another doc for course strategies, and another blank one I have for when I’m playing, I’ll write things down in that issues I have, try to think of why those bad shots didn’t work try to find the issue(s) and hit a few range balls thinking of that shot to see if it was a fluke or new issue to see if it naturally works itself out. If it doesn’t the it goes in the other notebook. The main things I’ll probably have to work on forever I usually go over in my head as part of a pre shot routine: “release club face, drive with the body not the hands, etc.” The google doc notes are a new thing I picked up since I started playing again a few months ago and have really liked it, and have definitely seen improvement in my play.
  11. Hello everyone, so my 3 iron is probably my most inconsistent club, I recently got a hybrid to replace it, I probably hit my 3iron 200-210 yards and probably hit it straight about 30% of the time. I usually hit fat or slice the other 70% of the time, I picked up a TM RBZ 3 hybrid and hook it about 30-35% of the time should. Question is should I return the hybrid and just work on my 3iron or should I just take the easy way out and play the hybrid?
  12. Even through my scores haven’t changed I’ve noticed a big change in my game. I started keeping a google doc on course notes and game notes. My game notes have Things to work on & how to work on them in my next range session. It also has how to approach hard shots. My course notes are pretty self explanatory. I just started playing again after a 8 year break also 32 y/o and since I started a month ago I can actually hit my driver comfortably, with a reliable draw, and I can comfortably hit my 4iron straight and hit irons off the tee which I couldn’t do when I was playing at 21y/o. Filming myself and keeping a journal has really helped. I’ve never had a lesson, since I am still working on things I know I need to fix, but plan on getting one soon after I practice releasing the club face and working on my alignment more.
  13. If you’re in Santa Monica or Venice I’ll play with you. I play singles walk on as all my golfing buddies live a hour+ away
  14. I would bring a sand wedge, it’s my warm up club and chipping club; also I would rotate between a 6iron and 3wood if you go back and fourth. I actually need to limit the clubs is hit at the range...seriously
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