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  1. No, not had one yet but there may be an opportunity to do so through work, i'm hoping to find out next week, i have already been referred to a Osteopath so i'll give that a go as well. I have a course of pain killers and anti-inflammatories that are helping me get through and use hot and cold therapy as well. Hopefully some rest as well will do the trick but I am looking at getting an MRI if possible.
  2. Glad that I found this thread, i have had back problems for a number of years but the last 4 months have been really bad, I have been to a chiropractor and had acupuncture and it did really help. However the pain has returned again and I just don't see any end to this. I am going to give the golf a break for a month and try to give my body chance to heal but I am worried that at 50 years old I might end up having to give up the game I love.
  3. My goal next year is to improve further, after 5 years of gradually going up from 14 to 19 i had a great finish to the year and finished on 14.8. I have made the decision to stop playing so much and instead use the time to practice more. So my goals for 2020 are to practice the weak areas of my game, take up lessons with the club pro and to hopefully see more Pars and birdies on my cards than double bogies or worse.
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