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  1. Any PDFs or Excel docs that are golf specific workout plans? I have seen some like the Joey D workout system but you usually have to pay to access them.
  2. Watching the video seems like a pretty common sense idea for a beginner golfer. That is one way of taking your body out of the equation once you preset the swing. Whatever you got to do to make your game better. To each their own!
  3. Same here. I play my best when I am on a normal lifting routine. I may not look like your traditional golfer but I feel it helps me a lot on the course compared to periods of where I may not be lifting or just lifting here or there.
  4. Those cheap plastic pitch fixers are some of the best around. Quick and to the point. I have an old one that my buddy got me from Winged Foot while he was working there that has absolutely been through the ringer.
  5. This is great info but my putting is a mess. I feel like one green I have the speed of the green down and the next I am running it 10 ft past. I do play on a lot of different courses in my area (South Carolina, North Carolina) so it is not like I am playing the same course over and over again. Any recommendations or tips into reading the direction and speed of the grain? Anytime I play a nice enough course I always look like a fool with clients with me mind you as I run it 10 ft past and then the client will mention "should have seen the grain".
  6. I always find something on here where I find myself thinking I am the only one struggling with something and then I find a topic like this. Extremely thankful for the back and forth on this site.
  7. I know that the arms do move and exert effort themselves but whenever I take an "armsy" swing or real "handsy" swing I am all over the place. Just in terms of feel when I am focusing on just my body moving that I play my best golf because it is more controlled. I know there is no way that the arms do not move I am just talking in terms of feel. The one guy mentioned somebody taping their arms to their side and swinging that way to prove that the arms do exert force and movement, I get it.
  8. @criley4way could not have said it any better. Play the tees that are going to make the most fun for you. Even if you are working on certain things and want to move back a tee box or move forward a tee box do it. You will be surprised what kind of different shots pop up when you are all of a sudden playing a different set of tees. Makes your game a lot better.
  9. @Killa This is what makes me madder than anything in golf. Trying to practice and play for that "ideal swing" but then going out and losing to someone with a swing worse looking than Furyk. Trust me, this has happened enough to where now I do not care what I look like. I just want to play better golf.
  10. The old Bridgestone e6 was the best ball I had ever played including the Pro v1 and Pro v1x. Have not tried the new e12 line yet.
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