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    Hogan #sigh

    Hogan’s “handsy” swing.

    Hogan #sigh

    Ben Hogan’s golf swing has got to be the most analyzed & scrutinized swing ever. I’m just aghast at the guys on certain sites who’re trying to make money by emulating his swing. One dude has his hat, even got a club deal with Ben Hogan equipment, & is very good at mimicking his set up & finish. But a closer look reveals he’s as close to Hogan’s swing as I’d be to Jennifer Anniston if I put a wig on. It’s a free country & capitalism reigns, but I’m dying to take the stitches outta this guy who’s cashing in on the grave of BH. I was able to capture a frame of him at impact with the club handle backing up at about his bellybutton. Shall I expose him as a fraud or let him play on with these shenanigans? He’s charging “students” hundreds of $$ and because I think so many golfers are looking for the next big secret they’re being defrauded. So, if you’d like to weigh in on this imposter, who’s very defensive about his methods I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.
  3. Thank you for tremendous feedback. Indeed, we’re not just a digital world but technology is changing the game. To be clear I’m not in pursuit of Hogan or that *stuff* but I got nothing better to do. YouTube channels have piqued my interest. Having a hard time understanding if they’re seriously thinking they have it all figured out. I’m leery of some guys spewing biomechanics because this one pro I’ve known for 28 years, and a tour player, a winner too, was talking biomechanics on the tee to a student the other day & he’s a sweet guy and all class but I’m not convinced that he can spell it:) Thanks again, I’m not too familiar with decorum here but I love golf & I love golfers, most of em. Any tips are certainly welcome.
  4. Thank you so much for your feedback. I agree with this assessment & you’re validating it. My bro is a great player and stubborn as a loon! But we talk about this all the time. One thing that I discovered in the “feels” is, if I push off that right leg at all it just my hip up when Hogan said that it rotates to the back(the left hip). There is a HUGE difference, imho, between pulling with your left side, which creates the leverage than throwing your right hip at it. It’s counter intuitive. Oh well, much appreciate your feedback. I’m very grateful! Thanks.
  5. Hi, Scott from Austin Tx here. Loved golf since 1970. Thanks for having me. Im arguing with my older brother, who thinks he’s Ben Hogan incarnate. Actually, a great guy. We’re arguing over Hogan’s right knee. I believe, no I’m sure that the left hip is pulling the right side thru & he’s sure the right knee “pushes”. I know that it doesn’t. Who wants to *help*? Thanks!!!
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