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  1. How do they mow over or around the PGA Ball Marks when play is stopped for darkness? Is there a special low profile ball mark that each player must use?
  2. One thing is that it appears that you could be taking the club too far to the inside on your drill.
  3. In reflection, I would agreed as you stated the HI is issued as frequently as daily in lieu of the previous By-Monthly issuances. Thanks for your input.
  4. Does anyone know how you can review the History of another golfer's Handicap Index history? The prior GHIN program had it built in to the program but I can not find it on the new app..
  5. Our course has many lakes on the course with many areas not marked with either paint or stakes to clearly define the boundary of the Penalty area. There are occasions where with a heavy rainfall the normal (natural) heights and edge of the lake is increased temporarily by several feet vertically and horizontally. If a ball lies in the an area where the edge of the lake has be expanded due to the heavy rain temporary: (a) is that area part of the lake and therefore part of the Penalty area? (b) If the Penalty Area is deemed to expand with the increased lake area, what is the ruling i
  6. Don't know if I am on the same page as you and @iacas in our discussion in regards to many people saying that they are finding that when they go back and use their old blades they are hitting the ball the same distance as when they play their current set of irons. I was pointing out that is was interesting that they would be the about the distance as the loft on the 1970's era clubs were 5 to almost 10 degrees weaker. 40 years later has cost most of us a considerable lost of distance from what we used to hit the "blades" (then vs. now) and with the new technology we are fortunate to be getting
  7. Remember that often used term "Fairway" is almost completely unused in the Rules of Golf except to clarify the meaning of "Closely Mowed Areas" which term also includes any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less; the term "Through the Green" encompasses both fairway (i.e. closely mowed areas) and rough. Current Rules do not allow you relief from a plugged or embedded ball outside of any "Closely Mowed Area" unless a local rule had expanded the embedded ball relief to plays "Through the Green"
  8. Bill Catron

    Bill Catron

  9. It is "interesting" that several people have written that there is relatively little distance between their old blades and their new clubs. I say "interesting" as in many cases the loft difference is as much as 7 degree stronger in many of today's irons. I have attached a chart that shows the "lofts" for men's woods and irons back in the 1970's. When you realize that today's 6 iron loft ranges from 30 or 31degrees down to and lower than 27 degrees (Titleist AP3's are 27 degrees, Callaway Apex Pro's are 30 degrees) and then see where Wilson (i.e. Staff Model) Irons were at 35 degrees back in t
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