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  1. **Part of my reason for thinking of this change is that my KBS tour came in these irons a half inch short so I had to get them lengthened. There was something weird about the shafts and nobody (myself, my club builder, and a big box store) could get grips to set on them properly. The shafts won't take the tape/solvent and even blown on grips didn't work properly. So weird. So the tops of my grips still twist a bit which is very annoying. If the PX can give me similar numbers I'll switch because they will all be the right length and I won't have grip issues.
  2. So went and hit my 7 iron i200 with KBS tour and a Cally Apex Pro 16 7 iron with Project X 6.0 (not soft stepped) yesterday. I was hitting straight-ish to high fades. I often hit draws on the course but it drops the spin way off on the sim so I try to hit straight to fade for comparisons. Also tried MP18 SC with KBS tour and hated them. Both at 86-88mph clubhead speed i200 with KBS tour 162-164 carry 16.5-18.5* launch 118-119 ball speed 6500k rpm spin 31 yard peak height 47* descent angle Apex Pro Forged with Project X 6.0 167-169 Ca
  3. Must have a pretty quick swing to load a 7.0! I've done some reading and have found countless posts of people saying they too struggled into the wind with KBS tour. They're great feeling shafts no doubt but I'd lose some of that smoothness for a more piercing flight.
  4. Yes completely understand what you mean and I don't think I described it properly. I don't mean a flight with a ton of upward curve if that makes sense but rather one with a straight penetrating trajectory that gradually gets higher but is flat. If it launches high but is penetrating I'm good with that. Agree KBS feel awesome.
  5. Great that's very helpful. A lot of people do talk about the feel of the PX being very different. I considered putting some prosoft inserts in them. I love the feel of the KBS for sure. I want something similar just a bit better into the wind and "climbing" rather than just high.
  6. I've heard and read a lot of the PX 6.0 being jarring and harsh. Looking to get a slightly more penetrating ball flight into wind but still have good stopping power on the green. 120g is my ideal weight. Looks like the PX 6.0 ss is FCM 6.1 to KBS stiff at 6.0 so I imagine they should be pretty similar stiffness wise but maybe be a slightly better wind shaft? Anybody compared the two? They'd be going into my Ping i200. Two sets near me that are pretty cheap 3-PW that would SS into my 4-UW set.
  7. Was thinking that spending the whole winter hammering balls off of a mat might put some wear on the clubs. That was my thinking anyways. As for your other comment - I haven't had the best luck playing lower lofted clubs. I absolutely hate offset and thick top lines and most of the lower lofted clubs are GI. I moved away from true GI or SGI irons as fast as I could. My club repairer has a set of PX 6.0 he can throw in my clubs for $100. Maybe I'll just do that. Should be a slightly better wind shaft.
  8. Very cool reply - thanks! If I can find one in Canada I may but generally on ebay they come from the U.S.. with shipping it ends up being around $50 for a single iron. $150 for 4-PW seems like a good deal on decent condition MP53. From what I've read on the forum they seem like good clubs.
  9. Jealous! I definitely don't have room. Any opinion on sticking with ones that work vs branching out?
  10. Balls_Deep


  11. Currently playing Ping i200s which I really like. Thinking of getting a second, more bladed set to practice with. Haven't been playing long but I'm off 11 and broke 80 five times in my first 12 months of playing. In my last 12 rounds I haven't shot over 88. During the winter I've got a pretty nice little garage set up to hit in. Though I got fit for my irons and feel comfortable with them, I'm not really a fan of how they go in the wind. KBS tour shaft felt great on indoor fitting but outside I'm finding it's a very average wind shaft. When it's calm I find they have tons of distance and stopp
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