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  1. Yankee Trace was decent today. The course was in good shape. It was slow, maybe because everyone had to walk. 4.5 hours with a lot of waiting. It was great to get out, first time in about 6 months. I played like it. I had a decent stretch of 4-5 holes but struggled big time all around. Hope to play again next week!
  2. Unfortunately it looks like all the Greene county courses are staying closed. I'm going to Yankee Trace this morning. Will let you all know how it is.
  3. Starting to get the hang of it, got the basic pitching motion and longer 9-3 swings down. I’ve been working outside with MirrorVision and in my room with real mirrors, hitting yellow foam balls. The one armed swings were tough at first, I lacked the arm and hand strength to control the club. But after doing 20-30 reps with each arm almost every day, I’ve gotten more control of the club. I’d like to go to the range so I could hit real balls, but the nearby ranges are closed. I’ll probably start in with some work with the longer band next week.
  4. Pretty nice so far today, just a little humid but not too windy. Anywhere still open? I’m thinking about calling around
  5. Beavercreek is closed. Pretty sure the base courses are closed. Haven’t gone by there recently but Twin Base looked closed late last week. Prairie has been closed since winter and probably won’t be opening any time soon. It sucks, we’re finally getting some nicer weather consistently and have to stay in more. Windy Knolls would be a good one to try out. I like Heatherwoode and Yankee, just kind of far from me, but guess we should be having a lot of free time. I haven’t really experienced that with two kids at home though.
  6. Thanks. I’ll keep working at it. Good reminder that I need to get my range bag together with my tripod and iPad with Mirror Vision. That worked pretty well last year for filming.
  7. Anyone else have a hard time hitting balls with this? I’m trying to just do the day 1-day 3 beginning protocol with pitches, and I shank it with the clubface too open at impact when trying to do it right. Usually if I try to make decent contact with it on, the band hits my trail hand or starts to get wrapped up. I guess that means I rely on a flip to square up the face. I’ve been out with it 3 or 4 times and can’t seem to get the right feel. In the yard with foam balls, it’s mostly been ok. I’m starting to feel like something’s defective (with me, not the Planemate)
  8. I preordered for the second wave and just got notification that it shipped yesterday. Looking forward to finally getting to try it out! Winter is here in Ohio and so I don’t think I’ll be doing much work outside.
  9. Just pre-ordered. I would love to get in the business of making these aids. I don't know much about the swing compared to the pros on here, but I know a lot about design and prototyping. I've done some one-off type parts with friends (not for golf) and tons of conceptual CAD models. One of my buddies talked about using some of his shop equipment to do some one-off putters but we never got serious with it. Designing golf equipment would be a dream job for me.
  10. I love the stats. Hopefully they keep improving on them. It's been a lot of fun to go in and do the post-round analysis. Also like the club recommendations based on the smart distance. The AI caddie is a little silly, and the watch app seems to need some work, but overall it's been great. By the way, I dumped my bag and it appears that my LW sensor is lost. I think I have one extra, but that's another potential downside. Probably prefer the screw-ins versus the integral grip sensors though - how are those working for you @ChetlovesMer?
  11. I've been using the sensors and app all year. The feedback has mostly been information that I already knew, like my full swing shots (driving and approach categories) aren't good enough, and my putting is much better than average. But it's helped me to focus my practice efforts on those areas and it's starting to make a difference. Now I'm getting the ball at least around the green in regulation, and my GIR% has gone up this year. Since I'm almost always getting nGIR, I'm noticing that my chipping is the next thing to focus on. I'm spending more practice time on that lately, and hopefully will be able to hold on to the progress I've made in the full swing. It's been really great to get that deeper level of insight and I love going back and analyzing the rounds shot by shot afterwards. The Dashboard is also very nice. I can think of a few ways to improve the experience. It almost always registers the shots accurately and consistently. One thing that sucked was that my sensor on my LW fell off - I hope it's in the bottom of my bag. I use that club a lot and it's been a pain to have to go back and edit most of the holes. Another bust was trying out the watch app. I found it to be slow and when I had my phone in my pocket as well, it seemed to be double booking shots. Overall, I'm really enjoying it and will continue using the system. I'll come back at the end of the year and post some of my personal bests!
  12. This looks like a great training aid. I'll preorder - would like to have it for winter!
  13. I got the sensors as a Christmas gift, and played my first round with them today. Installed the app on iPhone 6s and it worked great! Having the phone in my front pocket was not an issue. I hardly noticed it and even caught myself checking for it a few times to make sure I had it. It only used about 20% battery life over the entire round. It picked up every shot and almost every putt. Pretty easy to go in and edit the putts and flag location. Looking forward to building up some stats and seeing what kind of guidance I can get towards focusing practice sessions.
  14. Yes, mostly my trail wrist going through "impact". It doesn't hurt the next day, though. The other issue I noticed last week was an oblique strain on my trail side that hurt for a day or two. I've tried to be careful not to push anything too much with this. Last season, I had to take a break at the start due to golfer's elbow and so I'm hyper sensitive to any issues. If I have to take 3-5 days in between sessions to feel ready, then I'd rather do that then push through to do it every otber day with any issues.
  15. I started on the next protocol last week. My speed had definitely plateaued so I needed to step it up. The five reps for each side and kneeling set are good. It was starting to feel a little too easy towards the end of the intro. Still hitting 116-118 once or twice. Haven’t played yet, just hit the range a few times but the sky wasn’t clear enough to get any idea of distances. I feel like the radar is imprecise too, like sometimes it will read me at 60 or 65. I set it up like the instructions say to. I did see something about club release point when not hitting a real ball. Maybe I should try new batteries.
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