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  1. I got the sensors as a Christmas gift, and played my first round with them today. Installed the app on iPhone 6s and it worked great! Having the phone in my front pocket was not an issue. I hardly noticed it and even caught myself checking for it a few times to make sure I had it. It only used about 20% battery life over the entire round. It picked up every shot and almost every putt. Pretty easy to go in and edit the putts and flag location. Looking forward to building up some stats and seeing what kind of guidance I can get towards focusing practice sessions.
  2. Yes, mostly my trail wrist going through "impact". It doesn't hurt the next day, though. The other issue I noticed last week was an oblique strain on my trail side that hurt for a day or two. I've tried to be careful not to push anything too much with this. Last season, I had to take a break at the start due to golfer's elbow and so I'm hyper sensitive to any issues. If I have to take 3-5 days in between sessions to feel ready, then I'd rather do that then push through to do it every otber day with any issues.
  3. I started on the next protocol last week. My speed had definitely plateaued so I needed to step it up. The five reps for each side and kneeling set are good. It was starting to feel a little too easy towards the end of the intro. Still hitting 116-118 once or twice. Haven’t played yet, just hit the range a few times but the sky wasn’t clear enough to get any idea of distances. I feel like the radar is imprecise too, like sometimes it will read me at 60 or 65. I set it up like the instructions say to. I did see something about club release point when not hitting a real ball. Maybe I should try new batteries.
  4. I did some research on possible causes for being out of sequence. One reason might be that I'm overrunning with my arms in the backswing. I looked up a couple ideas on how to limit the overswinging, and get the arms more active. One thought that I liked was "stop the backswing when the lead arm is parallel to the ground". Even with that thought, I'm still ending my backswing way past that, but I think it's better to at least be thinking shorter. Another thing that I'm starting on to get my arms more active is throwing balls down the target line with my trail arm. Then I practice that motion without a ball, then with the club, then club with ball present.
  5. I've used it a few more times outside at the range, with better success. My devices haven't asked for an internet connection since the first time, so maybe it was just to verify the subscription purchase. I've had slightly better battery life, but the iPhone 6S is still nearly dead by the end of a 45-60 min range session. One thing that helped was not to have it send the video to my iPad, and just walk over to the phone to watch it. This app has been really helpful in being able to immediately check what I'm doing, both in pre-swing drills and the actual swings at the ball. I'm going to make a habit of bringing my devices in my range bag. I'll post some of the videos that I took using the app in my swing thread.
  6. Neither device had access to cell data (iPhone 6s with sim card removed, iPad Air 2 with WiFi only). In order to enable the mirror vision feature and connect the two devices, I had to establish an internet connection. So I had to bring a third device, my phone with cell data service and use it as a hotspot, then they connected. I didn't check to see if it would work by turning hotspot off after initial connection. I'll do some more tests with it and get back with you. Please understand that this was my first time using the app for real, so the issue could definitely have been caused by user error.
  7. Thanks @boogielicious, I used this process today to upload some videos that I captured with the Mirror Vision app, and made a Member Swing post. Today was my first time using the app, and I loved the viewing and recording capabilities. One problem I had was initially establishing connection. Neither my iPhone or iPad had cell data, and I had to get my other phone out and use it as a hotspot to enable the mirror viewing ability. That should be a fairly easy workaround. The other more major problem was battery life. In about an hour, my iPhone 6s battery went from 100% to 1%. I'm not sure what causes it to drain so quickly but that could be a problem. I guess I could bring a battery backup. The screen brightness of the iPad was my other concern, but it seemed to be ok on a cloudy day. A better test will be on a bright and sunny day. Overall, I'm very pleased with how well it worked, and look forward to more practice sessions using it.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years. Been getting more serious about improving in the last 2-3 years. My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push fade I used to hit a bad hook that would get really snappy. My short game and putting has always been decent and I feel my full swing, tee and approach shots are the key to improving my score. I really appreciated the findings in LSW as they validated my feelings about what was holding me back. I’ve been working on my swing over the past few years, taking video and using mirrors to check positions. I mostly practice due to lack of time for playing. Average 9 holes a week, maybe played 6 or 7 full rounds in 18. The hook is gone and my playing partners have noticed that I’m hitting it straighter. Now I’m going the other way and hit a few damaging push fades a round. Also, I did a few months of evolvr at the end of 17, but couldn't commit to it when the 18 season started. I'm considering starting up again to accelerate improvement. Videos: 20190227 Driver DL 20190227 Driver FO 20190227 7I DL 20190227 7I FO
  9. I swing inside my garage with one of the cars out most of the time, so I've been able to keep it up every 2-3 days. Latest session was 118, and I saw 120 on one of the step swings. I've kind of plateaued over the past couple weeks, so I might change up the protocol a bit and see if that gets me gaining again. Haven't measured swing speed with driver on the actual range yet. The weather has been terrible for most of January and February in Dayton, but starting to get a little nicer.
  10. I just hit 3 weeks today doing the intro protocol. I had a few at 116 today and my highest was 118 two days ago. I've been staying pretty diligent, every other day or third day if I don't have time or forget. Hoping to hit 120+ next time. The opposite side swings are starting to feel better. I might have to try hitting some for real from the right side this year!
  11. I've done the intro protocol for about a week now, 3 times in 6 days. Today was my third time and I hit 111 on one of the final swings with the green. I still feel goofy swinging on the opposite side, sometimes lose my balance and almost fall over.
  12. This looks great, I'm gonna give it a try. I have a two mirror setup for inside, but this is great as it would allow me to keep my head in generally the same place. I wonder how hard it is to see what's on the iPad when it's sunny out though. I'm a DJ and use my iPad for a controller sometimes. I've done outdoor parties when it's sunny, and it's pretty tough to see what's going on, even with brightness all the way up. To be fair, my DJ app is mostly dark mode, which makes it a lot harder.
  13. I just got the superspeed package with the radar. I started the intro protocol tonight. My best with the green was 106 on one, and 104 a few times. I noticed it felt like my upper abdominals were strained right away. Maybe it was because I had just eaten right before. I'll have to watch out and warm up a bit like some of you have said before taking such aggressive cuts. I'll come back with my progress. Not like there's anything else to do with rain and snow every day and temperatures below freezing.
  14. I have some Rx Maui Jim's (I think they're called Black Coral), but my prescription is really high (over -5) and they can only go to -4.5 or 5. So they aren't perfect and they also look weird toward the edges. Lenses with wrap are going to look distorted at that strength. I tried wearing them for golf and it was hard to hit the ball. I might look into some frames that look more like regular glasses, like the Ray Ban Wayfarers. One of my friends has those and he's also highly myopic, and seems to be happy with them. We probably have 3 or 4 months here in Ohio before I need to think about wearing sunglasses again, though.
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