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  1. There’s a button that opens up a zoomed in view of the green, and on that view, you can place the flag and the location of your first putt, and any chips close to the green. It only records the location of the first putt as far as I can tell, but you can increment the number of putts on that view or the overall hole view.
  2. Ok, yeah, calling strokes gained “not stats” was going too far. I’m not saying I want to do away with strokes gained either. I understand the value. I just want some of the basic stats back that I have to go to the dashboard for now.
  3. I like the additional analytics, but miss the old stats. The strokes gained stuff isn’t really stats. I think they should have a separate analysis tab that shows that stuff. I want to see the actual breakdown of how many fairways/greens I hit, how many putts, percentage of up/downs. They overcomplicated it with the new stuff. And like others have said, sometimes, the “stats” that are included on strokes gained don’t actually add up. I end up going back to the browser dashboard to get the actual stats. Hopefully they bring those back to the app.
  4. I’ve been working with the longer band over the past few weeks. Last week, my range opened up again and I got to hit some real balls. I have the pitching motion down for the most part, but when I go for longer swings, I can’t hit it right. When I try doing my typical swing with the longer band, it always crosses over under my club. I guess that means I’m too flippy. When I try to keep the band behind and have it hit on my forearm on the follow through, I usually end up hitting behind the ball and/or leaving the clubface way open at impact. It feels really weird, like I’m holding off the follow through to keep the band from crossing over. When the club hits the ground early, it almost always crosses over. It’s frustrating, but I’ll keep working with it - definitely get a different feeling from it. I try to take it off and hit some without it after. Need to get the camera setup for the range too. Anyone else been using it and struggling through like me?
  5. You guys have inspired me. I cleaned out my garage and set up my net to hit balls in there today. I’m gonna get the swingspeed sticks out again this week and get back to it. I’ve played a few times this year and my driving distance has been pretty poor. No ranges around me are open, and I haven’t been practicing at home. No more excuses. I have the equipment, just need to stop being lazy and take a few minutes to set it up.
  6. Me too, guess it’s going to be like this week to week. As soon as they find out one person had it at one course, they’ll probably shut it all down again. Trying to enjoy it while we can. I didn’t play today, had to do some yard work. Maybe some other time this week.
  7. Beavercreek is open again. I played there this morning. They allowed carts, single rider unless you’re in the same family. The course was in decent shape. Greens had been punched and sanded, but they hadn’t filled the punch holes in with sand. They were still pretty fast once they dried up. Looks like they’re in the process of adding bunkers to a couple holes on the back. The bail out right spot on the #15 tee shot and the area where there used to be a grass bunker in front of #16 green. It was cold most of the morning. Much nicer out now. The course was pretty empty when we started at 9 and it was getting busier when we got done. Took about 3:45 for our foursome.
  8. I’ve had 3 fall out of the grips in the last year. I ordered some replacements - $7 per sensor and $7 for shipping. Not great, I’ll tape them to the grip for a secondary bond from now on. I love the app, the stat tracking, and the browser-based dashboard.
  9. Yankee Trace was decent today. The course was in good shape. It was slow, maybe because everyone had to walk. 4.5 hours with a lot of waiting. It was great to get out, first time in about 6 months. I played like it. I had a decent stretch of 4-5 holes but struggled big time all around. Hope to play again next week!
  10. Unfortunately it looks like all the Greene county courses are staying closed. I'm going to Yankee Trace this morning. Will let you all know how it is.
  11. Starting to get the hang of it, got the basic pitching motion and longer 9-3 swings down. I’ve been working outside with MirrorVision and in my room with real mirrors, hitting yellow foam balls. The one armed swings were tough at first, I lacked the arm and hand strength to control the club. But after doing 20-30 reps with each arm almost every day, I’ve gotten more control of the club. I’d like to go to the range so I could hit real balls, but the nearby ranges are closed. I’ll probably start in with some work with the longer band next week.
  12. Pretty nice so far today, just a little humid but not too windy. Anywhere still open? I’m thinking about calling around
  13. Beavercreek is closed. Pretty sure the base courses are closed. Haven’t gone by there recently but Twin Base looked closed late last week. Prairie has been closed since winter and probably won’t be opening any time soon. It sucks, we’re finally getting some nicer weather consistently and have to stay in more. Windy Knolls would be a good one to try out. I like Heatherwoode and Yankee, just kind of far from me, but guess we should be having a lot of free time. I haven’t really experienced that with two kids at home though.
  14. Thanks. I’ll keep working at it. Good reminder that I need to get my range bag together with my tripod and iPad with Mirror Vision. That worked pretty well last year for filming.
  15. Anyone else have a hard time hitting balls with this? I’m trying to just do the day 1-day 3 beginning protocol with pitches, and I shank it with the clubface too open at impact when trying to do it right. Usually if I try to make decent contact with it on, the band hits my trail hand or starts to get wrapped up. I guess that means I rely on a flip to square up the face. I’ve been out with it 3 or 4 times and can’t seem to get the right feel. In the yard with foam balls, it’s mostly been ok. I’m starting to feel like something’s defective (with me, not the Planemate)
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