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  1. Phone. I tried the Apple watch for a while but didn’t like it, it was missing or double registering. I just saw a press release from arccos today saying that they updated the watch tracking and it’s out of beta. I’d be interested in hearing if others have tried that yet.
  2. Most of my sensors seem to have stopped working now. I have done the diagnostic and it recognizes them, but when I hit shots it’s rarely registering. Pretty frustrating. I contacted arccos support and they sent me a link to buy more at a discount, $7.50 per sensor. I love the tracking and post-round analysis, so I’ll probably get the replacements. I have 121 rounds and about 2.5 years in on this set.
  3. Same here. I swing in my garage and the temp is in the 30s even in there. Lately I have been just doing it to get it over with and trying not to hurt myself. It’s been pretty bleak, but this has to be the low point of this winter, right?
  4. I'm just going to do feet together at first. I don't have a mat that I want to ruin by putting down in my garage. How long were you off? I'd maybe pick up another week or two of level 1 if I had to stop for a week, to try and get back to where I was prior to stopping. My update: I did some swings with demo drivers at Dick's the other day on Foresight GC2. I used the clubhead speed readings for one of my entries last week. Pretty consistent at 99-100 mph. I'll pick back up with the sticks today. Probably do one more week of level 1 and switch next week. Also, I played a couple week
  5. I had been getting more consistent readings too lately, until today. Almost all my swings at the end registered in the 90s and one was 87. No way that is right, but I didn’t feel like taking the time to mess with it. I’m gonna try to play some rounds over the weekend and will be watching my driver distance. Not going to bring the radar.
  6. I played 9 on Saturday when it was 32 and sunny. Had to use handwarmer packets and keep my hands in my pockets when I wasn’t swinging. Walking helped a little too. The ground was still frozen underneath, but not as bad as when I played at the end of December and had my approach shots bouncing off the green. Shots were actually sticking for the most part. Putting was tough, I’ll blame it on the temperature and not having much feeling in my hands. I’ll take what I can get at this point, it’s been ugly out, but at least there hasn’t been too much snow here this winter.
  7. New highs today! Hit 115, 116 and 117! More consistently high speeds. I was hitting 120s on some of the step change swings with green and blue. I tried standing the radar more upright, which may have helped with consistency in the readings. Also have been trying to go to bed earlier and get at least 8 hours of sleep to help with rest and recovery.
  8. I went out and played 9 holes yesterday. 32 and sunny, not too bad, but definitely needed the handwarmers. My tee shots were pretty nice, 4 of 6 over 250 and max of 280 with driver. Hooked one into the trees and sliced one about 230. May have been getting some extra with the bounces and roll out, since the ground was still frozen underneath. Anyway, my swing felt strong and I think being on this protocol has helped.
  9. Hit my high of 115 today. Feeling like I turn back really far until I can’t anymore has helped my speeds. I tried some swings today where I felt like I was pulling down on the grip in transition, but it didn’t seem to work for me. Probably not doing the move right, especially when trying to do it in a max effort swing.
  10. Congrats on the new highs, gentlemen. I’ll be going for it again tomorrow!
  11. I stay pinned, and feel like my arms and hands are way behind. Like the left “before” pic, probably even worse than that. I feel like my lower body and shoulders are out ahead and my arms and club get dragged through. Losing the angle between the shaft and forearm early, where the shaft is parallel when my hands are like waist high, not close to my trail leg. I don’t feel like I pull down the handle at all. I posted a member swing a couple years ago and it still looks pretty much the same. Definitely seems like an area where I could improve - I was actually watching some videos on drills to ge
  12. I might be having the same kind of issue. Usually do the swings in my garage and there hasn’t been much sun around here lately. I try to turn all the lights on in the garage, but get high variance in the numbers, and feel like the low light level has something to do with it. 10-15 mph difference swing to swing. One swing reads 100 and the next is 84. I don’t see the same variance on the high side though. It might be that I’m not pushing hard enough on some swings. I still take the readings as is, even though there’s usually one in there that skews the median to the lower end of the “typical” r
  13. My speeds are actually slowing down. It’s a little discouraging, but I’m feeling stronger, and I’m not as winded after doing the set. I’ve been continuing to do the same set. My opposite side swings are feeling better and approaching the same speed as my normal side. Maybe I’m going through the motions instead of really going all out. Or maybe the radar isn’t registering accurate readings every time. I’ll stick with it though, and hope to see it trending up next time.
  14. I always try to go all out on these, and sometimes it gets sloppy. Anyone else scrape the ground and make sparks?
  15. I’ve been doing: 5 Left with Blue (warmup) 5 Left each with Green, Blue, Red 5 Right each with G, B, R 5 Left SC each with G, B, R 5 Right SC each with G, B, R 5 Left with Blue (data set for spreadsheet): 108, 109, 111, 111, 112
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