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  1. Trying out for high school golf team

    Check the USGA website. I always buy a copy every year and keep it in my bag. I have been doing that since I was 14 and playing high school golf. If you read the rules and understand them it is amazing the things you will see people do on the course that aren't right. Good luck; I would be interested in how the try outs go. Keep us posted.
  2. So Tiger has 2 grand slams?

    I thought I remember hearing or reading about Jack quickly correcting someoe if they didn't include the US Amateur titles when counting up his major wins.
  3. Trying out for high school golf team

    Relax, don't worry about what the other guys are doing until you get into the club house. Don't think that you will live or die by every shot, that is way more pressure than you want to deal with. Try to avoid penalty strokes, play conservative golf. If you hit a bad shot, let it go. Everyone else will screw up at some point during the four days. Know all the local rules as well as the USGA rules before you go out and don't be affraid to call someone out if you see them breaking them. Golf is an honorable sport; if you see someone breaking the rules and say nothing, you might as well be cheat as well. Remember the object is to make the team not win a trophy.
  4. I think him wearing a bra n the top of his head would look funny, it would also keep that ridiculous hair from flapping around like a wounded ducks wing.
  5. So Tiger has 2 grand slams?

    I thought the US Amature was considred a major, just never got the recognition because it was a pro event.
  6. So Tiger has 2 grand slams?

    Don't forget the Master win in 1986, I think he was 47.
  7. Tiger Woods Video of duffing a ball

    I am glad there is someone else that feels the same way as I do. I have gone a step further than just not rooting for him; I actually root against him. I don't think anything eever came out him raking up the green. If the USGA penalized por wittle Tiger hims might get made and not play in the US open next year to teach them a lesson. I am sure they were worried about the loss of revenue it El Tigre didn't show up.
  8. Disturbing Story

    Some people just should not reproduce.
  9. Disturbing Story

    Marc O'hair! You are the next contest on the Dysfunctional Family Feud! That guy is Koo Koo for Coco Puffs. I have read several articles and watched the 60 Minutes piece. I have tried to be objective and look at the situation from both sides and have come up with the conclusion: Marc O'Hair is a grade "A" Jacka#$! It is obvious that he never wanted Sean to do well as a son. He wanted Sean to do well as an investment. The thought that the guy had his son sign a contract for 10% of his earings until he dies is ridiculous. I would like to think that if it was me I would spend at least that on my parents if I was in Sean's shoes. Maybe not by giving him a check every week but by buying him a car, vacations, paying off their house, taking care of little sister's college tuition. I am surprised that Marc didn't purchase a sizeable life disability insurance policy on Sean, like race horse owners do with horses. I can't imagine my Dad wanting me to sign a contract saying I would give him 10% of my earnings because he picked up the tab on my college tuition. And I have sent my parents on vacation and I even bopught my Dad a little MG roadster last year. It has not come close to the 10% that Mr. O'Hair was asking for but it is something. I got him thise gifts because I wanted to. My Dad put up with a lot of my crap and was quick to put back in line and for that he deserves a couple of vacations and a car. His payment for my success is being proud and bragging to his buddies that I bought him that car. If Sean was smart he would have said "I'll repay what you have put into this plus "x" amount of interest and that is it." It seems that Sean didn't drag his father through the mud in the media. He was asked questions and asnwered them, honestly. The truth came out. What more proof do you need than the last press release Marc put out? You know, the one where he told the media they could kiss his ass. The one where he tried to look like the good guy by saying he will let Sean out of his contract. He is pissed because the media and everyone else with a thimbal of sense has seen Marc O'Hair for what he is; a money hungry pimp (after all, he did bitch slap Sean on the golf course for doing poorly, "Ho, where my birdie at?") and a piss poor excuse for a father. I would love to spit some Red Man on that guy and give him five across the eye.
  10. Greatest Game Movie

    Eveyonw knows the best golf movie ever made was Happy Gilmore! DUH. Just kidding. Has anyone seen Dead Solid Perfect w/ Randy Quaid. It was an 80's flick. I remembering likng it at the time but back then anything up to small shiny objects could entertain me. I have heard that Casa Blanca is a good golf movie but have never seen it. I perosnally enjoyed Tin Cup just because there was some many one liners to take on the course (I knutted it that one Romes).
  11. Big Beak 3 Re-Runs

    The Natalie Gublis Reality Show? I can handle looking at her more than I can handle looking and listen to Danielle.
  12. Big Beak 3 Re-Runs

    Mon, May 16 4:00 am Danielle's Big Break! A Week on Tour Tue, May 17 1:30 pm The Big Break II Winner Takes All Thu, May 26 7:30 pm The Big Break III: Ladies Only Ultimate Match-Up Can't wait to see what June brings.
  13. How in the World is Danielle only 28 years old?

    Rode hard and put up wet.
  14. Big Beak 3 Re-Runs

    For the love of God when is the Golf Channel going to stop showing repeats of the Big Break 3? We get it, Danielle won, it's over and (probably) so is her short lives LPGA career. Give it a rest all ready. It's like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or West Wing on Bravo or Law and Order (any version) on TNT. Everytime you turn around it on. I bet between Big Break 3, all versions of Law and Order, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The West Wing, that you could constan;y watvh those shows for 24 hrs a day, 18hrs at least. Can't the Golf Channel run some highlight reeels from the 1979 Masters or US Open? They seem pretty fond of Tiger, show some of his highlights. Anything but the Big Break 3 for the 2,554,651,685,532,549,986,498,521,359,721,138,543,521,545,846,913 time. Please I beg you, I would rather watch Tom Nettles interview anyone than sit through another episode of the Big Break 3.
  15. Will Danielle Break 80?

    There is really not much to say except a bunch of you ney sayers have egg all over your face! Anyone think she will do better tomorrow? It is supposed to be rainy. She should be used to it. I wonder how her bunker play will be?