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    Sorry ,anyone over 17 who regularly gets hung over is a loser
  2. Thanks NM for the encouraging words
  3. thanks all . It was an anterior surgery
  4. Had a left hip replaced 2 wks ago and am doing rehab. Live in RI so I don't plan on playing until April . I am 68 , in good shape , 20 handicap , Because of pain , this summer I went to an earlier wrist cock swing , and hit it pretty well . Any hints on the best type of swing post surgery . Im thinking just let hips rotate naturally vs X factor type restriction on hip turn. Dont want to screw up the new hip . Thanks
  5. Is there one color lense for golf that works best with the Oakleys ?
  6. Did they actually pay Natalie Gulbis? Talk about obvious token eye candy.
  7. Looking to buy prescription sunglasses for next season . Has anyone had success in finding frames large enough so as not to be a distraction when looking down at the ball? Think something almost goggle like might work . Don't know if anything compatible for golf is out there, that still looks good..
  8. Match was competitive since neither guy played very well . Way too much Barkley, .Way too much Samuel Jackson... biggest phony in the world ...Socialist who is a spokesman for a credit card co,
  9. Since I had hip replacementt surgery last friday , Im going to spring for the $19.99, out of sheer boredom , Hope we hear some bad words just to make it interesting. LOL
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