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  1. QB57

    Ball against a wooden tee box

    Whoops. Sorry. I just read that again. thanks.
  2. QB57

    Ball against a wooden tee box

    Thanks for the clarification. Just out of curiosity, do I have to be right up against the immovable obstruction in order to take the drop or can it be close enough that you can’t play a proper shot because of a restricted swing?
  3. While playing yesterday I hit the ball to the side of the green and it landed against an elevated tee box (similar construction to the photo attached). I couldn’t hit it because it was wedged against the side of this. Am I entitled to a free drop on the side of it? Do I have to hit it as it lies? Or should I take a penalty drop? i took a penalty drop but still unsure about man made structure rules. thanks!

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