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  1. Thanks for the advice.. I've found a place that stocks used and "outdated" (but new) club sets, that also allows "try before you buy", so I can hopefully combine the advice.. then spend the savings on a local pro.. thanks again.
  2. Hi all.. I've played golf off and on over the past 30 years (more off than on) but I'm picking it up again.. I've always used my Dads old clubs (767 pro series) which are old tech in a modern world, and I want to get modern... All the advice I see on buying clubs talks about beginners.. I'm not quite that.. I can, for example, hit my old 3 iron 180 ish metres, straight, as well as chip, pitch, putt etc...... but I've never bought clubs.. what advice would you give a first time buyer who is not strictly a beginner? NB I live in France, if anyone has any good buying experiences...
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