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  1. #13. Hit wedge shot at a 50 and a 60 yard pin. Goal was to hit 3 in a row inside 10 ft before switching targets. Did it twice at 50 and once at 60. Lots of 2 in a row, and even holed out one from 60. 3 in a row is tough but its a drill I like.
  2. #11. Putting practice. Focus is in repeating my set up, stance, balance and motion. This focus has really helped decrease avg putts per round over the past couple of months.
  3. #10. Worked on follow thru and weight transition today....didnt hit any balls, just swinging a club and repeating a good motion.
  4. Moose68

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played a course I found online that is nearby that I had never heard of in Ruskin, FL. Shot pretty well considering I was playing it for the first time. 41/45....with 2 balls finding water that I couldn't see from the teebox. I did hit 11 fairways, so that part of my game was pretty solid.
  5. Day 9 today. Played 18 on a local par 70 course that I hadn't played before. Great little track on a breezy day. Shot 41/45. Just one 3 putt where I started out 58 ft away and missed an 8 footer for par. Hit 10 fairways but only 4 greens. That is exactly what I have to improve on!
  6. Day #6. Just hit on the range today, it's really windy, so I worked on keeping my ball flight on target with my 5 iron, and then hit about 40-50 wedge shot from 40-60 yards. Wind was blowing 20-25mph, at and across me to the slice side, so hitting into it and trying to hit a little draw to keep it on line was really good practice for these windy, cloudy Florida winter days.
  7. Moose68

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Aack - 96 on Sat with two 10's on the card. Couldn't seem to keep the ball inbounds on those 2 holes.
  8. Moose68


    I've found one of the quickest ways to get better at golf is to have a little skin in the game so to speak. So yeah, we bet. Usually not much, a few bucks here and there. Birdies are a buck, closest to the pin on par 3's is a buck unless you 3 putt, then it reverses. Wolf, etc.
  9. I typically play Titleist Tour Softs or Chrome Softs, but last month my daughter gave me two boxes of the Callaway Diablo Tour balls. I put a sleeve into play last week and was pleasantly surprised how well they played. Better yet, when I swung into Golf Galaxy to grab a couple new gloves they had them 3 boxes for $40. Add in my $10 coupon and that is 36 balls for 30 bucks. Anyone else use these? I know they're an older model, but I think I'm gonna stay switched to them until they're discontinued. The price and performance combo is pretty solid.
  10. Just found and read through some of this thread topic. I love it and will implement and state that I'm on day #3......worked on putting this morning for 20 minutes after my run. Wednesday I worked with my 7 iron, working on flighting the ball in at a lower trajectory as I tend to hit really high shots. Thursday was 30 minutes of chipping from 40 yards. This goal of some type of practice every day SHOULD pay off towards my goal of being a single digit HC in 2019.
  11. Moose68

    Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    I have recently began running and working out more, after a 10 yr or so period of very little working out (2-3x p/month). I've recently ran twice before golf (just 2 miles or so at an easy pace) and both times played much better as I felt looser and lighter. I did some basic calisthenics along with the runs, but no weightlifting. If I decide to have a couple of beers during or after the round, it's ok because the workout has already occurred. I'm in a tournament this weekend with a 0815 tee time and plan to run 2 miles at 0530 both days. We'll see how it goes!
  12. Moose68

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 86 last week at Babe Zaharius.....just 2nd time on that track, and it is narrow, but makes you choose shots wisely. Playing in a tournament there this coming weekend, so I'm looking forward to it.
  13. The 9th and 15th at Diamond Hill in Seffner, FL. That shot of the 9th is typically where you play your 2nd shot from. It is virtually impossible to reach the green in 2 the way the hole doglegs left over the water and uphill. The 15th is the signature hole and the tees for white and blue are elevated. Just a simple 7 or 8 iron, but a lot of balls end up wet.
  14. Moose68

    Golf Channel Am Tour - Is It Too Expensive?

    I also play in a few of the FSGA events every year, and think the value of those is spot on. If I were you, and you can take the weekdays off to play in those, that is where I'd focus. Even when they play at the high end courses, the prices are very reasonable for the FSGA events.

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