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  1. How can they use scores from a previous match play comp? You are not gonna have a score for every hole. IE win 4 and 3. Or a hole is conceded.
  2. That’s a strong leaderboard. 6 out of the top 8 are major winners.
  3. When he was interviewed afterwards Kuchar basically tried to say it might have been plugged from the second bounce and he thought he should get relief. When asked if he was satisfied the officials had got the decision right he didn’t answer... I’ve got money on him this week, but that is trying too hard.
  4. He’s getting laid into big time on Sky Tv. That’s not helping his reputation any..
  5. It was a lazy joke disparaging women and Koreans and not exactly comedy gold. He’s a muppet. I tell my daughters to ignore shit like this every week.
  6. 74 which is 5 over. It was a solid round spoiled by two sevens( one a triple-the other a double). Still better than working mind
  7. Our club has a decent bottle of Whisky in the cellar. Get a hole in one and you can use it for drinks in the clubhouse. Then just replace the bottle with something of similar quality for the next lucky golfer.
  8. You will still get better value spending money on coaching vs equipment.
  9. New equipment won’t make you better hardly at all. Spend that money on a decent coach instead.
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