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  1. I frequently play different tees depending on a variety of factors:- weather, ability of playing partners, time available, change of scene. When I play bucket list courses I’m usually playing with guys who are low single figures or better and we usually play off the tips/ set down from the tips. If I’m paying $300 then I don’t want to be told which tees to play off.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to look at my swing Erik, I will work on this and post again. Steve
  3. Well the practice mat and net have finally arrived to help ease the lockdown. I learned as a junior but with few lessons and was a solid 2-3 HCI. After 15 +years of not playing I am about to start my 4th year back. Handicap was 10 for the first season, reduced to 7 and then 5. My short game is a bit stronger than my long game. I play probably 30 x a year but have more opportunities to practice and working through the Covid practice plan. I've been Playing Golf for: 32 years My current handicap index or average score is: 5 My typical ball flight is: Pull fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull draw Videos:
  4. My current set Driver 10’ and 3W 15’ Callaway XR Pro 2H Cobra Baffie 18’ 4H Benross 22’ 5-PW Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Wedges 50’ 56’ 62’ Mizuno S18 Ping Sigma Tyne H Bag Big Maxx Ocean Aqua
  5. Yes. Here in the UK the majority of private clubs are non- profit organisations. ( and community based)They are owned by the members and they can produce income and could even theoretically run at a profit. However these clubs benefit from tax breaks which preclude any disbursements back to the members. Any club which operates under this tax system can therefore use income to reduce annual subscriptions but cannot provide a dividend. In practice this means membership of a decent golf club can cost from as little as £400-500 pounds per annum. I pay £660 a year.
  6. Beastie

    Food Thread

    Who knew that whilst learning to bake she would develop an ability to defy gravity. Either that or I am crap with technology....
  7. Beastie

    Food Thread

    I’ve been teaching my youngest to bake bread. Plenty kneading helps to pass the time
  8. I don’t think the numbers are accurate for the UK. The NHS has a bed capacity about 130k and is adding 20-30k more in temporary hospitals as needed. The main problem for the UK is lack of ventilators. We will be well short of them if cases rise like the website predicts. I hope not
  9. That’s explained by the lack of testing. The only people tested up until a few days ago were patients who were actually admitted to hospital.(It’s only in the last week that frontline health workers are being tested). The majority of people with symptoms of Covid have been instructed to self isolate at home and self assess using an online NHS tool. Only those who feel unable to manage their symptoms themselves or see any deterioration /lack of improvement are actually seeing a medical professional. My actuarial pal told me his insurance company predict a level of infection at the very least 10x the #of positive cases
  10. In the UK the percentage of fatal cases in adults(>18yrs) with no underlying symptoms is 2.4%. 22% of over >80yrs that require ICU treatment have no previously undiagnosed underlying symptoms other than advanced age. I can’t find data for the fatality rate of those 22%
  11. I have attached a graph from The Economist discussing mortality rates in heavily affected areas. I think it is pertinent to the discussion. Here in the UK, the demographics of Covid 19 fatalities are very much based upon age and underlying health issues. However there is still a significant % of relatively healthy individuals who are dying from the disease. They chances of dying for anyone over 80 is currently about 15 %. Also men are twice as likely as women across all ages to die from the virus. The other graph show, by comparison, shows the risk of death in the Uk by age bands over the next year
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