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  1. That’s my worst bad habit of all...
  2. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    Scotland. But it helps when there are so many courses to a small population. The slow courses are the ones filled up with golf tourists.
  3. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    I play nine or twelve instead of eighteen frequently. I can’t believe that 41/2 hours is considered a good pace on almost any course. I’ve played Carnoustie in a competition, in a gale in 3 balls and got round in 3.45hrs. Thomas Pieters Plays Italian Open Final Round In Under Two Hours Thomas Pieters Plays Italian Open Final Round In Under Two Hours - The Belgian got round in under...
  4. The best courses in my opinion are the ones where there is risk and reward. Courses with hazards that penalize wayward shots. Courses with tight fairways and graded rough. Course where if you miss the fairway by 3 yds you still have a shot at the green but if you are way off line you have to take some medicine or take some risks/ get creative. Bomb and gouge is boring AF. Courses I really like watching golf at are Augusta, Bay Hill, le Golf National, Wentworth, Pebble Beach( but set up with tough rough), Valderrama. I want to see birdies and eagles on a Sunday, but I also want to see drama and target golf courses don’t always deliver. I want to see shots from deep in the shit, from behind trees, blind approaches, bad bounces and balls in the water. I want players to have more than way to skin a course, not just Driver wedge, driver wedge. I don’t care what the winning score is to par as such, but if the course is hard and fair I believe it gives the best golf to watch and the best drama too.
  5. 1. Inconsistent pre shot routines 2. Chatting too much 3. Playing to quickly
  6. I carry mainly so don’t want too much extra weight. 1 13xclubs 2 6xballs 3 2xgloves 4 Bag of tees 5 Pencil 6 Sharpie marker 7 Pitchmark repair tool and ball marker 8 Towel 9 Rules book 10 Spare card of the course 11 Waterproof jacket ( if the W forecast is really bad) 12 Umbrella (as above) 13 Drink 14 Snack
  7. I believe this lady takes the win . Amateur golfer hits three holes-in-one to defend club title - doubling her career total - BBC Sport An amateur golfer hits three holes-in-one - to take her career total to six - as she defends her club...
  8. I have just bought the JPX 919 forged with Dg105 s300 shafts. They replaced a set of irons with Xp 105 s300’s. I would say say the Dg105’s are slightly stiffer and slightly lower launching than the modus. Took me about 20 balls to really get used to them. Love em and the stickers are cool
  9. I am currently visiting my parents in the old home town of Banchory in Aberdeenshire. It’s a small town 18 miles from the only population centre of Aberdeen(which is itself a small city) I have just counted and there are 36 golf courses within 20 miles of my parents from door. The total population of that area is most likely under 400 000. How do your local areas compare? I’m particularly interested in ends of the scale.
  10. Double jeopardy. Which was there first, the chicken or the egg. The tree look’s pretty young and may have been planted after the bunker was installed. Here in the UK there are loads of bunkers that are now obsolete for today’s equipment in the hands of a half decent player. Many are removed, or if funds are tight filled in and turned into grass bunkers. Points 1-4 stand.
  11. Sergio needs a ban. He’s getting worse. He threw his driver at his caddie at the Open after going OB as well. Part of the problem is that he can be banned from the European tour (for instance) yet go and play on the PGA. Also both of these are members organisations and as such frequently loth to censure one of their own. I think it’s time for an independent agency to enforce disciplinary action(perhaps within a rules guideline agreed by the major tours). This could mean worldwide accumulation of demerits leading to bans/fines etc. The USGA and the R&A would probably be fine for this.
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