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  1. Bobbie Macintyre @200/1 is a good E/W bet....
  2. Have you played Verdict Ridge?? I had a weeks golfing in Charlotte many years ago and that’s the only course I remember.
  3. You wouldn’t want him playing in the monthly medal. “Rabbit scrape”, “ants”, “that’s not OB” . The rules officials must LOVE Bryson
  4. It’s also that for guys who grew up watching golf in the 70’s and 80’s Jack WAS the Goat with no one else coming close. It takes a lot for someone to deny their childhood idol. Agreed, he was my favourite as a lad
  5. That’s a hard one to notice from the players perspective. Can you call it in real time?? I think it moved, tilted slightly..... I wouldn’t be surprised if that is seen as a non penalty by the tournament ref though.
  6. This. If you are not try to shoot under par then a conservative strategy minimises the risk of big numbers.
  7. Yes, he was just plain rude. The first rules official did well not to react.
  8. Pulled his drive way left, drop out of hazard, that’s two. 250 left from heavy rough with the ball way above his feet and an really uneven stance? That’s a hybrid for Bryson! OB, reload, OB, reload. Nearly OB, a yard from another hazard. That’s SEVEN!! Lob wedge and two putts for a tidy ten. Argued with two rules officials over a straightforward call on the OB as well. 😡🤬😢 I enjoyed that, Bryson is great TV.... Also he gets a nice graphic on the scorecard
  9. Yup he is on TILT!! The toys will be out the pram soon!!
  10. I’m really enjoying watching the golf ATM. Lots of good golf played yesterday and today. Last weeks final round was fantastic. There is more to golf than one man......Let’s hope he makes the cut though.
  11. I don’t think it matters what the winning score is. What I like to see is the courses on tour presenting a variety of challenges. Courses like Bay Hill, Harbour Town, Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach are all different and difficult. Course like Detroit, Kapalua and La Quinta are normally easier but are all different. Variety is the spice of golf.
  12. Perhaps not familiar to US golfers but Michael Holding has a lot of interesting things to say. Michael Holding says racial 'brainwashing' must end with black people growing up feeling 'lesser' | Cricket News | Sky Sports Sky Sports Cricket's Michael Holding has passionately dissected the Also in the UK Met apologises to sprinter over stop-and-search Dame Cressida Dick also says a senior officer will review the Met's handcuffing practices.
  13. I could get home with a ripped driver and two ripped 3 woods. A gentle helping breeze would make me less daunted but anything other then perfectly struck shots and it’s not happening. Bout a one in fifteen chance I reckon.......maybe And into the wind, even a zephyr, the forgettaboutit
  14. You have got to be kidding Mr Puddle. There’s plenty racism in the UK, but having lived and worked in the US as well as different cities in the UK, I will admit that racism is less of an issue in most parts of Britain, than in many parts of the US.
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