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  1. Beastie

    Best Shot in Golf

    Long iron from a tight lie, preferably on a links course, a sweet contact leading to a soft landing, a release, and roll a few yards to the heart of the green please.
  2. I would take the tighter dispersion over 5 yards myself. The stiff shaft is possibly gonna fit him better as his speed increases over the next few years. Which one did your son prefer? That’s the one I would get. Also, my friend who played in the European Tour for 10 years was of the opinion that heavier and stiffer was better as a rule. He put me in an Extra Stiff driver shaft ( swing speed only 98-100mph) and it helped my shape more than anything else. I could take aim down the left and it would move only left to right. I could really get after it confident I wasn’t gonna hook it left
  3. If he is a retired gent he is probably not driving his BMW to work every morning.
  4. Exactly right. A lot of courses I. The Uk have changed bunkers with low usage, and especially obselete fairway bunkers, into grass bunkers. Costs are almost nothing and they still penalise poor shot
  5. If golfers raked the bunkers after use they should be playable. Our club has started using artificial turf for revetting bunkers. The shelf life of the riveting is expected to be 20-25 years(versus 3-5 years of all natural ). The top layer is turfed and from all but microscopic inspection the bunker looks and plays exactly the same. on abroad front clubs should IMO spend money on the course in this order. Greens, Aprons, Tees, Fairways, Bunkers, Aesthetics, followed by Rough, Trees and waste ground.
  6. That could be your signature 😉
  7. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    And yet your company did nothing to protect its employee from the abuse. Do you not have a zero tolerance policy for such things? It just goes to show though, slow golfers are pricks in more than one way.......
  8. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    Yes, that's what they should do if they are that slow. If my buddy's and I played the group in front of them the back nine would empty and we would be having a beer as they got to the turn. Kick em off. If they can't get round any quicker than 6 hrs kick em off and ban em..............forever!!
  9. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    A five iron across the knuckles is too good for em.
  10. You are correct Dave about the lack of exclusivity, all you need to do to get a time is pay the fees. However Trump International is £275 a round in May2020. That is $350 and near double that of all but a few courses in the NE Scotland(Royal Aberdeen £190). If I had flown across the pond to play golf there I would probably pay it mind. Every golfer I have spoke to who has played rated it the best course they had ever played. All of them.
  11. Beastie

    Pace Problem

    I find it incredible that 4h 30mins is considered acceptable for amateur golfers, and even worse recreational amateur golfers. In my view the pace of walking has only a minor impact on POP. The problem is a lack of education, etiquette and experience. If you are so slow as to take six hours to play 18, well I am not bothered as long as I get let through at the first opportunity. Failure to do so is poor etiquette, and plain rude. There should be no need to involve marshalls, just a timely offer to play through. Don't let me through and I'm putting the foot down and getting on the next tee before you have left and then I AM playing through...I have had to ask maybe 25 times(all retired guys who have no time pressure in their day) and have always been let through, even if there was some dark looks and occasionally a grumble.
  12. My humble thanks 🙏. I’ll blame the phones text engine for incorrect prediction........ if you will believe that.
  13. You guys are way way off. The wrong continent. His name is Wayne O’Reilly. Known as “Radar”. European tour winner 2 or 3 times. Better career as commentator than as a golfer. He is what is called a “character”- and in an idiom from his home country “as mad as a box of frogs”. Australian 12 Things You Didn't Know About Wayne Riley - Golf Monthly 12 Things You Didn't Know About Wayne Riley - Take a look at these 12 things you didn't know about...
  14. I don’t know what relevant info can be gained from the above. I play the shafts that gave me the best numbers and feel at a fitting,
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