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  1. I’ve dropped from 5.3 to 3.0. But I’ve only played 20 counting scores in the last 2 years. My six oldest rounds are all garbage as well so I won’t be going up anytime soon. No wins unless I get practicing 😐
  2. Faldo was lucky that Hoch choked,( he shot a 65 to get to the playoff BTW) but he was stone cold against Norman at the Masters. He shot the low round of the day, won by 5. Not blowing it when the pressure is on is a major skill set and Faldo was very good under pressure
  3. I prefer to play with golfers who play at a decent pace and understand basic etiquette. Please don’t talk when I’m about to play andI don’t mind looking for balls once in a while but please not every hole. Handicap is less important, but it’s always nice to be challenged when you are the high handicap in the group.
  4. I bet almost every player on tour has tested from good lies, bad lies, bare lies, heavy rough etc.They maybe don’t take it to the same level of detail, but tour pros surely practice from every situation etc. You think they don’t hit ball on the launch monitor from sloping lies, downhill etc
  5. It’s 6.47 pm in NY right?? So that makes it a 5h20min+ round for Tiger et al.. I’m almost glad I was at work.
  6. A major aim of the WHS is to allow golfers from anywhere to compete on a level basis. So surely it’s the best method across the board. However it’s your league and it really has no bearing on anyone else. As long as nobody thinks their league handicap is an official handicap, it matters not how you adjust them.
  7. He’s awesome isn’t he. I reckon Rory at his best gives him a good game, but he’s not done that for a while.
  8. Has any of you guys played Winged Foot? It’s not a course I have much recollection of watching. I’m assuming for the Open(US😉) it will be a fairly tight setup and par is not a bad score?
  9. Nah, it’s called The Open because it was the first of its kind. Started in 1860. Golf wasn’t high on the agenda for the Americans back then due to political and military issues.
  10. I really enjoyed watching the USPGA with or without fans. I’m really looking forward to watching the Masters too. The fact the conditions will be different also makes it more interesting
  11. I was responding to Sirtom and that situation is definitely covered by the ROG. If he knew the rule there would have been no need for a ruling
  12. The R&A and the USGA produce a Players edition of the Rules of Golf. You should carry it in your bag.Its just about pocket size
  13. It was just a joke...😊 Although he is already achieved more than Anthony Kim.
  14. He’s probably more like the new Tiger Woods......
  15. That was a great win by Morikawa. He’s had a good season already, now it’s fantastic! Super set up of the course with so many different styles of golfers in with a chance until the end.
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