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  1. Beastie

    Predict the 2019 Majors

    Players: Justin Thomas (-13) Masters: Rory McIlroy (-14)PGA Championship: Brooks Koepka (-8)U.S. Open: Dustin Johnson (-3)British Open: Tommy Fleetwood (-11)FedExCup: Brooks Koepka
  2. I’m slowly working my way round the site, so here is some of my 2018. Two eagles in the same round, broke par, bought and read ( and enjoyed) LSW.
  3. Beastie

    Learned a Valuable Lesson

    I find the number of rounds played in close succession has a massive affect on scoring and 4 rounds a week is a lot for an amateur to find time for. I feel lucky if I play more than 3 times ina fortnight. That’s a lot of golf, he should be a good player if he has good fundamentals.
  4. Beastie

    Walking Golfers?

    Walking is my preferred option for any weather below 30C . I much prefer carrying to pushing a trolley. Buggy if it is somewhere tropical.
  5. Beastie

    Tried Playing "Worse Shot" for the First Time Today

    For bounce games we used to play a “reverse mulligan”. Each player could at any time in the round, call on any other player a reverse mulligan. - 180 yards from the bunker, over water and you’ve hit it to 3 feet. “Sorry Bob but that’s a reverse mulligan” ...../casually flicks ball into bunker at Bobs feet......../ “try that again”
  6. Don't feed the idiots
  7. Over this side of the pond a gentleman always removes his hat when shaking hands. You lot probably wear it indoors as well.... heathens!
  8. Beastie

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    1. Get HI below 5 2. Hole in one please...
  9. Beastie

    Scotland - Summer 2019

    I’m from the NE Scotland. Played pretty much every course as a kid. Any of the following are well worth it.. - Cruden Bay, The Nairn, Royal Aberdeen, Murcar. Fraserburgh are all top class links courses from way back My old home club of Banchory is a lovely short riverside course. South of Edinburgh my favourites from my uni days were Gullane #1 and North Berwick. Both lovely... oh and Muirfield, but good luck getting on there🙁
  10. Beastie

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    First game for a month or so and will be the last of the year. 9 over after 12, finished 6 over. So, so cold.............
  11. Beastie

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    This ^^ It amazes me how many golfers walk off 18 without a smile. My worst round on the golf course is still a nice morning walk in a pleasant environment, with usually good company and a beer or a coffee after.
  12. Beastie

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Brooks Koepka Questions Exclusion From ESPN 20 Dominant Athletes Brooks Koepka Questions Exclusion From ESPN 20 Dominant Athletes - The world number one... Brooks thinks he’s underrated....poor lad
  13. Beastie

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I don’t know about 3 regular tour events = 1 major. Maybe double that perhaps I mean 3 John Deere’s doesn’t add up to 1 US Open but maybe 1 John Deere + 1 Bridgestone + 1 Players might.
  14. Beastie

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Ok the PGA tour is number one but the standard on the European tour is pretty damn high. Yes to both, I can guarantee no one would have a clue who they are if they hadn’t won a major $1.9million Dollars in one go (The Open) is a long feckin way to a comfortable retirement.......

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