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  1. 74 which is 5 over. It was a solid round spoiled by two sevens( one a triple-the other a double). Still better than working mind
  2. Our club has a decent bottle of Whisky in the cellar. Get a hole in one and you can use it for drinks in the clubhouse. Then just replace the bottle with something of similar quality for the next lucky golfer.
  3. You will still get better value spending money on coaching vs equipment.
  4. New equipment won’t make you better hardly at all. Spend that money on a decent coach instead.
  5. It’s not how, it’s how many!! Or, as many will have read on this forum Lowest Score Wins
  6. I hadn’t seen your post, but had just read the article containing this quote and it was pertinent to the discussion. I thought it might be of interest. I voted “No” by the way.
  7. From The Guardian ( paper in the UK) “Woods credited LaCava with a key role in his one-shot Masters victory. The pair had a discussion after a dropped shot at the 5th hole on Sunday, during which the caddie urged Woods to “not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders”. LaCava added: “I didn’t put in all the hard work. I didn’t have all the surgeries. I wasn’t down in Florida grinding. So for me, it’s easy. I just show up, try to do a halfway decent job and he has to do all the tough work.””
  8. I wouldn't say "cherry picking" just out all the names Pretzel listed, it struck me straightaway that DiMarco didn't really match up to the others on that list , never mind to a guy with 8 majors...........
  9. I'm not arguing that Jack was better than Tiger, but Chris DiMarco shouldn't be compared to the likes of Seve, Watson etc. He had a good spell for about 3 years, came second in a couple of majors and that's about it.
  10. One step at a time.get to scratch or a plus handicap first. Win some amateur comps. Then win some elite amateur events. Then maybe turn pro. Greg Norman played his first game of golf at 15. 18 months later he was a scratch golfer. Turned pro at 21 and won the first competition he entered. He was world number one for a while mind...
  11. Pretty likely he’d be a gym fiend if he played now. Aphibarnrat is about he only properly fat current player I can think of. Aside from the lack of general fitness and greater stress on the portly player walking round, are there any significant issues with being overweight specifically in relation to the golf swing??
  12. Fair enough, I never really thought it was a big risk. I hope he loves the golf!
  13. Just watched the back nine after getting back from work. Tiger played great down the stretch. I can’t believe Molinari put it in the water twice. The back nine at Augusta is just a great venue for the climax of a major. Always drama.
  14. Enjoy taking your boy play golf. But a helmet?? For golf??
  15. That’s 6(six!) hours before he tees off. When I play early on a Sunday it’s up at 6.30 on the tee at 7.30. Surely he wouldnt get up 6 hours before an early start every time he plays?
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