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  1. I doubt they have put millions into it. That website looks like it cost 50 bucks💵
  2. Absolutely correct with that. The first two at least should not have anything too dramatic.
  3. When it’s really wet and especially a bit muddy underfoot I still use a 15 year old pair of Footjoy Dryjoys. Still waterproof....
  4. My home club is Penrith GC. I give it a solid 6, it’s definitely worth a game if you are in town. Some amazing views make it a 6.5 if that’s allowed
  5. Oakley Targetline with Prizm golf prescription lenses is what you need. The prizm golf lenses are not too dark so good in low light.
  6. Big Maxx Ocean Its a bit small for 14 clubs but other than that it’s pretty good
  7. Gap testing on a launch monitor should go a long way to answering those questions. I did this the other day as a loosener for the upcoming season. My numbers are on the low side for me, especially in the 3 wood.( but then I haven’t hit a ball for 3 months) I’ll do it again in March.
  8. I was playing in a junior medal with my friend Mike( we were both 15/16, and both been playing for about 2 years and both playing of a 9 index. Mike shot a 61(-6). He was -5 on the front nine and birdied the tenth to get to -6. A bit of a wild ride the rest of the way but he held it together. It is still the junior course record. IIRC he had 10 putts on the front nine and chipped in twice, both times for birdie. I played ok and got cut a shot that day but I think Mike got cut about 4.5. Ive played loads of times with European tour players and seen some amazing golf but that was my favourite round. For 10 holes everything he touched turned to gold, and he held on to seal the deal.
  9. Absolutely. As I get to the last 30 yards or so from my ball I start assessing the upcoming shot, check the wind etc. My trigger to get the game face on is to put my bag down. This is always two steps to the right of my ball. Check the yardage, lie etc select shot and club and take two relaxed practice swings from about 2 steps behind the ball. Then I set up, check my alignment and play. Watch the ball down, repair divot and then pick up clubs. Switch off until next shot
  10. Weekend Tip: Use Your Think Box and Play Box - Golf Digest Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott are perhaps two of the most successful teachers in the game... Something along these lines may be helpful to help you focus.
  11. They are both great golf balls. I used Chromesoft for 17 season and Pro V1 the last two seasons. I got the pro v1’s because they feel better on the greens, because they were on discount and mainly because I got them personalised.
  12. Beastie

    Best Shot in Golf

    Long iron from a tight lie, preferably on a links course, a sweet contact leading to a soft landing, a release, and roll a few yards to the heart of the green please.
  13. I would take the tighter dispersion over 5 yards myself. The stiff shaft is possibly gonna fit him better as his speed increases over the next few years. Which one did your son prefer? That’s the one I would get. Also, my friend who played in the European Tour for 10 years was of the opinion that heavier and stiffer was better as a rule. He put me in an Extra Stiff driver shaft ( swing speed only 98-100mph) and it helped my shape more than anything else. I could take aim down the left and it would move only left to right. I could really get after it confident I wasn’t gonna hook it left
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