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  1. It’s difficult because 1. It’s a very shallow green about 10 yd deep with water front and jungle back. 2. The tee and green are sheltered, but the ball is exposed to the wind the whole way. 3. The green is angled from left to right. 4. Its on the back nine in the Masters. This. 10 yd dispersion in carry distance is really, really nothing with an 7/8 iron.
  2. Butch Harmon is just about crying in the Sky Tv commentary. Nice to have a family member on the bag. For DJ that is of course
  3. Nice work by Tiger to bounce back with a birdie blitz. DJ is back in his happy place, imperious golf once again
  4. DJ back looking serene again. Cameron Smith is riding his luck big time!! The wind is picking up now, only makes 11,12 and 13 riskier
  5. Is the 12th at Augusta the best par 3 in golf??
  6. Tiger playing tennis on 12 now.
  7. DJ hit 16 greens in the 3rd round and 14/14 fairways. That’s a recipe for stress free golf for sure.
  8. He was unlucky, but made a mistake. It’ll be a huge year if he does win, and in 2020 it’ll be the first time a positive test for DJ didn’t fall him foul of the tour. I hope he wins and par might even do it but if he breaks 70 then no one will catch him.
  9. I’m not sure your book is accurate then. One win, quire a few seconds places. He looks serene again today, beautiful golf.
  10. It looks longer for sure. What is Rahm playing at?
  11. I’ve had the lost plugged ball happen to me in the fairway before...not in the Masters though...... Think it was a £2 bounce game
  12. Sandy rocking the braces again.
  13. That’s a bit of bad luck for BDC.
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