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  1. Okay, how's this for a situation, this was on a par four so no contraversy on whether it's an ace. The flag sticks at a muni course I play don't have a round top, but rather an indention. I've noticed this a few times and thought it odd. Anyway, buddy is about 130 out for his second shot. He hits a HIGH shot that landed just off the green, bounces straight up (as we walk up, we see that he actually hit a sprinkler head) and lands. . . . you guessed it, on this indention on top of the flag stick. In the spirit of "playing the ball as it lies" he takes his putter and taps the ball off and h
  2. All clubs have their place BUT only after a quick swipe with the brush and a gentle rubbing with the towel!!!!
  3. I play with a couple guys that consistently hit it 290 and dead straight but they are legitimate under 5 guys. I have played with one guy that could drive it 300 (did it a couple times both times we played together) who was a legitimate over 20 handicap. Had unbelievable swing speed and no control so he hit maybe 4 fairways all day but two were legitimate 300 yard drives that we verified by skycaddie. However the rest were WAY out of bounds or topped or off the toe or hosel but the two he got. . . . . . WOW!!!!!
  4. One of the things that I've done and it really helped me learn course management is to try and go out and play bogey golf. What I mean by that is when you start playing and feel you are hitting the ball decent, most players would be happy with any score in the high 80's. So occasionally I'll go out and play every hole for bogey. What I mean is, on par fives, I try to be on the green in four, on par fours, on in three. Now for the par threes, that's where you can play for par. All in all, if you play decent, you end up with a score in mid to upper 80's. I'm happy with that and it taught m
  5. 30 dozen personalized Pro V1's!!!!! Well, they weren't ordered yet but they will be next week for a golf tourney we are sponsoring!!!
  6. Simply try telling him politely, much like your post but do it when not on the course. Tell him it's distracting and all of you would appreciate him not doing it. I'm betting that works!!!!!!
  7. I'm basically a bogey golfer, maybe a little under but my driver is my weakness, only 210-230 usually. What I found is on long par 4's where I have more distance than club left, I'd just hit my 3 wood and usually end up in trouble. Now, I take off whatever club I usually hit well, either wedge or 9 iron. When I do that, I end up playing for bogey which isn't a bad score for me. . . . when I don't, I almost always end up bringing double and triple in!!!!!!
  8. Send them to me, balls gone, wife happy, you're happy and Im happy!! It's a win win win situation!!!!! ll
  9. Try the maxfli tour and I'll bet you have found your new ball!!!!!!!!
  10. I just picked one like this up at Dick's!! Defintiely don't care how it looks, more about protection in the 100 degree Mississippi sun!!! http://www.columbia.com/Omni-Shade%E2%84%A2-Bora-Bora%E2%84%A2-Booney/CU9745,default,pd.html Also, it was on sale for $18.75!!!!!!
  11. It was a neat format but I'd have liked to have seen that used last week going from 4 to 2 players. I was really hoping for an 18 hole match and let the best golfer won. While I think that is what happened anyway, I was crazy about the all in sudden death thing!
  12. Just bought a dozen yellow z stars AAAAA from lostgolfballs.com to give a try!!
  13. I LOVE under armour!!!!!! A but pricy but very comfortable!!!!
  14. 99.9% of my play is alone. I actually quite enjoy it. While I usually won't turn down playing with someone else, my schedule allows for a lot of last minute play so it's just more a matter of convenience!!!
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