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  1. You are good Piz, I do shoot left. Two of my golf buds are right handed and golf left. Check guns at boarder, all are welcome 😀
  2. A slight draw. Thank you very much.
  3. fever

    Buying used irons

    It's always native North American, never the arrow. I play with blades now, I only played 12 rounds last season ( first back in 8-10 yrs) went from 124 first round to 86's my final two rounds with no lost balls (a first) I think my ball striking with the blades is coming along good. The blades I have now are cast and I want to try forged.
  4. Hi, my name is Paul W and I have a problem! I have been bit by the golf bug again. The air here in tail pipe of North America (Atlantic Canada) has gotten better in the last decade due to all the plant closures in the mid west and southern Ontario. Sorry for all the people who lost their jobs with the closures, but our forest are coming back, cancer rates are slowly going down and we can breath again.
  5. fever

    Buying used irons

    all of them, but fourteen has a very small lead.
  6. fever

    What's Worse: 50 Yds Away in Rough or 100 Ft Putt?

    60 wedge out of the rough ever time
  7. I like the look and feel of MB/blade, the small head size makes me concentrate on the shot at hand. I can't stand the look and size of SGI and GI irons. I can't hit an off set club, I hit behind the ball. Even a 2mm off set in the mid irons messes me up, So I'm looking at three sets !) Cobra FLY-Z Pro, $460 cdn,( great shape) they would need to be re-shafted and grips. 2) Fourteen golf FH-1000, $550 cdn (awesome shape, only used for2-3 rounds) has my spec shafts and grips. 3) MIURA blade, $760 cdn (good shape, used for two years) shafts are my spec but need to be re-griped. If you were in my position, what set would you buy? I would like to buy all three but my wife reminded me that we have been married for 33 yrs and would I like to make it to 34? so one set it is.
  8. fever

    Hockey Fans

    Anyone remember this team (NHL)
  9. fever

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    I think this it the perfect answer. +1
  10. fever

    What's In Your Bag?

    I like it a lot, the weight is what made me want to try it and with the four alignment lines make it very easy to line up your put.
  11. I have found after my 8-10 years away from the game is, most mid priced balls of today are better than the premium balls of yesteryear. I don't think my game right now would benefit from a premium ball, but I have found a ball that has helped me go from low 90s to mid 80s and that ball is Wilson true distance soft.
  12. fever

    So does anyone know who this Pat Simmons is?

    Pat designed my woods
  13. fever

    Hockey Fans

    It sounds like a good plan you have there, get use to you edges again and use to stickhandling before jumping into league play. I have been married for 33 yrs so I think I have an idea as to you wife's reaction. First she will look at you like you just spouted two new heads. Second she will say something like " Are you for real? are you crazy? ( that's what I got when I told my wife I was going to start playing again @50 ) you are going to listen to some crazy old Canuck about hockey from a golf BB. Third, she turns away from you, shaking her head and muttering something like "will he ever grow up". But once she sees that you are having fun and not getting hurt she will come around, mine did. It's good to know there is Hockey in Bama. Life is short, just do it. Best of luck Wade, I hope it all works out for you.
  14. fever

    Hockey Fans

    Timmy T is the biggest goalie gear slut ever. Age is only a number, I play more hockey now @ 58 than I ever did as a kid.

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