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  1. Some people say Steve is abrasive, but I've met Steve and played golf with him and he is a kind, intelligent, and amiable person dedicated to his player. Steve has caddied for Peter Thompson, Greg Norman, Ray Floyd, Tiger, Adam Scott and has 150 wins on the tour almost double what any other caddy has done and is in the Caddy Hall of Fame. A so-called "abrasive person" could not accomplish what Steve has accomplished. Like Tiger, Steve has achieved the height of his profession and is arguably the greatest caddy in the history of golf. Tiger or any other golfer would have the advantage to h
  2. Stew w was the best match for Tiger in my opinion. An amazing accomplishment from going from a severely injured spine to putting on another green jacket. What a amazing and almost unimaginable accomplishment! Hope we see more!
  3. Would like to see an official definition of "pitch mark", i.e. does the ball have to descend and not move from it's mark? Can a rolling ball make a pitch mark?
  4. This all started when I asked a rules official recently in the UK about why the new rules did not give free relief for a ball falling into a fairway divot. The official replied that in his opinion, the new rules do give relief and claimed 16.3a does clearly give relief to a ball partially sunk in a dry fine-grained, sand-filled divot. The ball has to sink into the divot - resting on top of the sand isn't embedded. He was also of the opinion that a ball wedged into the side of the hole is not considered to be holed out even though the ball is partially below the level of the green since th
  5. I enjoyed reading “Travels with Lovers: A Collection of Short Stories & Poems” by Steve Dreben. The opening story, “The Tower” gives you a preview of what you are going to read in this amazing reading journey through the mind of this very intelligent writer. He takes you through the story making you guess about what is going to happen next as the writer dramatically describes emotions and intense scenes of very high drama in a relaxed yet foreboding manner which hurriedly and unexpectedly leads you into the crushing ending where I was wishing I could reach out and stop it. T
  6. Apparently, an argument can be made if you hit your ball down the fairway and it bounces several times and comes to rest in a soft sand-filled divot and makes a "pitch mark" in the sand (i.e. when the ball comes to rest and because the sand is soft, part of the lower part of the ball is below the surface) and technically may meet the definition of an embedded ball resting in its own pitch-mark after you've hit it. I tend to think players will be filling in divots with way more sand than needed which will mess with mower blades?! Perhaps a few rule geeks can comment on this🤓
  7. According to a UK referee I was corresponding with about the new rules, the R&A gentlemen said in his opinion free relief can be taken under the new golf rules from a sand-filled divot or sand filled next to a drain, etc. in the fairway under Rule 16.3a. Here is the explanation: Ball in Sand Filled Divot in General Area– Possible Free Relief. This may be a gray area, but if a ball is embedded in sand on the fairway or other general areas, there seems to be free relief allowed if the sand is in an area cut to fairway height or less. This would mean in effect, you can get relief for
  8. Tiger and Steve were an excellent winning team. Tiger was a mess being ostracized by society norms and got rid of Sreve, in my opinion, by an ill thought out knee jerk reaction to sponsors, etc getting rid of him. Perhaps Tiger will get his winning team back together if he,s smart.
  9. I volunteer in course maintenance at a cliff top course in New Zealand with winds sometimes reaching 60 mph + and we occasionally have to pull the flags out to prevent damage to the hole during these times. Generally, leaving the pin in during normal play doesn't damage a golf hole. Yes Kidnappers, Gulf Harbour and others. (I corrected this to say 60 mph not 60 kph)
  10. I volunteer in course maintenance at a cliff top course in New Zealand with winds sometimes reaching 60kph + and we occasionally have to pull the flags out to prevent damage to the hole during these times. Generally, leaving the pin in during normal play doesn't damage a golf hole.
  11. If Tiger is smart he should get Steve back if he can. Steve's strong work ethic is very similar to Tiger's. Being in New Zealand I've met Steve Williams and played golf with him and he's one of the finest people I've ever met. Both Steve and Tiger know you have to work at it to get results. They made one of the finest duos in golf competitions and I hope we all see them together again.
  12. In the old rules or the new rules, in my opinion, it's best not to take anything too serious at times. 😁 “If you call on God to improve the results of a shot while it is still in motion, you are using "an outside agency" and subject to appropriate penalties under the rules of golf.” - Henry Longhurst
  13. What used to be called water hazards are now called "Penalty Areas." If your ball comes to rest in a "penalty area" you are allowed to take two club lengths lateral relief under new Rule 17. But can you, therefore, take lateral relief from water? See this USGA explanation of the new penalty areas concept > http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/areas-the-committee-may-mark-as-penalty-areas.html
  14. Maybe I'm missing something, and probably am, but the official guide put out by USGA and R & A is over 500 pages. They were also working on a Summary to help adjustment to the new rules and put one Summary out, then retracted it to revise it? I'm not sure. Is there an official summary you can take with you on the course and use during play put out by the USGA and R&A? In other words, you can't flip through 500 pages for an answer during play. But is there a 2-3 page short summary put out by the USGA and R&A yet? Or are they not going to put one out?
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