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  1. Good luck and I hope that the changes work. About a year and a half ago, I went to slightly larger (what they call midsized) and more cushiony grips made by Wynn and I could not believe the difference this made. I probably am getting a bit of arthritis in my hands and had been feeling sometime like I was losing my grip when I swung a club (in particular but not exclusively my driver) and I know longer feel that way. Hopefully all your changes help you swing better than ever.
  2. I played some golf when I was young. Then, played little for 30 years while working and raising a family. Now that I have retired, I have joined a country club and play regularly. I am having a lot of fun. Love being outside again - spent too many years in an office. Love the fun of playing with friends. Being with friends is the highlight of golf. For me, sports can be all consuming, while I am on the course, and low stress at the same time. I like playing with friends more than tournaments, but also enjoy working on and tinkering with my game. Gotten back to where I can shoot in the 80s fairly often. Shot 86 yesterday and probably left several strokes on the course. Having fun and loving life.
  3. It was not just one strike with either ball. It was probably 10 or more per club with the Pro V1 and 3-4 per club with the Srixon because of what you are describing. Still could be the strike, but odds are less.
  4. Thanks for the input. But, if it is basically a Pro V1 and the Pro V1 does not work well for me, will the Snell work well for me?
  5. Our club just put in a simulator. Last Wednesday, it was pretty cold outside so I reserved the simulator just to practice hitting balls and getting ready for the season. I noticed that on some, but not all clubs I was hitting the ball 5-10 yards shorter than I normally do. I am a senior (63) with a moderate swing speed - drive the ball about 220-230. So, I pulled out a couple of my own golf balls with the clubs I was seeing going short, and I hit the ball my normal distance. My golf ball was a Srixon Q Star Tour. Pretty new balls. The practice balls provided by the club for use in the simulator were Pro V1s - not sure how old they were. Very eye opening for me. I am thinking about buying sleeves of a few balls and trying them out the Q Star Tour and against each other in the simulator looking at distance and (for short irons) spin. Thinking about trying it with a wood, a seven iron and a wedge. I was thinking that one ball should be the Callaway Supersoft. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I have been reading lately about these balls. Cheaper tha Snell. Anyone play both of these? How do they compare?
  7. I am 63 and just restarted playing regularly about 2 1/2 years ago after 30 years of just playing a few times a year. My index has gone down from about 23 then to 15 now. To continue to improve, I need to 1. Chip and putt much better. Chipping esp. needs to improve. 2. Improve hitting on downhill lies. Too my fat shots from severe downhill lies. 3. Be more consistent. My scores on my home course varied from 84 to 97 last year. Key is keeping drives in fairway (we have very severe roughs), which became a strength last year and hit irons cleanly all the time. On poor rounds, I hit too many irons thin or fat. On better rounds, I hit irons consistly cleanly. Need to figure out how to do this consistently. 4. Improve wedge play. Esp. Partial wedges. 5. Stop overswinging. Have long easy swings. More use of legs - less of arms.
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