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  1. Like a previous poster said. Would love the option for a horizontal phone mount for alignment stick. The one I have now only possible to do vertical and it’s all I could really find.
  2. Day 12: Just spent about 30 min after work putting. Just working on start line and good end over end roll.
  3. Day 11: 34 degrees at the club today, but still went and worked on backswing and rotating knee towards target to initiate the downswing. Most pure I’ve hit the ball all year. Walked 9 after. Even par.
  4. Day 10: Well it was in the 60s at the range yesterday. Today 34 with strong wind. Didn’t stop me from getting out and working on distance control with wedges. Hit my 50, 54, and 58 to the same distances working on different carries and trajectories. This evening I’ll do some more mirror vision work from home.
  5. Day 9: Went to the range and worked on feeling like my transition starts with my left knee going toward the target. After that I walked 9 holes. Dropped balls in various locations working on different shots.
  6. Day 8: More work from home working on an on plane backswing with the mirror vision app. Liking the progress.
  7. Day 7: Only had 25 min to practice. Spent it putting with and without my putting arc.
  8. Day 6: Beautiful day today. Went to the range. Worked with mirror vision on the range. Took a long time and tried to make the swings feel more realistic with time between them. One of my issues on the range is starting nice and slow but end up pounding balls with no rhyme or reason.
  9. 1) Win my Club Championship: Last year the Club Championship was the first tournament I had ever played in. That pressure was something I had never experienced before and I played poorly. 2) Get down to a 2 Handicap: This year after taking the game “seriously” for the first time I dropped from a 10 to a 4. I’ve stalled between 4-5. Just need to tighten up every aspect. My biggest concern is accuracy off the tee. I’m a fairly long hitter but when I have my good driving days seem to be the days I shoot around par. 3) Break Par: I shot even par twice in 2018. Looking to get over that hump in 2019. I need to make more birdies. Too many 2 putts for par.
  10. I walk all early spring and all fall. Late spring and summer are just way too hot and humid for me to walking in this area. I’d say 70% of the golfers at my club walk.
  11. Day 5: Moving to a new house in an hour, but woke up early enough to go to the range. War,Ed up then “played” 18 holes in my head on the range.
  12. Day 4: Busy packing for a move tomorrow, but found an hour between rain showers to sneak over to the range. Just worked on distance control with wedges and was happy with it.
  13. I’m the opposite. More left hand involvement I get yippy. I’d say my putting FEELS controlled 80% by the right hand, 20% by the left. Starting the ball on line with a good roll improved dramatically when I found a comfortable grip that facilitated this.
  14. I line my practice balls so I can judge my stroke making sure I’m getting a pure roll. Gamer balls no line.
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