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  1. It does not take a single digit hcp, which I am not, to see something is very wrong here. 7 months of consistent range work, lessons and effort should be paying some dividends. How new are you to the game? First time playing or just taking it serious? Maybe you're trying to take on too much at once? Lessons can be very intense and complex on a beginner, from what I hear. .
  2. Congratulations. Milestones are rewarding and huge, as they definitely keep you coming back for more. Breaking 100, playing by the rules, is a good step. If you develop some more consistency and reliability in your driving and ball striking, 90 should not be too far off. You already seem to have embraced the importance of course management, that is huge.
  3. MD5225

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Swing easy, hit hard - Seve Ballesteros OR Grip it and rip it - John Daly
  4. MD5225

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    1) Short game improvement - 90 yards and in. Determining distance with varying degrees (48,52,56) of wedges on the "clock" with proper technique. Improve proximity to flag on shorter chips/pitches/flops to make-able distances. Increase putting accuracy from 3 feet in to 90+%. Improve lengthier/lag putt feel to mitigate 3 putts. 2) More structured practice sessions in terms of frequency and areas of focus. Heavier emphasis on short game, see 1. 3) Better course management... bagging driver when able, playing to my money distances, hitting away from trouble, "taking medicine" more often, and hitting shots within my ability instead of what I see pros do. 4) Fitness... Flexibility and endurance. 5) Better mental focus and emotional management. Believe and commit to shots. Forget bad shots within 10 seconds - smile and move on. Have fun and stay loose. 6) Maintain strides gained in full swing irons/hybrid/driver in 2018 and continue to build consistency to increase Fairways hit% and GIR
  5. Worlds better. Been a weekend/monthly hacker for 15 years but this year I started taking is serious. Went from a "30 who knows" down to 19.5 or so in 5 months. Tore apart my swing and learned the right way... watching a ton of video, reading a ton from sites like this, and practicing with purpose. Progress from this year to next will be much more moderate but what a fun year.
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