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  1. According to Dr. Kwon, only "external moments" can cause an angular rotation of the body around its COM, and he states that those "external moments" are secondary to Newtonian forces generated by vertical GRFs. Which muscles do you think are used to create those vertical GRFs?
  2. I think that the correct frame of reference for describing the direction of pelvic rotation during the early downswing is the golfer as viewed from a birds-eye viewing perspective. Using that frame of reference, the direction of pelvic rotation is counterclockwise. I think that it also counterclockwise when viewed from a face-on viewing perspective. Irrespective of what frame of reference you prefer to use, the question remains - what do you think causes a rotary motion of a professional golfer's pelvis in that direction during the hip-squaring phase between P4 and P5? Jack.
  3. What do you think causes the counterclockwise pelvic rotation that happens in the early downswing between P4 and P5 in a professional golfer? Do you think that it is caused by Dr. Kwon's theoretically-conceived Newtonian forces or do you think that it is secondary to the activation of particular pelvic girdle muscles? See a discussion of this controversy in topic number 4 of this review paper - http://perfectgolfswingreview.net/TylerReview.html

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