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  1. Hooks, Hookers, and do you do this?

    I am a lefty and I DUCK HOOK 40% of my tee-shots...60% of them are straight as an arrow. I've been battling this for YEARS and can't figure it out!? I'm positive my grip is fine and my backswing is fine. At this point, I feel like the issue is at the point of impact...I might have premature wrist-action before impact and my club face is not square to the ball. Are there any tips/drills out there for keeping my wrists steady through impact? I am also thinking about moving the ball from my front foot...back to a mid-front set-up on the tee-box. Mentally, are there any helpful hints I can be thinking about during my downswing...Besides, "I hope I don't hook this freakin ball!?"