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  1. Love the Day8 drill. It follows what I've been working on with my game and what I've been working on with my grandson. I ask him to go "tick-tock" at somewhere around 70bpm and have used the metronome app on my phone to help imbed the tempo. For me I like 68bpm as a good pace. In my video you will notice I shortened and lengthened the stroke while maintaining tempo. Likewise I tried to stay as close as possible to 1:1 backswing to downswing. For kicks I did include a down-the-line shot to help me discern whether I follow a straight line or arc slightly. Pardon the messy shop....
  2. New day - new perspective....Day 7 "video" now in the books. Learning to let the club fall is new but really helps me "feel" the glide/bounce of the wedge. I was using my 58-10 (most lofted club in the bag). Oh by the way, hitting double balls reminds me of my 4-yr old grandson who loves to double up the foam balls when hitting in the back yard...Usually those are preceded by the phrase, "Paw, paw - watch this!"....
  3. Day 7 done - no video at moment. I need to work more on the "letting the club" drop along with resisting the urge to flip the club at impact. Much work to be done....
  4. For me, I welcome the pointers to my videos for my own learning. I want to know where I need to look.
  5. Great drill - its one I've read about many, many times. You guys are right - it is not easy! I definitely got my 5 mins in about 10 times! I would work through it, video it and then delete the video when I would see me "flipping" the wrists. I can recall some of my very first videos from about 18mos back and I would see the same wrist action happening. I think I watched Erik's video 3 or 4 times, pausing it to garner each step. This video was my last attempt for the day to capture me focusing extensively on post-impact form. BTW - one thing about an aluminum garage door, dimes make a certain "ting" sound when struck well, they also make the same "whir" that a Birdie Ball makes (or maybe that was the swing thoughts running rampant).... I also forgot to mention that I loved the tidbit that @iacas shared with his right foot. I found that by having the outer edge of my right up as he noted, helped make sure I wasn't rolling back onto that foot.....
  6. Thanks for the feedback Erik. I am working on that area in particular...bad part is I lost the toes and most of the skin on that foot in a motorcycle wreck in June 2016. Not an excuse, just a different learning curve as stability is not the best on that foot due to nothing there beyond where the toes would normally join the foot. Hey, that just makes the steps fwd that much sweeter.
  7. Day 5 recorded - while I do a lot of short swings from this position when chipping around yard, I was surprised to realize just how much I shut my hips/lower torso down. It was like a light went off when working on this today - get the hips to pivot so they clear out. As I worked on the stop at A6, dbl checking for the slight toe down and then making swing thru to pivot the hips and finish high. Thanks Erik for the challenge and getting me to seriously video and openly critique each step of the way....
  8. Day 4 done (this morning) due to major around the shop chore work yesterday. All I can say is man did this open my eyes, going from the top of the swing to A6 I saw how much I am casting the club (muscle memory). Good thing - the shop door faces east so it casts my shadow nicely (almost as good as a mirror). Here's day 4 mistakes and all...
  9. I thought I was the "only" one feeling the stretch...then again I've never really worked on true mechanics and have been "lazy" in getting my core in action versus arms only. No you're not the only one. I know I am weak in that area as well. I believe this mandated off-season is a blessing in disguise as it is forcing, at least me, to really think about mechanics in a virtual classroom. Like you I did not realize just how badly I've been collapsing the right arm. I had to watch Erik's video several times and I still found myself collapsing (bad muscle memory). Likewise on the right elbow. ditto... Great reminder - I need to not be in such a hurry to get 'er done but rather to see what I am doing wrong to make sure I do it right. Reminds me of the other things I've done where the only way to get better is to learn from those who are better! Thanks again Erik for your work on these video lessons! I have gathered more in three days than all the "on-line video links" that I have been peppered with via the infernalnet promising below par scores with drives of 300+ yards, no fatted irons, no bad sand traps, no 3 putts!
  10. Day 3 challenge was a real one for me. It took about 6 takes before I felt like I was even halfway close to the skills being asked to achieve. Of course a couple of takes were "wind hampered" when the iPhone took a tumble off the sawhorse rest... Erik - in response to where to go next, I have no preference. These are varied and are forcing me to really look at my mechanics, which I feel are sloppy at best. Short game - long game, all are good topics for you to cover for this hack.
  11. Day 2 routine - after doing a round with the grandson (actually a lot more challenging)....
  12. Thanks Erik for the feedback on the Day 1 video. I am working on Day 2 stuff - have to admit, I was able to enjoy a round at a local course today (we are still allowed to play) that included time with my 4-yr old grandson and enjoying watching him swing the clubs.
  13. First time uploading to YouTube, first time really doing a video, first time trying to get a real lesson under the belt. Overall - it was a fun drill, actually I am doing a good part of it when I "self-analyze" my swings. Great teaching lesson Erik.... Video:
  14. I'm in....way too random in the at home practice routines...
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