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  1. Had to think a bit as most rounds have memorable (good and bad) shots. To date these are the worst of the worst and best of the best: Worst: #1 Tee shot at a local coarse - hard pull left through the trees and nearly hit the ladies getting ready to tee on #10. Wanted to just pick up my ball and walk on back. They politely pointed out where my ball was and I played from there, back through the trees for a double bogey 6. Best: #7 Approach different day, different course - tee shot was just perfect as I laid up next to the ditch that crossed the fairway. Took the 4h, played
  2. Day 8 (14 Jun 21) - more full swing work with hybrid and 3w, again working on coming through the ball. No toppers or fatties today, just solid strikes. Worked on not coming past parallel on the backswing. As I was working with the hard foam balls in groups of five, I could take five swings, walk about 70 yards and then set up, go through the swing and hit the balls back. Also allows me to work from varied lies.
  3. Day 7 (14 Jun 21) - Brought the net out today (thanks to the grandson and his persistence to hit into it). Decided to work on the grip, especially the right (trail) hand. Worked with 3w, the club I tend to either chunk or top the most. 1/2 - 3/4 swing length with a sweep through the ball, making solid contact - of course into a net its all about hitting the target panel. Been fighting the part of me that wants to swing "hard" as I can to impress no one. Laughingly I am reminded of my co-ed softball days in the '80's - I knew I could not hit the homerun, but I could pretty much put it wher
  4. Day 6 (13 Jun 21) - swing drills with 7i and 3w. Focus was on the takeaway- bringing the club back instead of around. Know I get lazy that makes for the coming over the top slices. The drill included taking full swings using hard foam balls.
  5. Day 5 (12 Jun 21) - Pitch shot work w/9i in the backyard. Worked on takeaway / follow-thru mechanics, focused on coming straight back with in to out downswing. Started out with most shots to the right of target and finishing the session with the ball crisp off the club on line or just left of the target. Finished the drill using 5 different balls just to see how they acted: old “wound” Spalding TopFlite (very soft feeling); a couple of different model modern TopFlites (very clicky off the face); MaxFli (similar to the TopFlites) and a ProV1 (very similar to the wound ball in feel). Doesn’t
  6. This gave me a real chuckle - not that you desire to play a "real man's game". Okay, so you don't fix divots and repair ball marks, that just means those who play behind you most likely will and will have the pleasure of knowing they left it better than they found it. BTW - in the real man's game does that include hickory shafts on the clubs, non-modern balls and teeing from small sand piles?
  7. Day 4 (11 Jun 21) - played 9 today at the local course. Pared down bag to D - 3h - 6i - 8i - 50 - P and it really made me think through course management and how to set up for the next shot. Used the "back of green" distance on the approach shots to gauge distance. Even had a couple of shots bounce off the back of the green instead of landing short. Encouraged with the reduced back and the thought process it brings.
  8. Great work man! Played 9 today at the local course (the back half of the course was closed due to the heavy rains of late). It was all good as it was with the Missus and our grandson. I pared down the bag to the D - 3h - 6i - 8i - 50 and putter. This made it easy to carry her clubs in my bag as well. Shot 48 as it was one of those days where it was literally hit and miss. Positives for the day - 8i was the best club of the day, good accuracy and distance control, putting was okay (greens are tough at this course as they vary from relatively smooth to lumpy bumpy) with only one
  9. Day 3 (10 Jun 21) - thanks to steady rain, revisited my mouse trap putting drill, working on accuracy (between the toy mice) and lag (how far past the mice). Worked on tempo using metronome. A good way to work on putting routine on a rainy day.
  10. Day 2 (9 Jun 21) - Pitch drills today using the PW. Was initially sloppy in the ball striking, "felt" completely out of sync. Consistently thinned a good number of the shots, so I stepped back, slowed down and decreased the swing to about 1/2 swing to work on mechanics. By the end of the drill ball was much better coming off the club. While not a great day, it was a good day.
  11. Day 1 (8 Jun 21) - streak broken (missed more than 2 days of posts in the last 28) so starting over....pitches with the 54* from varied distances and lies with the goal to get the ball to land and check quickly. Distances were from 5yds up to 30 (about max in my yard).
  12. Figured it was about time for me to chime in as I started this question - for me it is option (1) as it is there that the greatest SV happens, it is there that you get yourself in position to have better shots into the green.
  13. Day 147 (5 Jun 21) - Worked on keeping the head still and down on wedges today. Realized that I was lifting my head early on my wedges and irons (a carryover of early on when I would come out of the swing to make sure of where the ball was going). Setup to hit 10yd pitches with the 58*. Made the shot mentally and then executed it making sure to keep the weight forward and the head down until I heard the ball land. Was impressed as to accurate the shots were - all within a 6’ dia circle. Looking to have this translate in better distance and accuracy across the bag.
  14. Well I am consistent - 95 today (48 front / 47 back). Looking back over the round there were no blow up holes, nothing worse than double bogie (which is a first!). Had some real good looks at birdie and par on a number of holes, just could not sink the putts (actually several were came within a couple of inches of sinking - the greens were super soft due to the heavy rains over the past 24 hrs so that may have made the difference). What were the thorns? Lack of consistent ball striking on the 3w, seemed all over the place; putting - accuracy good, pace off - either short or overly long;
  15. Have never been in an official 3 club challenge, but I do practice regularly in the back yard with chipping/pitching drills that include holing the ball with whatever iron I am using (7i thru 58*). Makes for great work on putting "outside" the box. I grew up having to improvise on a lot of things, this only enhances that ethic. The driver, even when its not working, will get you there faster than any other club. It is about learning the value of Separation Value, focusing on the tools needed to make the hole "shorter", i.e. reachable in the fewest strokes required.) I love my old Odyssey
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