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  1. WillieT

    14-Year-Old Golfer - Hole In One (taped from the green)

    Great shot and its awesome that you were able to record it.
  2. VInsk - great info. I had seen the chart in one of my searches in the past. Typical ball flights are along the lines of straight to straight-fade, however when I do slice hard its definitely push-fade. Definitely have lots of homework to do on working on bettering my swing.
  3. Took the iPhone out to the backyard today and did some self videos of my swing (from the side and from the rear). While its not the hi-def that is needed for complete analysis, I did learn something. I have always wondered why I was either fat or barely sweeping the ground when swinging the irons as I hardly ever create even a small divot "ahead" of the ball - always behind (fat) or a sweep patch at the ball. I saw the reason on the videos. I am bottoming out in my swing way early (about mid-body, instead of the left leg) and compensating by flicking my wrists to get the balls to launch. Hopefully I will get a couple of videos uploaded under the "My Swing" section soon and have you guys validate or correct my assessment. Also I sense this may be part of the slicing - my flicking my wrists to catch the club up....
  4. chspeed - great points about slicing and amateur golfers. I believe dealing with the left foot issue has made me more than determined to make better shots all the time and not be an excuse. Next step is to definitely get the video done and posted for evaluation. In regards to consulting with a PT on appropriate compensations, from time to time I get to speak with a good friend who is a PT by trade. I may ask them the next time I see them if there is anything they may recommend - exercises, stretches, to do's, not to do's, etc. Appreciate all the input everyone has provided thus far.
  5. Sandillls Golfe - Thanks, I will definitely check out this out. I had not heard of this but from what I have seen (via YouTube) this may be a good way for me to see better consistency in hitting my shots.
  6. After posting I "found" the My Swing section and the recommendations of submitting video(s) of a person's swing for evaluation. I will work on compiling a couple of videos for that purpose. Many thanks...
  7. Okay this may have been covered in the past but figured it may be better to start a new thread. I have a somewhat unique situation in that 2016 I was in a motorcycle wreck that degloved my left foot, i.e. losing all the toes and having to have a split-skin graft from the arch forward. At that time I was not playing golf so this was not an issue. In the the past year I have taken up golf as a sport I can do with minimal issues regarding my left foot, as the skin on the grafted areas is super thin and can break down with too much agitation. Like everyone else, I am working on is a more consistent swing and with that about the slicing. I know one reason, and probably the main one, is with my weight transferring through the swing from my back foot (right) to the front (left). Luckily I have found that my swings tend to be better with my left foot rotated outward. If I am chipping around the yard 9 out of 10 swings place the ball where I am aiming. When I ramp up to about 75% the slices are usually 6 out of 10. Full swings are typically 1 out of 2 slices. Note - this is with me using solid foam practice balls in the back yard off the practice pad. I know there is no such thing as a "magic pill" to cure the slicing, but have any here dealt with this type of issue and can provide insight into how I can more consistently and comfortably work on proper weight transfer. Appreciate any and all input...
  8. To be honest as someone who is new to the game, the thought of changing clubs is something I have pondered. I was gifted a set of Spaldings back in the late 1990's (to be honest they were a well used set at that time), then I inherited a mixed bag of MacGregor and Lynx clubs from the in-laws that included persimmon and laminate woods. I held onto them until this summer when I took them to the course for the "first time ever". How did I do? The first tee with the persimmon driver was within 20 yds of anyone in the group (granted two guys in late 60's early 70's and the other my son who is 30). My iron shots were competitive as well - in fact the 8 iron in that old set was my most accurate club - it just feels natural every time I swing it. After that outing the fever hit and this past summer I "upgraded" to a set of Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot irons (4 - PW) along with TaylorMade R580 10.5* driver and 15* 3wood, Tour Edge GeoMax 19* 3H and 22*4H, Ping Eye2+ 53*SW and Ping Eye2 57.5*SW. In evaluating the lofts of what I have versus current clubs, I have been of the opinion that the mfg's were just strengthening lofts to sell longer clubs. Where does that put me in this discussion? I will eventually upgrade to newer stuff, but for now as a "very casual" player who does not even know what handicap he has (not been on the course enough to really get a read), I will stay with what I have. I can hit the "new" clubs in my bag reasonably well with decent distance and accuracy. My favorite way to practice is to spend an average of 4 days a week working the short irons at 15 - 40yd distances using the practice balls.
  9. This is a great read and has helped me understand my situation. In 2016 I was in a motorcycle accident that degloved my left foot to where I had to have a tranmetatarsal amputation of all the toes. I retained the artch and part of the ball of my foot, however it has made life interesting. In getting back into this game I have been wrestling with proper stance. I have found that by flaring my feet outward as noted in this thread, particularly my left foot, that my swing is smoother and more in control. It feels natural and therefore I feel confident. I now know why it "felt better, smoother" the first time I tried it and why I will keep working along this line to improve my swing.
  10. WillieT


  11. Piz - that makes perfect sense and I love how someone on here put it in another thread when asked which club, they say, "At this distance I would use my '___' yardage club". I just need some good time on the range to make sure I have a good "feel" for the average distance is for each club and play accordingly. i guess lofts/numbers/letters are really to just let you know this is the club "YOU USE" to get to the green from said distance(s).
  12. I feel like I have the gapping (loft wise) pretty good...the Nike 5H is 26*, the TA 845s start at 32* (6i) in 4* increments to the PW @ 48*, then the Pings pick up @ 53* and 57.5*. I know ultimately it comes down to really knowing how far I hit the clubs on average.
  13. Just joined the forum and have a few questions. After literally the first time on a in 2009 and totally enjoying myself, I decided that one day I would actually take up the game. This shaped up over this summer as I became involved in our church's men's group and their once a month 9 hole best ball rounds. I had an eclectic set of mixed irons (McGregor, Spalding, Lynx) and persimmon woods (Spalding, McGregor) (all from the 60's - 70's) that had been given me. I had a hoot playing extremely vintage clubs but decided in a mad dash to "upgrade". Well I've put together an almost equally eclectic set of clubs - TM R580 10.5deg Driver, TM R580 15deg 3Wood; Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax 3 (19deg) & 4 (22deg) Hybrids; Nike CPR 5 Hybrid; Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot Irons (3 - PW, even though I am using just the 6i - PW) and Ping Eye2+ 53 and Ping Eye2 57.5 Wedges. I opted for the Silver Scot irons as they had many great reviews and were at a good price. From what I've read the 845s irons are highly regarded as great irons for their time. What I have also read is that these clubs tend to play "short", i.e. if the short would normally call for a 9 iron, you would need to club up to an 8 to achieve the same distance. I understand it is because the 845s are more heavily lofted. Is this accurate? While I understand that they are not "legal" for events at the pro-level, I don't think I will ever have to worry about that. To date I have done mostly chipping practice in the back yard with the 2-1/2 year old grandson. I love how they swing and have worked on chipping with everything from 6i thru the 57.5 Ping Sand Wedge. So my real question is this - do the irons truly play short and should I even be worried about it..... Willie T

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