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  1. I've been thinking on this one and for it would be option 1. Here's my reasoning - being equally adept at righty or lefty, means I have a complete world of options available. Just as I've read where some have found that by switching hands, they saw the ball better and swung the club better. Who knows you may find that you can drive the ball slightly better as a lefty but play the short game better as a righty, Then you could have the best "overall" bag available. Use left handed clubs when called upon and the same for right. It would truly be a mixed bag of clubs.
  2. I first saw this on MGS' site earlier in the week. My first thought was American Eagle has sold their logo to Acushnet (especially the TeeBird line). My mind had flashbacks to my sons growing up in the first part of this century buried in AE and all the other "hipster" clothing brands. I honestly believe Acushnet does see the DTC market rising as a tidal wave in the distance that will adversely affect their long term bottom line. With the UG brand they are looking to build the surf board that will ride the wave to an even better long-term bottom line. Having been in the purchasing side for a corporation prior to retirement I saw the "big" boys take on the upstarts with "me too" campaigns over and over. Most of the time they won as end-users would choose remain "loyal" to the big boys in the long run. The website, copy, video are all designed to emote a sense of connectivity to a generation whose brand loyalty is perceived to be about as deep as their most recent cup of Starbucks. In the long-run Acushnet is looking to be hip-old guys who also basically own the entire market. Its marketing 101 at its best.
  3. Typically carry 12 clubs in the bag (driver - 3w - 4h - 5-PW, SW, LW, putter). If I had to take a club from the bag, it would either be the 6i or the LW. I can choke down on the 5i to get the distance needed and I use the SW almost exclusively around the hole. Once in a blue moon will the LW loft come into play.
  4. That's how I was looking at this project - to get some seat time on the reshafting game. I have been researching the shafts and it would not be a cheap exchange. It would definitely have to be a "labor of love". As an FYI, after playing nine with them earlier in the week at the local course, I am content to leave them as is - shafts, grips, etc. They are a little longer than my old 845s even though the lofts are identical. Basically it was not enough as I felt like I already knew how far they would go I even took the 2i along just to have some fun while playing. Thanks to everyone for great advice.
  5. For me it would be option 2 as I would love to know I had a long career that allowed me to travel, be in contention and even win some. Like others would be bummed about no major, but oh the stories you could tell and how you beat this person or that over a career. I tend to think the first option would have one coming away as a "flash in the pan" and the latter that of a "journeyman". Great topic that really asks - what drives you most...
  6. Not bad advice - took them to the local course for some time on the driving range. The clubs definitely swing different from the 845s as well as the Diablo Egde irons. The 6.5 Rifle shafts are definitely much stiffer than what I am used to....but overall I had good distance and accuracy. Thinking I will take them on the course the next time out to see how they play in actual round play. Then I will decide whether to reshaft or not....
  7. Here are the pics as promised - the 7i photos are typical of all the clubs. Even the 2i and 3i show signs of play....
  8. The heads look to be in really great shape. Will take and post a few pics tomorrow. Thinking easily 2-3 seasons and I am all about projects.
  9. Okay - here's the scoop: Just picked up a set of these irons (2i-SW) at a local consignment shop for $30. They have been recently regripped and look to have been reshafted at some point with Rifle FCM 6.5 shafts. I don't swing fast enough for those shafts to be effective so I am thinking about putting new shafts in. Are they worth it? Have been using 845s Silver Scots up until late last fall, now using Callaway Diablo Edges in graphite shafts. I still prefer the look of a blade type iron at address and was wondering if the 962s are worth changing to a shaft more along my swing speed. Thoughts on this?
  10. Always had an interest in golf as I recall seeing Trevino, Palmer and Nicklaus on TV growing up. We had an old iron around the house and a couple of golf balls (I don't even know where they come from) and I would hit them on occasion. That was the 70's, fast forward to the late 90's and a friend gifted me an old "starter" set of mixed brands of irons (mostly Spalding stuff) and persimmon woods. I would take the 9 iron and a few balls to an old soft ball field and easily hit 100 yard shots. I was getting the bug but had no real contacts. Yes, I had a boss who played but they were many, many levels above me and I was never offered an opportunity to play. Then it happened, in 2009 we had a company meeting that involved a "team-building" superball 9 hole round. The goal was to teach how we all can contribute as at least once in the round you had to play off each member's ball. As the "worst" player I remember finally making a shot worth playing from. At the end of the round, my boss, his corporate counterpart and one of my counterparts wanted to play the front-9. I was asked to join in and finally felt like I was part of a round. I had no clue what each club really did, but I was having fun hitting new clubs. After the 1st two holes and having terrible drives, one of the guys said I could play off his drive or if not that maybe I should use a 3 wood to drive with. I told him I would try the 3W on the next hole. Voila! A nice drive that was in the fairway and within range of their drives. The cart had on-site GPS so the yardage was always known and my buddy offered advice on what club to select next. At the end of the round, he told me I had learned more in 9-holes than most do in a life time. I told him I was retiring while I was still ahead. I came home, looked at the old clubs, and promptly went back to all that I was doing before - raising our sons, being a husband, working in a motorcycle ministry - no time for golf. Then in late 2017 our church started a once-a-month Thurs 9-hole best ball round followed by a meal at the local pizza joint. My son, who loves golf, wanted to play so I drug out the old mixed bag of irons/woods in the old heavy leather bag. I picked up a few new balls and some tees. I remember the guys never saying a word about my "old" clubs but commenting how much they missed the sound of a wood driver or fairway. I had a blast and was completely hooked. I have since "updated" to newer irons/metal woods and try to play at least one round a month in the winter (as weather permits) and several during warmer weather. I have a wonderful grandson (who's pic is my avatar) who loves the game. Nothing is better than hearing him ask if we can play some golf in the backyard or putting around the house (both with foam golf balls). This game has replaced riding motorcycles (a wreck in '16 caused me to lose all the toes on my left foot and removed the passion for riding), it also has encouraged my wife to get on the course with me (she played some with her parents growing up) and has allowed me to bond greatly with my son and grandson. I'm 60 now and I really like the thought that I should have many, many more years of this game.
  11. Would You Rather…? #16: Hit the ball as solidly but, due to some luck or whatever, score relatively poorly for you. Hit the ball poorly but, due to some luck or some holed chips or whatever, score really well I just came across this thread and have enjoyed the conversations. For me I have to go with the former as solid ball striking creates confidence. I love the feel of a solidly hit ball and have come to expect erratic scoring, so option is "life as I life it" at this time in my game.
  12. That's how I work on it. Look at where I want the ball to to, what to avoid (water/trees/sand/rough) and then see the flight in my mind and trust the swing by focusing on the impact of the club with the ball. This is my practice routine with chips/pitches in the back yard almost daily. Kind of the See It, Feel It, Trust It theme I read about in the book Seven Days in Utopia.
  13. What Bonivant said....honestly, I have garnered a good variety of balls from Pro-V1's to Top Flite XL's to out of production Dunlops. Some are sweet off the club face, others like rocks. All of this of course is in pitch/chip mode in the back yard. Likewise - I have have been gifted Pro-V1X's, Tour Softs, Callaway Superhot 70's and Pinnacle Softs. Along with a stash of DT TruSoft's and a few DT So-Lo's and Srixon Z-Stars. What do I like playing - right now it's the DT TruSofts. As a mid- to hi-handicapper, they play well and if I lose one its no big deal. Good luck on your quest...
  14. Saw the buckets of them stacked over by the putters at the local Dick's this past Sat. If I was not ball poor right now, I would snap up a bucket. Just today I picked up a shag bag (that was full of balls, zipper stuck) at the local Hospice store for $5. Ball count was 70 balls (mix of mostly Pinnacle &Top Flight, Titleist (NXT's, Pro V1s), Noodles, Wilsons as well). Basically a ton of balls for free - granted some are scuffed, but most are totally playable. This will be my new practice set of balls for backyard chipping, pitching.....AND I got a Top Flite putter for my 3-1/2yr old grand son for $2! Seeing all those Top Flites in the shag bag reminded me of the buckets of 'em at Dick's!
  15. Well I can't help as I still have Eye 2's in the bag: a 50.5 Eye2 Wedge, 53 Eye 2+ SW and 57.5 Eye2 SW in the bag. I just love how they hit and I never lack confidence when swinging them. I know that if I ever get serious about playing "USGA" compliant clubs, these wedges would have to be updated.
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