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  1. Day 101 (17 Apr 21) - while at the beach place, decided to go to the local driving range that rents clubs (well old - I mean first generation metal woods w/steel shafts). On the top row the had an old TaylorMade Burner 9.5 deg driver that had maybe a 300cc head w/graphite shaft. Worked on setup and overall shot sequence. Most shots were slight fades - purposely worked on getting the ball to draw. Was a good session of relaxed work....
  2. Thanks - actually the game came to me as I was a die-hard motorcyclist (which is where I lost the toes). Not knowing at the time of the wreck if I would ever walk this is a personal goal that I wanted to achieve. I hope to be walking all 18 by the end of the season. Thankfully the courses in Eastern NC are pretty flat 😁
  3. Day 100 (16 Apr 21) - (Never thought I would make it to 100 days) What better way to do this than to actually walk nine holes at one of the local courses. I have lamented many times about the left foot and my concerns of getting a good swing going and not be in pain. Besides seeing how my foot would fare, my primary focus was on keeping weight centered but properly shifted. The modified "stork" drill over the past few days really paid off today. Shot 45 - 3 pars, 3 bogies, 3 doubles. Saw much better ball striking on the irons, not as good on the fairway metals. Overall a good and enj
  4. A new personal goal accomplished this morning as I played the front nine at one of the local courses I will play more of this year. What was that goal - to walk the nine instead of riding a cart. I have been wanting to walk it but with the transmet amputation on the left foot (no toes/grafted skin) I was concerned to that it might break down after that many steps and up/down grade changes. To build up to it I have worked to walk steadily in the back yard hitting the ball etc. trying to get 5-6k of steps in most days. This course plays right at 3,200 yards from the whites on the front nine,
  5. Day 99 (15 Apr 21) - more "stork" stance work in the yard this morning. Followed it up with some 54* wedge work with the grandson in tow - our goal was to loft the ball over the 20' tulip tree to the hole on the other side. Overall shot length is close to 40yds - so flighting the foam balls to within 10' of the backyard hole was the goal. Consistent flight on the balls as I was able to use the "stork" centering work to get solid contact and follow-through. Plus its fun showing off for the grandson (who'll be five in May) and will one day soon show me how its done!
  6. Day 98 (14 Apr 21) - more mirror work with the modified stork exercise to keep the body from overshifting (note to self: harder to do at night w/tired body)...followed with lag putt drills to roll specific distances...ended with more time in front of the mirror using the putter as the pointer on the shoulder turn....
  7. Day 97 (13 Apr 21) - went back to working on staying stable and not over shifting my body to the trail foot on the back swing (i.e. lift lead foot and fall to the right side) and down swing (i.e. lift trail foot and fall to the left side). A slight variant of the DAY 17 Stork Drill of the April 2020 Covid-19 Practice Plan. Started the drill with doing it in the mirror first, folded arms for several reps to "feel" the balance point. Later I moved outside to use the 7i. First with several sets of rotations with the iron in my arms across my chest to point where my shoulders were rotating. F
  8. Day 96 (12 Apr 21) - Decided to do a light swing driver drill today with the hard foam balls in the backyard. Setup for a normal swing, at the top of the backswing stopped and checked the hands and arms. Then made a smooth easy swing that "tapped" the ball off the tee about 20 yards or so. Did this for about 10 swings. Then did another 10 only this time coming through a little quicker - looking for solid flight on the limited balls. Again it was about mapping my swing through to the finish. Sometimes its more fun to see how "controlled" you can hit a driver and not just focus on crushing
  9. Day 95 (11 Apr 21) - Limited swings w/7i today in the backyard. Focused on coming cleanly thru the ball and clearing the hips by going w/half-swings instead of full on swings.
  10. Day 94 (10 Apr 21) - Played 36 today, flew solo, so there was plenty opportunity to work with club selection, shot types...big focus was approach shots, esp from 150yds in. Worked on approach shot scenarios - based on distance out, and what club combo would work best. Good day of field application of the LSR guiding principles....
  11. A first for me as I played 36 today - flying solo (used a golf cart as my foot would not let me walk that far) so it was pretty quick playing. This was at the other local course that I will spend a lot of time at this year. Rd 1 was an 88 (45/43, 7/14 fairways, 37 putts) - big takeaway, driver was consistent, putting okay - greens are still lumpy, bumpy, irons inconsistent). Rd 2 was a 93 (46/47, 10/14 fairways, 34 putts) complete with a birdie on 2. Putting was more consistent. With the course’s greens in less than optimal shape, approaches bordered on serious pin hunting. Side note -
  12. Day 93 (9 Apr 21) - Played 18 at my local course - shot pretty decent for me, i.e. a 93. Wedge practice in the yard paid off as I was confident behind the club(s) leading to getting up and down on a number of holes where I was left with putts in the 1' - 10' range, most being 6' or less. Yes that is quite a spread but it is a vast improvement over what I was doing this time last year. Also had a near "eagle-2" on a par 4 today (ball stopped about 6" short of the hole) - a first ever for me. That was sweet to have a tap-in birdie. While I had 36 putts on 18 holes there were a number of 3 p
  13. Back on the "home" course today. Shot 47/46 for a 93. For me that is shouting territory as there were some great shots today. 14 holes were bogey or better that included a birdie and a couple of pars and of course one blow-up hole with a 9 on the par 5 6th. However I had a "near eagle 2" birdie on 7 (par 4) as the approach literally stopped about 6" in front of the cup, dead center. Nothing like watching a shot land and see it roll on the green to the cup and practically disappear! For me it was a mental triumph as I did not let the previous hole's blow-up make the rest of the round an i
  14. As mentioned awhile back about swinging opposite of your normal, for me leftie in lieu it rightie, I picked up an set of Dunlop Enhance irons for $5. Big question as I have seen very little about them on the web is how are they perceived? Are they entry level irons? I love that the lofts are marked on them, got spoiled with that with my 845s Silver Scots. Any thoughts from the gear hounds here? Ref picture....
  15. Day 92 (8 Apr 21) - Target practice today with the small (12"), med (16") and large (24") yard targets, whiffle balls and the 8i and 50* wedge. Focused on getting the balls as close as possible - with a steady head/side wind it also meant working the shot to compensate for wind factor. Though the shots were only 25yds or less, I could imagine I was on some windblown course approaching from 130 yds (the max of what I tend to shoot the 8i) and having to work the shot with the wind. Much more mind work than mindlessly hitting balls around the yard. Also mixed in with the white and orange whi
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