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  1. More putting at 3' - 4' - 5', focused on not lifting head to look. Some focus work on weight shift in backswing through downswing - teaching the body to shift and not stay on the back foot.
  2. Business marketing 101.....For many years I was in the Procurement Dept at a local mining/manufacturing site. As you can surmise I heard "new", "improved", "more reliable", "better than last year's",.... again and again and again. Boogielicious is right, Marketing spends tons of bucks to make the biggest claims possible while staying in the bounds of defensible claims by Legal. The regulatory gurus have the OEM's and related crews in such a narrow box for improving things, they have to make the consumer "think" it sounds, hits, swings, plays, flies, lands, goes in the hole better than ever.
  3. Day 20 - half swings with the 5-7-9 irons. Focused on consistent ball contact and follow through. A good session with few bad strikes, most shots going/landing where planned....of course using practice foam balls as this was a backyard day.
  4. Day 19 - putting drills today. Worked on 3 - 4 - 5 ft distances. Tempo - steady head - straight lines (using the white line of the indoor practice green).
  5. Day 18 - simple chips and pitches in the backyard along with full swings with the 5i and foam balls. Focused on trail hand grip position.
  6. Day 17 - got to do a practice round today. Working to continue developing a repeatable driver. Overall - ball striking was not as consistent yet I was in the fairway just as often. Iron play was decent while fairways suffered. Putting - worked on keeping the eyes looking down and not chasing the ball once struck....not easy as "eye" want to see it go in.
  7. Its funny - as my left foot has not allowed me to walk, at least not yet, the course. It all depends - if I am a new guest at a course and I playing with a regular there, they drive. If I am hosting and they are the newbie I drive. If I am playing with my son and 4yr old grandson, my son and I switch duties. I like to drive but there are days when I would just as soon be the passenger. As you can see I am extremely non-committal here.
  8. Day 16 - played a round today. Focused on consistent driver strikes - used the powder foot spray which helps provide immediate feedback. Also the work on the net over the past few days seems to have helped with ball striking across the board. Wedge play was so-so, more work needed there.
  9. 2nd round of the year - again at the "home" course. Wound up shooting 95 which for me was good, especially after a really rocky start with a "9" on #2 par 5. That was the worst hole of the day as I was no worse than double on the remaining holes. Missed birdie on 18 by 1" (the ball literally stopped just at the edge of the cup.....ugggh!) Had a total of 5 pars and 5 bogies. I thought I was in for a long, long day despite having the son and 4yr old grandson as playing partners. Closed out the front 9 with a 49 and the back with a 45. It was gusting 10-20 and the course was soft in all th
  10. Day 15 - got to work with the net some today with the driver, 7iron and 50*. Focused on making consistent contact, about 60 shots total. Also about 30 mins of pitch/chip work around the yard with the grandson in tow...he loves to pretend to carry the "portend" water hazards or go over the long tulip tree. Wild thing is watching his ball flight from behind - kid has a wonderful natural baby draw.....
  11. Day 14 - more time with the net today. Used foot powder spray on club faces to get feedback on impact. Was toey with the irons - worked on setup to counter this, more in the middle by the end. Fairways and driver pretty good....total of around 100 shots taken. Really started to feel toey strikes with the driver, and man when on center, it felt effortless. Good day on the net....
  12. Day 13 - back to the indoor practice putting mat. Mainly used the white line side (has the smaller hole cutout in the ramp section) to focus on keeping the ball going straight - worked from 3' - 6' distances in 1' increments. Goal was to make 8 in a row at which time I could move to the next distance back. IF, which was more the case, I left the line and missed the cup more than twice I had to move back to the next shorter distance. Really forced the focus to be on making sure the backswing and follow-thru were equidistant from the starting point, keeping the head steady and having enough
  13. Day 12 - set up the net in the back yard today to allow for full swings with all irons and metalwoods. Work on driver face impact, i.e. footspray on the face. Focus was on keeping the ball strikes in the center. Did okay, most were just below centerline on center or just toward the toe. Also work on the long irons, tend to fat them. Used the mini mat setup about 6" behind the ball to keep from hitting fat. This worked! Will pick back up with tomorrow with more work on ball contact. Also learned a great lesson - 7irons will clear the net if you set up just right.....had to retrieve one
  14. Day 11 - Worked on post impact follow through as I tend to stop rotating and making chicken wings. Was able to do late setting sun chips/pitches where I could barely make out the flagsticks in the fading light. Went to “see it/feel it/trust it” mode focusing on what I am feeling thru the setup, backswing, downswing and follow thru.....
  15. Day 10 - More work with the irons in the backyard. Focus on not swinging mindlessly but mindlessly swinging. In other words, keeping swing thoughts to the minimum. Finding that it helps to relax and let it flow through - almost (and I hate to use the word) effortless. More time with body core stretching exercises - finding these are really helping with rotation. It is true - focusing on a specific pays mega dividends. Tomorrow - hopefully may get to work with the driver swing some.
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