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  1. In order, I'd say: 1. Tiger 2. Koepka 3. Molinari If someone argued for Brooks or Molinari above Tiger, I'm not sure they'd be wrong.
  2. The stuff you can't, won't, or rarely use. I tell my wife to let everyone know, "No golf gifts other than store credit." This is so I can avoid getting something like this: Amazon.com : Eamall Toilet Golf Game Training Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game : Sports & Outdoors Amazon.com : Eamall Toilet Golf Game Training Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game : Sports & Outdoors Think I'll trade this in for some tees or something. Post away and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.
  3. Be committed to *every* shot. I'm going to do this by picking a target, using a single swing thought addressing my most consistent mechanical flaw (left shoulder down), and not hitting until I get to 100% 'Yes' in my mind with no expectations beyond that, no attachments to result other than getting to where my ball is and starting the process again, and then again. Always positive. That and try to keep curses per hole ratio below 3:1.
  4. Well folks, I'm convinced. Can't just get the one club! :) I got a hybrid and a GW (50-degree). Grateful for every syllable in the replies. A happy Xmas for this mid-handicapper. And a very Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all y'all.
  5. These replies are making feel like signing up for this site is an early Xmas present. I hit a 3w pretty well so I'm keeping it in the bag. I really like what you've said about the utility of a wedge between PW and 54--for those 100 to 110 shots, I think choking down on the PW or a lighter swing is useful and I'll practice that. I'm strongly leaning toward at least one club (maybe two) between the 5w and 5i, if not replacing the 5i entirely with a hybrid. Great reply and thank you. :)
  6. Your distance is roughly equal to mine (maybe 5 yards here and there). I know the original post said one club but honestly, with this and the other thoughtful replies? I might just go for the wedge between the PW and the 54 *and* a hybrid. I appreciate this. Just got back from the range and was fairly consistent with everything *except* the 5i which I'm thisclose to raising the flag on. Thank you for that welcome, by the way. Monte Scheinblum. I'm seeing him tomorrow for my fourth lesson with him in the last six months. He's got a real knack for identifying what an individual student needs. His YouTube vids are just fantastic. I haven't dived into his paid content but from what I hear, his Driver vid and Wedge vid are both terrific. It's as if you're in my bag, friend. I've got an X2 Hot wedge which I *think* is 46 degrees and after today's range session, there's really not much gap between the 5i and the 6i though it's hard to tell because I'm just not great with a 5i. I mentioned earlier that thanks to the thoughtful replies here, I'm thinking two clubs--hybrid and a 50 degree. Thanks for this. Great post, very informative. I appreciate it. I haven't really used launch monitors but I'm going to change that. I happen to be pretty good with the 3w, one of the very, very few things I can brag about. :)
  7. Hi. Mid-handicap golfer (11-15), and I got 12 clubs in the bag: D, 3w, 5w, 5-9i, PW, 54, 60, PT. I *think* I need a new club and I've gotten three very different pieces of advice from golfers I talk to. 1) From my golf instructor, well-known guy with probably the best YouTube vids out there. He says a mid-handicap amateur doesn't need more than five clubs and certainly doesn't need any more than I have now. Save my money for lessons, balls, whatever. The "5 clubs" comment may have been hyperbolic but you get the idea. Good guy so he wasn't being snarky. 2) The 'best golfer I know' who is close to scratch. He says I should absolutely get a hybrid (5i is by far my weakest club) and since I'm not getting any younger (55yrs old) I should seriously think about getting one or two hybrids, preferably starting with a 19-22 degree. The age comment might sound harsh but he's around my age so he was just trying to relate. 3) Everybody else I talk to--literally everybody else--from golf shop guys to guys I play with to other pretty good players, all say I should get a gap wedge. Something between the 54 and the PW, preferably a 49 or a 50 degree. I don't have a clue, honestly. I'm leaning toward getting the hybrid. I've got $150 or thereabouts to spend (high school teacher so salary is a bit limited) and I *love* golf. I'm grateful for any and all feedback, any and all recommendations, recognizing y'all might have better things to do. Happy holidays. TheMrLandon
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