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  1. Hi, Hugh here. I have tried a few different apps ... GolfShot, Swing U, Golf GPS and VPAR. I am currently using an iPhone 6s with these apps and cannot recommend VPAR highly enough. It is by far and away the best of these apps. The GPS feature is very accurate although it does not always get the tee positions correct when switching between Black, Blue and White markers but this deficiency is easily overcome by using the ball position marker on the location of the tee box. It has several excellent features and the scorecard is easy to use. The only thing I really need is a suitable cradle to hold my iphone on my clicgear 3.5+ cart which does not involve using the umbrella holder as these 2 accessories need to be used in tandem to see the screen clearly when used in sunny conditions. Any suggestions would be most welcome!
  2. I'm at the stage where I'm off to the side as much as I'm up the middle so I'm using a lot of OP's (Other Peoples) which have included a lot of Pro V1's, TM's and Callaways but they have disappeared just as quickly as they appeared so I don't rate them much. Bought a second hand set of Srixon irons so bought some Srixon Distance balls and found them to have a nice feel but alas they are slowly being replaced with OP's too. A friend of mine, who plays a lot more regularly than I, just gave me a couple of Bridgestone Tour B RX's and told me to try them as they are by far the best ball he has used. looking forward to giving them a try and see what they get replaced with. Hahahaha!!
  3. I too have never had to retire a ball because it has been played too many holes. Many of them have found new homes, literally, as they end up in someones backyard or in their pool!! I can honestly say I have never split or cracked a ball but will definitely switch to a ball that I have no attachment (emotional or otherwise) when there is water in play as I have found that these balls are demagnitised to water, unlike a ball that I have purchased or one that I have found in my bag that had it's own little box.
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