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  1. I had a similar problem recently after a shoulder problem. The fix was a couple things combined: Flatter swing. Not up, but back Slower, straighter backswing Plane. take away should be along your swing line. Weaker\centered grip. I used to have a very strong grip Rolling your wrists at impact. Slices are often because clubhead doesn't get square at impact. Seems like a lot to adjust but eventually through practice it becomes more and more comfortable. _______________________ WorldFamous
  2. Cleveland also calls there gap wedge a Dual wedge.
  3. I read Jack recommends to always place the ball at the inside heel of your front foot for every club. Why does that not sound right?
  4. Played San Juan Hills in San Juan Capistrano, CA and shot a 92. Tied my personal best. Working on busting into the 80s. _____________ WorldFamous
  5. Currently in my bag: Driver -Taylormade R7 Limited 3W - Wilson Pro Staff (crap) hybrid - Taylormade Dual rescue 18 4-PW - Cleveland Launcher '09 Wedges - Cleveland Launcher 52 \ Cleveland CG14 56 \ Wilson Trouble 64 Not using the 64 wedge very much though, should be swapping it out for a 60 pretty soon. _________________________ WorldFamous
  6. I am very curious about this too. Some think it is simply BS but I am on the fence on this one. Would love to hear any personal account.
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