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  1. miura all the way . Those irons are on another level. impeccable.
  2. makes sense about the launch angle not being effected. i would think spin might be a bit lower with dirt filled grooves though?
  3. overrated in the sense that I don't think there is any reason for a weekend golfer or a higher handicapper to play a premium ball. The price isn't worth it if they can't utilize the properties of the ball. I think the tier below premium is just fine. NXT tour is a great ball. also the bridgestone e6. Both are good. Nicely said.
  4. This is my first try embedding a video I hope it works. and I APOLOGIZE up front for the flickering of the lights. So Hopefully the video and these comments are visible. Heres the swing. This was a couple weeks ago. Wasn't one of my 'on point' swings although contact was solid. During this session I was working on getting a little more rotation as opposed to that little push move and a little more extension through the downswing. Specifically the rotation of my Lead arm. I'd like to see that turn over a bit more with a touch more extension. However, on
  5. yes... i was going to say that same thing
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: most of my life My current handicap index or average score is: 1.4 Hey everyone, I am starting this thread primarily with the intention of updating my goals from the 'My 2019 Goals' thread. This is a cool way for me to document progress and share with all of you my progress on the 2019 goals. I read the instructions and it said to post continuing replies or updates to that thread here. Thats obviously the original goal post above. Basically to get my game down to the point where consistently my worst day is a 75 and when Im on its sub 70
  7. I haven't decided if I am going to pull the trigger on that yet. I am doing SCGA Am and Mid Am qualifying for sure. And California State Am Qual. I am actually doing a pre qual for genesis open in feb. Thats a big step for me to try I am very excited about it.
  8. I don't have them on when I walk, which is probably 75-80% of the time. Brushing my clubs after each shot is habitual anyways so no its not a pain Yes of course i can hear them they are right behind me. The suspension (or lack thereof) in the carts coupled with ruts in some fairways, and also cart path dips and drains cause some serious thrashing of clubs... I simply want to avoid unnecessary dings in the clubs since i worked very hard on building this set with my buddy. Big thanks to Club Glove they work great! And I am using the 718 MBs. Normal usage is totally fine. Its that
  9. My goals are to excel in competition in 2019. I was one of those club-in-hand-at-2 individuals. My father gave me a cut down 8 iron from the 50s. I've quit a few times since then. The last time i Quit was in 2013. I didn't touch my clubs for about 5 years. I picked them back up (my 2010 710 AP2s) in March of 2018. I invested in an equipment overhaul and finally got equipment that suits me. A close family friend of mine has a golf studio with a trackman in it. He introduced me to that technology a few months ago and since then i have been working in and out of the studio with h
  10. I use them proudly and love them. I was so sick of hearing my clubs smash back and forth during rounds where I'm using a cart. And the metal is so soft it protects them from unnecessary dings. I'm trying to preserve them as long as i can..That said, my priorities are in order, I won't hesitate to use them how they were intended to be used hah.
  11. mz975d


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