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  1. I think that could be solved by adding a button to the belt clip device... press that button as you retrieve the ball from the hole.
  2. Exactly.. I had higher hopes for the editing on my phone... but just wasn't precise enough with a small screen, was just cumbersome... really quick to edit on the computer though. I will say editing game golf rounds was a little more intuitive than with Shotscope.. so that part I miss. Also miss the round sharing features/social aspect of Game Golf at times.. I have some family that live out of town that use it, so was nice to get the notificaitons and see their rounds and such.. Shotscope has added some social components as well recently, but winter here, so haven't gotten to try them out much, and also don't know anyone else with one yet anyway! Honestly at $99 right now Game Golf Live is a pretty good bargain for what you get.. and that tagging isn't horrible once it's part of your pre-shot routine. I think they may have trouble with sales on new the GG Pro at a $300 price point with other options out there... time will tell once someone gets their hands on it and sees how well it works too..
  3. You are probably right... I only know one other guy that uses it at my course.. not a lot of technology users here where I live🙂 Happy Game Golf works for you and @klineka and @iacasas well, and agree post round editing doesn't take much time especially on a computer.. but is certainly more cumbersome on my mobile phone just due to the screen size.. Not tagging shots at all, having a useful GPS on the watch, and just pressing a button to mark the pin with little to no post round editing just works better for me personally.... Like I said, both ShotScope and GG give great useful data back to the player and just work a little differently... Having used both, I'd recommend either, just depends on your personal preferences.
  4. In my experience, my unit rarely had a pin location anywhere but middle green when I did my post round edit. Maybe it was just my unit or my course, but only on rare occasions would it approximate my hole locations, and when it did.. they were still quite a bit off. YMMV though... Still a good tracker, but I prefer the ShotScope v2 so far, having used both.
  5. Game Golf doesn't have a solution for pin locations, aside from moving the pin to an approximate location after each round, for each hole, during post round editing. With Shotscope, as I take my ball out of the hole, I press a button on the GPS watch that marks that GPS location as the pin position... so it has been much more accurate as far as pin locations, and much less post round editing required. It's still not perfect... remembering that GPS location accuracy is at best within 3 feet... but better than always showing the pin in the middle of the green, and having to move the pin every hole during post round editing. With Shotscope, I rarely have much post round editing to perform... and when I do, its usually because I need to add a stroke for drop or penalty or something.
  6. Just got an email from Game Golf with an offer to purchase Game Golf Pro for $229, which is $119 off retail price of $349. Not worth full retail $349 in my opinion. Email offer states they will be shipping January 4th. Lack of hole location accuracy with Game Golf Live was the shortcoming I hated the most... I disliked having to remember hole locations and drag the flagstick to an approximate point on every hole post round. Also didn't like how the app crashed mid round fairly often. I also don't like the move to the Arccos style sensors. They consume batteries, and are expensive to replace... unlike the small NFC chip tags. I've been happier with Shotscope v2 I purchased on pre-order last year. Small tags without batteries to worry about, cheap to replace if lost or broken (unlike Arccos or now Game Golf Pro), no tapping to a device needed, accurate and reliable, allows you to mark pin locations for better putting stats, and doubles as a GPS Watch for distances to front back center of greens and hazards. Cons to Shotscope are that you have to wear the watch, and do need to press a button on the watch to mark the pin location for best accuracy and stroke counting... but you can also just not tag the pin location and edit later, no live editing on your phone... all editing is done post round download, and the battery life on the watch could be better. I can get about 6hrs max out of it before it needs to be charged. It'll get me through 18 holes with life to spare, but if I were doing 36, it won't last long enough for those marathon days. Trade offs with each.. but I prefer Shotscope v2 for the pin location feature, GPS watch that I use often even when not tracking shots, and smaller NFC chip sensors.
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