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  1. That's a very nice swing. Only thing I see is your right knee getting too close to the left knee coming to impact. You would have more shaft lean if you kept the distance between the knees wider.
  2. My HCP goal was 2. I managed to drop it down to 0,6 (almost scratch). Getting on the FJT showed to be harder than I thought (required basically a +2 HCP). I also got my swing better.
  3. Your left wrist gets arched, resulting in a laid off position at the top. This means you have to steepen the shaft during the downswing. Steepening results in less body rotation at impact. The list goes on
  4. First I'd fix the backswing. The club gets behind you and then it gets steep at the top. This results in a number of compensations on the downswing, making hitting the ball more inconsistent. Just try to keep the club head more in front of you during the backswing. Regarding your analysis against Justin Thomas, the diagnosis is a slide. This is pretty common for most amateurs. You can even see some very good ball strikers do this. Just watch Adam Scott. The USGA recommends not to slide. I don't think it's that bad at all
  5. Pää liikkuu ylöspäin ennen osumaa / Head lifts up too early.
  6. Planmeca areena 👍🇫🇮
  7. Foresight measures swing speed higher than trackman and flightscope. A 1.45 smash factor on the GC4 equals to about 1.51-1.52 smash factor on Trackman. Most likely your swing speed is a lot lower than you think it is. You can see my trackman stats in the photo below.
  8. My goals for 2020 Lower HCP from 8,6 to 2 Get on the Finnish Junior Tour (only best 50 junior players aged 8-21 in the region can attend them) Make swing better
  9. I'm a 16-year-old golfer from Finland. I completed the green card course 4 years ago, but after that I didn't play that often until 2018. My handicap in the beginning of 2018 was around 40-50. It quickly dropped down to 26,6 in the end of 2018. I was practicing in a junior beginner group but I got invited to join the best junior golfers of our club (hcp was around 30). I practiced a lot during the winter and summer of 2019. Right now my handicap is 8,6. I did biathlon for 6 years before quitting it last year. I have played many sports (also too much e-sports). During the summer I played around
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