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  1. Pää liikkuu ylöspäin ennen osumaa / Head lifts up too early.
  2. Planmeca areena 👍🇫🇮
  3. Konsta

    My Swing (Lihu)

    Foresight measures swing speed higher than trackman and flightscope. A 1.45 smash factor on the GC4 equals to about 1.51-1.52 smash factor on Trackman. Most likely your swing speed is a lot lower than you think it is. You can see my trackman stats in the photo below.
  4. My goals for 2020 Lower HCP from 8,6 to 2 Get on the Finnish Junior Tour (only best 50 junior players aged 8-21 in the region can attend them) Make swing better
  5. I'm a 16-year-old golfer from Finland. I completed the green card course 4 years ago, but after that I didn't play that often until 2018. My handicap in the beginning of 2018 was around 40-50. It quickly dropped down to 26,6 in the end of 2018. I was practicing in a junior beginner group but I got invited to join the best junior golfers of our club (hcp was around 30). I practiced a lot during the winter and summer of 2019. Right now my handicap is 8,6. I did biathlon for 6 years before quitting it last year. I have played many sports (also too much e-sports). During the summer I played around 100 rounds of golf (consisting of 1/3 18 hole rounds and 2/3 9 hole rounds). My dream is to get on the European tour. My typical round is 78-80. Last year my average drive was 200 meters. This summer it was around 240-250 meters
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