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  1. Zengolfer

    Sean Foley on "Living in the Moment"

    Theres a lot to be said for that. As a devout Buddhist, I can tell you that just taking life as it is can be a real game changer in a person's life.
  2. Zengolfer

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    IMO, people are making a big deal out of nothing. Leave the flag in, take it out; whatever, who cares.
  3. It seems like Ive always done it several times a year. Some new set strikes my fancy and boom, I switch. I wouldnt say there was any logical reason to it. I feel like Im kind of over the itch to try new clubs. Last fall, I bought a set of Pineadow PGXs, which are just super chunky but super forgiving shovels and Ive been very happy with them. I honestly cant see myself switching because they are super easy to hit and give good distance.
  4. Zengolfer

    Why Aren't There More Heated Ranges? (Minnesota)

    More golfers and golf courses per capita than any other state in Minnesota? I find that hard to believe, especially when compared to Florida or Arizona. Anywho, Id say the likely reason is that most people in cold states dont care about golf during the winter. Who wants to hit golf balls when you can do things like snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing or snowboarding.
  5. Zengolfer


    With all due respect, if youre, "not the best player", you probably shouldnt be playing blades. The issue is that with blades, you have a sweet spot about the size of a dime and any time you miss the spot, it seriously hurts your distance and accuracy. Look, Im with you, Id love a sexy set of Mizuno blades in my bag but Im not about to fool myself into thinking that I could play my best with them.
  6. I normally play balls that are in the $20-30 range (Callaway Chromesoft or Supersoft/Superhot) and I occasionally will find a ProV1 on the course and play it and I honestly dont notice a whole lot of difference. The ProV1s feel a bit softer and may spin a bit better but not enough to be a gamechanger or be worth the added cost to me. Honestly, I could play the cheapest of balls and still get around the course in pretty much the same strokes that I would with a ProV1. From time to time, I will buy cheapie Wilson balls ("Chaos", I believe they call them) and Nitros and even those are fine, although the Nitros dont feel good off the wedges and putter.
  7. Zengolfer

    Tee or No Tee?

    I always use a tee. Why not use a tee when you can and give yourself a perfect lie.
  8. Zengolfer

    Spitting on the Golf Course

    Its a golf course, not a holy shrine. Spit whereever you want. IMO, the grossness of any spitting pales in comparison to the chemicals that most courses use.
  9. Zengolfer

    Are you a brand snob?

    Nope. My bag is full of clubs from Tour Edge, Bombtech, Nicklaus, Pinemeadow, Top-Flite and Wilson. I used to be all about the big brands but then I realized that the big brands are made in the same foundries as the no-name brands and that I dont play any better or any worse with either clubs. Some would say that the big brands have better engineering, better quality, are more consistent and blah, blah, blah but for me, its all the same and Im much happier because I dont feel guility about spending thousands of dollars on more clubs that arent going to fix my game any better than my old ones did.
  10. Zengolfer

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    None. I used to be quite the drinker but I cut it out of my life. No reason really, other than the fact that its unhealthy for you both physically and mentally. For me, I realized that I didnt enjoy drinking itself so much as I enjoyed the social aspect of it and I can enjoy hanging out with friends, even at a bar without drinking a drop of alcohol. All without the hangover the next day, the excess calories and the other issues that can come from being drunk. Having said that, Im not opposed to anyone drinking if they choose. Its your body and your life, do what you want. Its not what Im all about anymore though.
  11. Zengolfer

    Tighten grip in the through swing

    Yeah, no argument there. I feel like a lot of golf instruction is more what works for a certain teacher or what works for a popular tour pro but doesnt always work for the average Joe or simply is a mental key that isnt real (the old, "feel isnt real" adage) or simply a feel that works for the that isnt reality. I can remember when Stack And Tilt was a thing. I tried it and it didnt work for me.
  12. Zengolfer

    Tighten grip in the through swing

    Well, then you disagree with everything Ive ever heard about or read. Not saying youre wrong or anything and certainly no disrespect intended, just that most tips in GD and swing gurus teach that high cappers should grip the club less tightly. I know that I start to grip it too tightly when I try to get a few extra yards (something Ive learned to teach myself to stop doing over the last 20 years).
  13. Zengolfer

    Tighten grip in the through swing

    Id say that for most people, gripping the club far too firmly is much more likely to be the case than not gripping it firmly enough. I would question if it isnt a mental thing for the OP, either anticipating impact and sort of trying to brace for it or simply trying to swing too hard.
  14. I would say it probably far predates that. Back in the old days, (Im talking like 1920s here), it was common custom for a man to take his hat off at various times. One of them was during a handshake. It was considered to be a professional courtesy. Im not saying that I think everyone should do it but I was taught golf by a pretty oldschool guy (a former combat medic during WW2 to be exact) and Ive always liked the practice.
  15. Zengolfer

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Ive played Srixons in the past. Theyre good balls, nothing special though. I used to be a big fan of the AD333 but havent exactly been overwhelmed by any of their newer offerings.

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