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  1. IMO, it would be tough to beat the Cleveland HB Soft putters. $130 for a quality putter. The Cleveland Frontline putters sound interesting but are right at the $200 price point. Tommy Armour Impact putters are really good too. Ive been gaming one much of this year and its got a great feel to it.
  2. Play the round, keep grinding and hope that the beer cart girl comes around soon.
  3. I dont think grip size really makes a difference. Its all personal preference, IMO. Ive got some clubs with regular, some with midsize, some with jumbo and while I do like the feel of a bigger grip, it doesnt really make a difference in the quality of shots that I hit.
  4. Agree, same. I used to use tour balls but find that I play better with distance balls that are softer compression. I do give up a bit of spin around the green on partial shots but I can still get a distance ball to stop just fine on full shots and if I hit it high enough, I can still get it to stop decently without the spin on partial shots.
  5. I played a couple rounds with the Trusoft earlier this summer and really liked them. I find them to be a very soft feeling ball and still have decent spin on full shots. On partial shots, they are no different than any other distance ball. I play the Velocity now because I feel it gives me a bit more distance while still having enough spin on full shots to hold the greens. I also like that you can get them in orange. With so many people playing Titleist balls, I find it easier to identify my ball when its not a white Titleist.
  6. I test a ball out on the practice green to get a feel for putting and chipping with it and put it into play for a few rounds before I decide. As for the E12 being better than the E6s, I dont think theres a huge difference. Ive played both and they are pretty comparable. If you are going to split hairs, you could say that E12 performs and feels a bit better because its a 3-piece, whereas the E6 is a 2-piece but even then, its not a huge difference.
  7. None for me. Ive never been a fan of hybrids and find that I hit fairway woods better.
  8. Golf is mostly a mental game because its more about controlling your emotions and not getting out of your own head because all the ball is just sitting there, so its not so much about athletic ability or reaction time. Thats why so many people can hit the ball well on the driving range but when they are on the course where it matters, they cant do it. It also explains why you also have some golfers who are quite good in a casual round where it doesnt matter but when its tournament golf, they fall apart. Supposedly, Bobby Jones once said,"golf is a game that is played on a 5 inch course - the space between your ears."
  9. All of the, "zen golf" books are good. Id contend that training the mental game is vastly underrated because golf is mostly a mental game but hey, opinions vary. 😉
  10. 3 hybrid. Ive never been a big fan of hybrids and I dont feel like I hit it that well anyways.
  11. Id say its more like, "drive for dough, putt for more dough".
  12. If it works for you, go with it. I know that ball position has been moving forward over the years as clubs have gotten longer. The longer the club is, the farther forward the club bottoms out. It used to be that it was taught that you should position the ball even with the logo on your polo shirt (left shoulder), then it changed to having it just inside of your left heel and now it seems like its taught that it should be even with your left toes. I play mine even with the toes on my left foot and that seems to work well.
  13. Id take her over Holly Sonders any day.
  14. Id agree to sticking to cheaper balls. As someone else said, as a newbie, you are going to lose a lot of balls. When you get better and dont lose so many balls, you can switch to something more expensive that will give you more spin and control.
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