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  1. "... he maxed out at 152mph club head speed." I don't have a trackman etc, but my max is below 152...pretty sure.
  2. I like it when guys happen to drop that their swing speed is only in the 120s. Average Golf Swing Speed Chart Swing Speed Rank & Name Average Swing speed Fastest Speed #2 Rory McIlroy 122 mph 125 mph #4 Tiger Woods 122 mph 129 mph #5 Gary Woodland 122 mph 126 mph #6 Tony Finau 122 mph 127 mph
  3. I was out playing on a very sunny, but very cold evening tonight. Found a pink Bridgestone Lady ball and hit it instead of the Pro V I had been using. I'm not positive, but it seemed to go further than the Pro V. Guess this is why guys used to use these in the cold. Pretty easy to find too in the leaves etc...Would give me an excuse to buy more balls that I don't need. I would actually buy pink ones because they would be so much easier to find in the fall when the courses are covered in leaves.
  4. Start wearing capris and try to squat like that...ps ..if you are a lefty why wouldn't you pick a lefty golfer for sig pic? (are there lefty female golfers or did you like the green pants?)
  5. You are right on Kevin buddy....from golf digest.... Also buried in the current USGA/R&A Distance Report is a positive sign that new technology may be helping the weakest of average golfers. While that study showed mild gains across most handicap groups, the worst players saw dramatically higher gains in driving distance. According to the report, players with a 6-handicap or less only saw driving distance increase two yards from 1996 to 2017 (234 yards to 236). Meanwhile, those with handicaps greater than 21 saw a 23-yard gain (165 yards to 188).
  6. thanks flashypaws for the very timely timely response...lol ps......I am sure a lot if guys on the forum are using gravity to their advantage especially after Christmas.
  7. every forum has four guys 1...this is a zombie thread guy 2...did you know there is a search feature guy 3.I don't know the answer to your question, but I will answer anyway guy 4.and then there is the prove it guy
  8. I am not talking 280 yards for god's sake...that will get you no internet fame..I am talking about the guys online (isn't this what the thread is about) who claim they swing faster than Tiger and that they average 350 off the tee..the guys who claim they hit every iron far longer than the guys on tour. The guy I played with who went through US Open qualifying could hit it Tour-like distances. but every other guy on the internet claims they can too.
  9. I think you are right....we had another super rare warm December day up here and I got out on a course with the Stiff Speeder x16 and a Taylormade r580 with a stock taylormade stiff shaft to compare it too. The Taylormade was way too stiff for me, but the supposedly stiff xr 16 stiff was great. The stiff Speeder is really just a firm...it gave me straighter shots than my regular nv shaft in my callaway 460 driver, but with the same distance so I am going with it which is great because I was originally on the hook for the xr driver that sucked.
  10. All but one long hitter I have played with in over 30 years of golf can only get it in the fairway for the first 3 or so holes...their scores and blood pressure soar once they start putting the balls in the trees.. I am not sure where the low handicap long hitters play (maybe with the good lady players I have never met). ps...the other day I played with a very long hitter who made it to the third stage or so of US Open qualifying. He had to wait for every green to clear and I think he shot 66 or something. Funny enough, he put his second shot on a par 6 into the trees beside the green and I got an eagle by hitting the green in three and sinking a long putt.
  11. Hey thanks...I forgot to mention that I have stiff steel taylormade lite shafts in my rescue mid hybrids and I was using my son's stiff byyou titleist 906f 18.5 five wood because the stiff gave me straighter, more accurate shots. Apex3 steel shafts in my apex edge pros, but who knows, maybe apex 4s would work. Ps....I should start a dad's thread about clubs you are now using because you spent big money on them for your kid. Son now gets kijiji deals.
  12. Hi....are the xr 16 stock speeder shafts on the flexible side? synopsis ….bought son xr driver with stock fujikura shaft... He hated it so I tried it and I hated it too. Face seemed very unforgiving and fujikura shaft seemed dead. Luckily, the club developed an issue and Callaway replaced it for free with an xr 16 driver with a stock stiff speeder shaft. My son didn't want to try it because the xr sucked ...he is sticking with the Titleist driver I got him for cheap on Kijiji. I noticed that the stiff speeder seemed kind of flexible...more like a reg or firm so I thought I might be able to use it. I went to the local golf box store and tried their stiff speeder xr 16 and their reg speeder xr 16 in the sim. Despite the huge initial doubts of the golf box guy, with my midwinter 88 mph swing speed I hit the stiff xr 16 speeder higher and farther than the reg xr16 speeder. The Reg speeder seemed quite whippy\flexible. Ps... I compared the stiff speeder to a stiff mizuno just by wiggling them and the mizuno stiff was stiff as a board and the speeder stiff would ...well, wiggle a bit. I also noticed online that a lot of xr owners state that they found xr 16s far better than their xrs.
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