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  1. Stop hating. Just because you can't pull an outfit off doesn't mean it's the clothing's fault. I'm not a fan of the over/under style of the Sunday belt slack, but beyond that no complaints here. I like the lavender/black combination for Saturday and I'm pretty sure admitting so doesn't automatically make me a homosexual.. but what do I know? I didn't know Jim Tressel was going to be playing practice rounds with the US though. Must've been a late captain's pick.
  2. In the wake of the recent multitude of rules violations, self enforced penalties (particularly the 14 yr. old giving up his win from another thread), etc.. i've grown a newfound respect for the integrity this game prescribes within individuals who play it. I have anything put a clean past, but I haven't played this game for that long and I can honestly say that there is no question in my mind now when a moral decision presents itself how I should act. I'm 23, which makes me "a kid" to many of the people on this forum so I feel obligated to speak out against those who start sentences with;
  3. Can't blame her there. That's one of the best swings on tour.
  4. I was at Liberty National last year for the Barclays and we'll be there again this year for Sunday's round. Last year we watched th practice range for a while (highly recommend this) and then headed to the course around 1:00 and walked it backwards. It worked out pretty well because we got to see the whole course and everyone in the field and then we made it back to 1/18 in time to settle in and watch the contending groups come home. Following Tiger is a wash. But like I mentioned, if you're walkin the course backward you get ahead of the crowd and can wait in a good vanage point for anyone
  5. Hole 11 at the course our work league played this year is a shortish dogleg right. Probably 220 straight away to th center of the dogleg then. 140 left to the green. What I take issue with is a tree that once guarded the right side of the green but now overhangs 3/4 of the green and forces any second shot that is played from the fairway to be a punch or bail out left and try for an up/down. If the flag is anywhere but the absoute extreme left side of the green its inaccessible from any part of the fairway. You stand on the teebox knowing that driving it through the dogleg is position A. If
  6. This is incredibly ironic to me. All throughout college my friends, particularly one of my roomates, and I played Tiger Woods for the PS2/PS3 to pregame before we went out. Everytime you take a shot in the game you take a shot of beer... simple as it gets, but remarkably fun when you love drinking and golf. For four years of my roommate's life.. he was Jim Furyk. It was his weekend persona. Every single time we played. And as a result, Jim Furyk became synonymous with partying and drinking. This same roommate got a job in Jersey after college and lives about 20 min. from Paramus.. whe
  7. Only event I ever attended was Saturday of the Barclay's last year. It was raining, and I was very happy I had my golf shoes on. I wanted to give my shoes a taste of what the grass is gonna feel like once I make it to the tour.
  8. I would say I'm on pace to go about threefold over the amount I played last year if I would guess. Sitting at 585 holes recorded for my HC to this point plus a few scrambles. A big part has been a 20 week work league and knowing a kid at the course we play most often who let's us go out for free any night he's there.
  9. Played in the first individual tournament I've ever been in last Friday and coming down the stretch I knew I was somewhere in contention. Hole 15 is a sharp dogleg right. It's about 175 off the tee straight away to the 150 stick, then a hard right over water to an elevated green with a deep bunker guarding the right front. I play the tee shot and I'm sitting at 155, wind in my face, and the flag is tucked back right. First thought is - 6-iron.. bail out left.. try to 2-putt for the par.. don't F with that bunker. There are woods not far off the right side and the bunker is almost a sure boge
  10. Ask him if the same ruling applies if you shove your umbrella up his ass.
  11. This is a bit of a hypothetical, but one of the criticisms falling on the PGA over this has been - where was the rules official? Why did he not tell him? PGA said he should've been walking with DJ because Nick Watney was out of contention and preventing him from making a mistake.. I don't buy that because there are a myriad of rules officials watching the same coverage we are and the first person who noticed could've radioed the guy walkin with the group to get on that. So, "We don't want the rules officials to hover over the player all the time." is garbage. My question though is this - S
  12. Penn State. It's not th NYC area that you mentioned but the courses there are very nice. They played the Big Ten Championships on the Blue Course when I was there. But the White Course is good too.
  13. I was playing with a kid I didn't know that well in college once and I chunked the life out of a full swing 60 degree wedge from th middle of the fairway. He proceeded to walk ahead, grab th divot (which was the size of a small child) study it momentarily and say,"Hey, does this look like Jesus to anyone else?" Tough to concentrate after that one.
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