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  1. Thanks man you just saved me $50/month. makes sense to just pay per ball at the range at the beginning and work a lot more on body position / practicing in front of a mirror. doesnt seem like i should use a monthly unlimited membership so will put that savings into lessons.
  2. Thanks, everyone. Yes, in NYC there's only 1 driving range and it's $30 for 94 balls (during peak hours, slightly less during non-peak). I'm reading these other threads where it costs like $3 for 30, sigh... so hence I figured I'd need an unlimited membership. Sadly I live in a cramped apartment in manhattan so its not like I have a massive space to practice. Will try to borrow long-term clubs from family members as they have a bunch of old ones and book a few lessons to start. hope i dont go broke...
  3. Hello all, I couldn't find a newbie section on this forum, but if there is one hope a mod can move it here... I've decided to pick up golf in 2019 - i've held off for a few hours out of laziness but my parents are getting old and want me to play with them on family vacation, so figured I'd rather learn it sooner than later since they've become obsessed with the game. I am in my early 30s and while I have a decent amount of disposable income, I definitely dont want to spend too much yet. I hear splurging on golf lessons is recommended at the beginning since it's important to have some basics down, so figured I'll need to spend some there. I live in new york city so golf is not cheap, but trying to figure a monthly budget and the best way to get better fast. My goal is to be able to shoot <110 on a golf course within a year (not sure how realistic that is). Initial budget (NYC prices): - monthly golf lesson ~$150/month (how many should i have when first starting? 1x a month, 2x a month?) i assume i want private/semi-private lessons rather than group, since i hear those are very hit and miss - monthly driving range membership - $135/month - the cheapest option in nyc is chelsea piers which has a off-peak driving range membership for ~$135 a month. it's not great but i figured i would need the unlimited option since i need a lot of hours - golf clubs (n/a) - i'm going to borrow some from family/friends... dont need a new set and if i do i can buy them used - golf gear (n/a) - i hear this isn't really necessary for beginners; just using sneakers and shirts. maybe ill get a glove if i really need it? - other: $20/month - i paid for a rotaryswing course since it has lots of instruction. i know there are mixed reviews but i figured online instruction is cheaper than taking weekly classes Am I missing anything else that's critical? any training tools that help accelerate practice (e.g. some orange whip thing i keep hearing about for tempo; will I need this?) Thanks
  4. Given I am completely new and just learning and havent held a club yet - Take 4x in-person lessons over the year Make it to the driving range 4x a month Make it to a full golf course? Shoot a 110? Haha i sound super noob.
  5. Given how much marketing there is on this product, I'm surprised aren't as many internet threads on this product. I am just starting to learn golf (literally never been to a driving range first), but determined to start in 2019, so picked up this product after hearing about it. It looks like they got rid of the 2 swing reviews a month (now it looks like it's 6 with purchase, so once every 2 months). I tend to be very methodical and structured in my learning approach so appreciated the step-by-step way its presented; seems to be quite comprehensive and I'm basically too lazy to scour the internet and pull from various sources, so at least it's all here in one place. Will keep everyone posted on progress....
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