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  1. My second-longest is my TE Exotics XRail 4W, w/ 16.5° loft and 42.5" shaft, D1 Swingwt. Shaft = Grahite Design G-Series 60 R flex, 60 gr., mid-high launch, 3.9 Torque If I'm swinging halfway decent, it works great. For hitting off the turf, I sometimes choke up 1/2 inch for better control. I may switch to with a slightly lighter grip, which would increase the swingweight. It feels a bit feathery sometimes. ------------------------------------------- I have a challenger to the XRail, a Big Bertha Alpha 815 FW, 18° loft and 42.5" shaft, D2 Swt. Shaft = Fuji Motore Speeder 665 FW R-flex, 62 gram, low-mid torque and midlaunch. I've hit the Alpha at the range, but haven't played with it. I will probably deloft to 17°, and rotate the sole weights to see how that affects flight and trajectory. If it works, I might pick up a FlyZ 3H and replace the 7W also.
  2. OTH, I appreciate the note on Classic Clubs. I've been on the TE website plenty, but never had noticed it. I'll be using it plenty this summer.
  3. In mid-summer, allergies can cause problems for some golfers. If I face alternating days of rain, 95° and sunny, rain, 95° and sunny... the mold count can skyrocket to 60,000. During weeks like this, I'm slightly dizzy on course, and have trouble finding my balance point over putts. Frustrating times for putts under 10 feet. And antihistamines don't help much on those stretches. But when the sun returns and the mold count drops, the problem goes away.
  4. OZIK MATRIX 6Q3.1 RED TIE I looked on the Tour Edge site, and didn't find this listed in their most recent FW or Driver stock shafts. I did find your model in the 2014 GolfWorks catalog: Woods 6 / RFlex / MPF = 3B2M / Butt Diameter 0.625" / Tip .335" / 65 grams / Torque 3.1° / Parallel Tip 3.0" / Medium Bend - Medium Tip/ Cost $320 ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, you have a slightly heavier than average R-flex shaft with low torque; otherwise, middle-of-road flight dynamics. BTW, which head model was the FW? If it flies for you, sounds like you found a really good club.
  5. I've heard of clubsmiths cutting 1/4" off one's longest iron to increase control. Cutting the 4i and 5i down to 7i length, however, is a lot different. Let's compare... You would need quite a bit of lead tape to get back to D2 swingweight. Plus, you would need to adjust the lie angle because the shaft is shorter. In traditional irons, the 1/2" shaft length difference is good for 5-6 yards of the 10- to 12-yard difference between numbered irons. Shaft length, however, has less impact on distance in the wedges. (Most companies have 1/4" shaft length differences between categories of wedges. Or in case of Muzuno, the S5 wedges all come in at 35.25".) The single-length irons such as the Cobra King F7 and the Sterling irons have specially engineered heads so that all have the same weight. The links describe other variations which make the "one length" irons work.
  6. In spring of 1970, I was a back-up player for the Meramec Community College golf team. Our home course was Crystal Lake CC in Des Peres, MO (just west of St. Louis). The course was open from 1929-1979. The course technically was in Crystal Lake Park, one of those too-small villages that pockmark the St. Louis County landscape. About 470 persons live there now. The course, the reason the village existed, was a 36 + 34 = 70 layout. About 6,170 yards total, with front about 500 yards longer than the back. A par 5 and par 3 on the front, and a par 5 and three par 3s on the back. Definitely an old-style layout. We never could figure out why lake was in the name - a meandering creek ran through the course, but no lake. It had morphed to an early semi-private by the time we got there. Some members, but a lot of people with $6 and a bag of clubs. Most of the sand traps had become grass bunkers. The course was hard and fast, some treelined and some fairly open holes. The course was always touchy, little odd bounces and interesting greens. The shorter holes often had creek frontage - those risk-reward holes the golf ads always talk about. In 1981 I was home visiting relatives, and decided to go out and play Crystal. I drove up Bopp Road, but couldn't find the course. I drove around for awhile, and came upon what looked like the gray-sided pro shop. But, no golf course. I walked up to the small store - can't remember what it sold - and walked inside. A gentleman looked up and said, "Looking for the golf course?" I nodded yes, and he said, as he waved his hand to the side, "It's all houses now." It wasn't the greatest course in the world, but it just disappeared. I had missed the funeral. Would have been nice to have played Crystal one last time.
  7. While we were dating, my wife knew I caddied and played golf, so she went with me to a U.S. open district qualifier and a minor tournament. After we got married we got her some clubs, and she played semi-regularly in the early years. She then played a couple of times a year for a long time. Recently we got her custom-fit for some Adams clubs, and she will play in the women's league now that she's retired.
  8. Yonex describes itself as a world leader in golf, tennis and badminton equipment. Yonex had booths at both the 2016 and 2017 PGA Merchandise Shows in Orlando. At 2016 show, Yonex was launching the EZone XPG irons. Their lead booth rep gave a really good promo for the XPGs. But, when I tried to get him to recap his analysis on video, he declined. The company has corporate headquarters in Tokyo, USA HQ in Torrance, CA., and Canadian HQ in Calgary.
  9. Golfers are human... humans are imperfect... need I say more? That said, most golf "bad boy" incidents involve rudeness or insensitivity, not grand violence. And many "bad boy" incidents end up being overblown attempts by bored sportswriters to generate something for a slow news day.
  10. Two points on adjustability: 1. One reason for the push for adjustability is supply chain efficiency. This helps both manufacturers and golf shops. A local pro says she only carries about half the number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) on hand for long clubs as she once did. She can adjust the loft up or down a little for a driver, and swap out shafts to get the version the customer wants. 2. Draw or fade bias. Some clubs allow you to adjust both loft and face angle. My XR16 Tour driver is set at 10.5*, with an open face. The fitter told me than if can quiet down my hands a little (open face lessens chance of left miss), I can move it to a square setting.
  11. Interesting.. What was the final verdict? You can do this from a bunker right (putt out & then chip)? Final verdict for that day was that I got the dozen balls as a prize, but I think I was supposed to feel ashamed when I played with them. Again, the business law professors can resolve any similar disputes at future tournaments. The rule probably will be a chip-in must be "your first shot from off the green within 50 yards of the green..." or something like that. Being I no longer live in Texas, I'm not too worried about it.
  12. Went to the St. Louis Golf Expo on Saturday. I tried the iBlade, just to say I had touched it - but it's too much club for me. I did somewhat better with the i200, but the 7i w/ S300 shaft only went about 130 yards (launch monitor indoors). i200 might be better with lighter shaft, but I worry I'd have to swing my best to get much out of the i200 head. It's a beautiful club! Hit a couple of shots with a G 7i w/AWT2.0 R-flex, and it flew out to 145. In past, I had motivating session with G irons at 2016 PGA Show.
  13. @CSTACK asked me a question, and I asked for some details on what he wanted to do. He responded, and I suggested options. I hope your postings on other interests are of higher quality than your TST remarks.
  14. We have a more informal golf league. The majority are retirees, and we play at least twice a week when the weather is decent. We have a phone list, and the organizers send out a schedule of tee times available for the following week. People who want to play on a day e-mail back and grab a slot. We have about three "away" trips a month when the home course has an outside tournament.. The game is a four-person best ball, with a $5 buy-in per person. You have a team winner and skins winners. The winnings are lean, but the braggin' rights are grand! It's cash and carry, so there's no need for a treasurer.
  15. I guess it was in fall of 5th grade (circa 1963?). We went to a family picnic at a park with a golf course, and a couple in our group brought along golf clubs and played nine before the picnic began. (I can't remember their names). I asked the woman how to play golf, and she showed me how to play on a short hole along the picnic area. She told me to stay loose, and "aim over there" (pointing to the right) before I hit. I hit some waist-high line drives slightly to the right, and one of them somehow rolled onto the green. I hit some putts and sank one, and I was a golfer! Can't remember what I got on the hole. The following year, my brother traded our last tricycle to the trash man for a mixed bag of golf clubs someone had thrown out. We had our own clubs then.