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  1. WUTiger

    Callaway X20 Irons

    I got fitted for both the X20 (blue) and X20 Tour (black) irons in 2009. I played the X20s for two seasons, and then switched to the X20 Tours. I had a lot of trouble with range dispersion with the X20s, and they tended to hang up in the rough. The stock shaft was the Uniflex; I liked it OK, but not everyone does. The X20 Tours have better feel, and tighter range dispersion, and move through turf more cleanly. I did replace the PX 5.0 shafts... just a bit hard to handle. The X20 Tours have slightly higher lofts.
  2. WUTiger

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Quick drop-in from hiatus - Someone clarify the sport... Do we want to play fast... or play golf? In tournaments, you have to go through the ritual drops or you get DQd. One factor in speed of play is course maintenance and cutting. If you have 25-yard fairways, and everything outside the 3-foot wide first cut is 6+ inches deep, play will be slow. And, everyday golfers don't have a hundred spectators along the trees to help them find a wayward ball. See you all later!
  3. For average golfer, club fitting is damage control: Get clubs that won't hurt your game.
  4. WUTiger

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    The newspaper and the PGA Championship Program list the yardage as 7,316 yards, Par 70. The 7547 would be from the tips, Par 72. Nos. 1, 2 and 3 are short of the tips, as is No. 11. And, the tournament has options on No. 17, a 597-yd. par 5: The tees could be be moved up on Sunday to encourage more people to go for the green in two. Also... 10 of 14 long holes are dogleg left, an extra consideration for the power-fade people.
  5. WUTiger

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    I dropped by briefly from my hiatus. St. Louis golf historian Jim Healey reports that, since golf started in St. Louis circa 1898, more than 40 courses have faded away. For interesting account, see StL Courses Lost. I had played several of these StL ghost courses: Crystal Lakes CC. Part of the (tiny) city of Crystal Lakes Park, the semi-private operated from 1929 to 1979. Curious old-style 36 + 34 = 70 layout, with front nine about 400 yards longer than the back. Served as Meramec Community College golf team's home course circa 1970. It got subdivided, as I found out circa 1983 when I was visiting home and decided to go play it, only I couldn't find it! Southmoor GC. A public course in south St. Louis Co., it was down to nine holes when I played it in the 1970s; course had lots of league play. Two solid par 4s highlighted the round, before it got subdivided. Duwe GC. (Operated as Lakewood GC at end). Short, fun course popular with women and beginners and those needing a golfing morale boost. Now the site of St. Clare Hospital; at time of sale, the course was largest undeveloped plot of land in south county. Creve Coeur GC. Now reduced to a nine-hole course, it sets aside a business park. The original 18-hole layout stretched to about 6,600 yds., the longest public course in the area. It was popular among golfers who wanted to develop their game. A curious par 70 that closed with back-to-back par 5s. Westhaven Course. A Belleville, IL., nine-holer affiliated with the local Elk's lodge.The owners had discussed me running it for them during the summer, but their kids talked them into subdividing. It played to par 35: eight par 4s and a par 3, a bit boring as one patron said. I was going to propose this change: swap two par 4s - No. 9 too tight - for a par 3 and par 5. But the sale closed before I could.
  6. You might try hybrids with pro or tour heads. These tend to have a more square club face, and would be less likely to end up to the left. (Last long club changes I made were to driver and hybrids. Both types had offset faces, while irons and wedges had square face/much less offset. Now everything is square face, and I have much fewer left misses). Before you spend money, check your ball position. If you play hybrids too far forward like a wood, the clubface may be closed down at impact.
  7. Also the mini-driver would likely have a 12* or higher loft. She's not very tall, and could use the loft to make up for leverage deficit of her height. My wife is even shorter, so I hope your gal gets the club she needs! (Note: I am on hiatus, and only check in about once a month.)
  8. WUTiger

    Going on Hiatus

    Dear TST crew, For the next few months I have extra work, family and professional matters which will occupy most of my time. Because of this, I will be going on hiatus from TST until about Thanksgiving. I should be able to get in some rounds of golf this summer. I will not, however, be able to play the local Amateur circuit - just too many conflicts. I'm volunteering at the PGA Championship in August, but must miss the final round to head for a conference in Chicago. I will check back this Friday for any final business. Have have a good summer. And remember, Lowest Score Wins!
  9. WUTiger

    ust mamiya 660 recoil shaft

    Early Recoil 660/680 shafts were popular as replacements for the superlight 85 gram steel shafts from circa 2014 - more solid feel without too too much weight. The 2018 upgrade for irons is called the Recoil 660/680 SC. Recoil 660/680 SC appear to have taper tip available on custom order. The new 660/680 has similar specs to the Recoil Hybrid ES. Using the Maltby Playability Factor for Shafts, the 660/680 by has moderate codes for its flexes. F2 (Senior) = 2B2M F3 (Regular) = 3B2M F4 (Stiff) = 4B2M What you might do is order one 660/680 ES shaft, put it in the DBM 7i, and see how it works out. Golfworks could help you on your selection. You'll have to hunt up reviews on your own for the 2018 models.
  10. WUTiger

    Swingspeed - Driving iron

    Looks like you are a higher (not superhigh) swingspeed player. One factor would be how aggressive your move from the top is, and what flex shaft you use. A local golf pro who is an accomplished clubsmith did this for his low-end iron: a large-size long iron head with an R-flex shaft, tipped for control. (I'll call him and see if I can get the exact recipe.) I'll give you the standard TST response to your inquiry: Do a side-by-side and see what works best. And, let us know what you select.
  11. OTH, I'm confused... with your new Exotics CBX Blades, don't you get mainly GIR on your approaches? 😕
  12. If you have good clubhead speed, the standard hybrid may have too much offset for you. Consider a pro or tour head which has a more square face. Not all pros have abandoned them... A sampling from GD's What's In the Bag... Webb Simpson - Titleist 913Hd 20* and 915Hd 23.5* Paidrig Harrington - Wilson Staff D300 at 17* Russell Henley - Titleist 818H2 at 21* Ian Poulter - Titleist 816H2 at 21* Phil Mickelson - Rogue Hybrid 19* (also owns X Forged UT driving iron; assume he bags one or the other) And, if you really fear left misses, try the Tour Edge CBX hybrid; the TE reps claim it is "left-proof"
  13. WUTiger

    Keeping the Same Shafts

    Especially for woods. Because of the hundreds of varieties of graphite shafts, trying to find that one single wonder shaft will drive you crazy. Happy shafting!
  14. WUTiger

    Keeping the Same Shafts

    Whether last cycle's shaft will work again for you depends on two things: Is your swing basically the same. Are you in the same physical stage of your life. On irons I got fitted for Dynalite S300 shafts at age 44, but opted for lighter regular shafts when i got a new set at age 58. For most golfers, you do OK if you have rods from your shaft band, a cluster of shaft models that tend to fit your swing on fittings. The last four years, my shaft band seems to be: NS Pro 8950GH (R) or 950 (R), KBS Tour 90 (R or S), KBS Tour 105 (R), Ping AWT 2.0 (R), Recoil 95 (F3).
  15. I have seen single-digit HDCP players who won't touch a 60*, and I have seen guys break 90 only because they hit a couple of super 60* shots. A couple of years back, Golf Digest reported on the wedge mixes of the PGA Tour pros. About half carried a 58* as their highest lofted club. Many golf instructors encourage beginners to stay away from the 60*, mainly because it takes a lot of practice time to get the hang of it. Beginners can better use the time for other phases of the game. As with many things in golf, go with what works - as long as it's within the rules.

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