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  1. We - who are well over 60 - are giving general advice regarding someone who is in his Sixties. The "3/4" swing remark is one of the identifiers that a Dustin Johnson swing is no longer possible. And, balance exercises and club fittings can help the person out. In my old Senior group, people who dumped their Titleist DCI 2i and 3i for hybrids had big improvements in their game. So, @Shorty, print out this thread and put it in an envelope. When you turn 60, grab a cold open the magic envelope and review the printout! And if the rest of us are still alive, you can contact us f
  2. We met several years ago at the St. Louis Golf Expo. @Club Ratthen invited me to play WingHaven GC, one of the most enjoyable rounds of golf since I returned to StL. P.S. CR is a better golfer than I am.
  3. First, I want to mention balance. As people get older, they encounter a diminished sense of balance. Gyms which have special workout sessions for seniors now include specific exercises to improve balance. As for me, like OP's father I have also gone to a 3/4 swing. But I get much better control and swingspeed with this than trying to reach high as in olden days. Reach high leads to a downswing in which I feel like I'm falling out of a tree. As you get older, getting fitted more often becomes important. After a couple of years with specific fittings, I can self-tweak for awhile.
  4. Good choice for set break. Mizuno recommends blending sets between 4i and 5i. As for what to do with loft gap, Here are your lofts for the MB20s: HMB Iron MB 19* 3i 21* 22* 4i 24* 25* 5i 27* 6i 30* 7i 34* ------------------ You would need to test out the set at the mix point to tell for sure. First you need to test out the MB 5, 6, and 7i yardages to find out MB internal gaps. If the MB 5i is a bit hotter than other faces, it could overcome the 3-degree loft gap 5i-6i and not be a yardage issue.
  5. In early April, St. Louis area courses kinda closed, but they didn’t… Played a few nine-hole “stealth rounds” at home course, but range was closed due to COVID social distancing restrictions. Didn’t play first posted round until June, when courses “reopened.” After that got in range time about once a week separate of play days. I played 21 posted 18-hole rounds at these courses: Stonewolf Golf Club (5) Cape Girardeau Country Club Dalhousie Golf Club (2) The Landings at Spirit Golf Club St. Peter’s Golf Club Jefferson City Country Club Tanglew
  6. Here's a tip from the Golfworks Clubmaking Academy: Often used in fine-tuning driver... if a person has consistency problems, put a face decal on the driver. Have the person hit 10 shots. If the impacts are scattered all over the decal, chances are the person has a driver that's too long. As for the 47" driver... back in the prior century, I broke the steel shaft in my persimmon-headed driver. Standard driver length back then was about 43.5" inches. Just for fun, I had the clubsmith put in a shaft 48" long. The good news: the ball really went a long way, often total distance o
  7. if you wanted to try some Vokeys, see if Titleist Thursdays option is still available. Under TiTh, you could schedule an outdoor Titleist fitting with a local pro participating in the program. Don't know if it's still active under COVID restrictions. You would get a Vokey session outdoors, baseline distances for your current wedges and comparable Vokey wedges. Then you can try out different grinds to see what you can discover. As for you, are your current wedges getting the job done? If so, the challenge would be blending your current wedges into your new irons. You may find an odd d
  8. As far as two per cart, it will return once COVID.19 data gets analyzed and a vaccine emerges. One would hope testing becomes more available so the health care people can better classify people as per their risk (to and from) COVID.19. Lots of posters have talked about the benefits of walking over riding, and the problems on spread-out courses where it can be 500 yards from last green to next tee. So, no comments from me on this. One influence on cart culture might be an upswing in the use of Golfboards. These are those two-wheeled, single-golfer battery operated "golf surf boards" t
  9. Thinking back a couple of years... What if you went with a Tour Edge CBX or CBX.119 hybrid in 19* or 20*? Would this be an alternative to the 2i/3i standoff? Depending on the course you could go Charlie Beljan (no 3W), or go 3W + CBX hybrid. Or, just go out and play golf... I remember how hard it was to get you to Sweet 16! And, the best to Alina and you.
  10. Last year at a scramble, I saw a 20-something playing Ping Eye2 irons. Leave well-enough alone! Play them as is.
  11. Here's a note on shafts you mentioned. For years, the default stock True Temper "Wedge Flex" shafts have been variations on the DG S300. Sometimes, the Wedge Flex was as softstepped S300. Here is a 2012 clip from the Vokey SM4 wedges: The softstepping gave a little extra spin on partial shots. The Callaway MD4 and MD5 wedges offer the DG 115 Tour Issue S200 shaft, 15 grams lighter than most of the wedge flexes. (MD5 offers Catalyst and Recoil shafts also). A "variation on a theme" was the Cleveland TRAction (tour reflex action) shaft. It was about 120 grams, and had
  12. Dump the 2i and keep the 3i. To get extra distance, hit a draw with 3i (you can hit it both ways). And dump 3W for 4W. The 4W is more versatile... can you hit it off the tee if needed? You were Mr. 4W in your Tour Edge days... ================= And, what is the deal with the PW and AW? The AW goes almost as far, even through it's 5 degrees more loft? Is the PW damaged? What is the distance gap among the wedges? ================ New business: Is you daughter old enough to play golf yet?
  13. Ping tinkered with stronger lofts in the 1980s. Stronger lofts emerged in the 1980s with Ping when Karsten started producing perimeter-weighted irons: the good news was they got the ball up a lot better than blades of the era. The bad news was they flew about a half-club shorter than the blades. Sensing that golfers didn't want to hit the ball shorter, Ping strengthened the iron lofts about 2 degrees to hold the line against distance loss. But golf marketing went overboard on this, and started the arms race toward the 200-yd. 7 iron. The last few years, clubhead designs with pol
  14. Best thing to do would be go for a fitting. See what the numbers say, and how each feels to you. I hope my sig line doesn't seem confusing. For the past few years, I have been playing both Callaway and Tour Edge. My last three drivers have been Callaways. The past two seasons, the Exotics XRails and the Callaway Alpha 815s have been competing for the FW slots. And, my last iron set before the Exotics CB Pro Tungstens were Calla X20 Tours. Although I really like the Callaway wedges now in my bag, somehow I have an Exotics 46, 50 and 58 leaning against the wall at home.
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