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  1. PING - MAP

    Ping has a reputation for being the strictest of the big-name manufacturers for closely controlling discounts on their clubs. Back about 2006, I ran across a small shop owner who had quit carrying Ping because of penalties for giving unauthorized discounts. But that was a decade ago. I'm not sure how strict the other manufacturers are compared to Ping.
  2. How long is your golf commute?

    Have you tried Quail Creek near Suson Park (Affton)? It may be a bit out of your way, and I don't know how crowded the course is recently. Sometimes Quail is swamped, other times they may have three foursomes an hour and that's about it. Key is finding gaps between leagues and scrambles.
  3. How long is your golf commute?

    Shirley and I have a year-to-year membership at Stonewolf GC in Fairview Heights, IL. The Wolf is located about a mile north of I-64 on Hwy. 159. I hosted some TST guys for a Sand Trap meet-up event this time last year. @Club Rathas hosted the group before at WingHaven CC in West County. I work in St. Louis County in a job with flex time, so if you need a fourth golfer sometime see if I'm available. St. Clair Co. (IL) is unusual in that St. Clair CC is the only private-equity club in the county. The rest are split between semi-private or public. Several of the semi-privates, such as Stonewolf and Far Oaks, are operated by Walters Golf Management.
  4. Some courses in our area have orange tee markers about 100 to 250 yards out from the green, but it's just one set. The courses don't have multiple tee sets between the women's/forward and the beginners. This thread is my first exposure to the Longleaf program.
  5. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Wish I had seen your clarification here before I voted. My vote was that bunkers were "too firm," but I was talking about bunkers with thin sand atop the liner, or bunkers with dirt pollution from soil eroding into the sand.
  6. How long is your golf commute?

    My course is four miles away, so about 8 to 15 minutes depending on traffic. One good thing: it's right along the way to work, so if I practice inbound or after work, it's less than a mile from the highway exit I use.
  7. Christmas presents

    Mevo. This would allow me to use a launch monitor outdoors. I get claustaphobic in really tight indoor hitting bays. Also, outdoor Mevo would let me test wedges without bouncing full shots off the ceiling of the golf shop.
  8. From 20 years ago: Someone recommended rubbing the shaft with a couple layers of aluminum foil. Supposedly the foil would knock off the rust particles without abrading the shaft too much.
  9. Golf Ball Fitting??

    Mike, welcome to TST! I tend to go with the mid-spin balls. I don't swing well enough to play the high-spin balls, and I find distance balls too unreliable on rollout distances. You can get golf ball fittings on the launch monitor, to find balls that fit your swing characteristics and your performance needs. Once you get down to a couple of brands/models that you like, follow the instructions of the last line of the ball chart you posted: (Note: As a TST member, try to start threads in the proper forum. We have a separate forum for Balls, Carts/Bags, etc.; possibly a moderator will relocate your thread.)
  10. Golf Goggles/Glasses

    I tried using my blended lens perscription, but anything longer than a 7i was right on the blur line. I now have polarized sunglasses with distance-only perscription lenses. (Go with polarized; regular green tint was too dark in late afternoon rounds, or if the sky was overcast.) As for scorecard, I've gotten so I can look under the frames and see card with naked eye.
  11. Sounds familiar. Before I switched out to a single hybrid (4H), I would carry a 3H from October to March (thin rough and high winds), and a 7W from April to September.
  12. Humorous remarks aside, at 6-foot-5 you may have some fitting needs which a 5-foot-8 guy (me) doesn't. If I may ask, what is your sleeve length? If you have unusually long arms even for your height, a long shaft + long arms may exceed maximum desirable linkages. You might benefit from a shorter shaft. Your third base seats concern is insightful. In the GolfWorks fitting routine, someone who has impact marks scattered all over the clubface may benefit from a shorter shaft to increase center hits. This becomes really critical for longer clubs, especially the driver. As far as choke down goes, several pros have suggested I choke down on the fairway woods when I hit them off the deck, rather than off the tee. It's easier to control that way. If I recall correctly,@Mr. Desmondhas commented before on the benefits of shorter shafts on fairway woods. This winter my fairway woods get similar tests. My two Alphas: 14° (raised to 16°) with 43" shaft 18° (raised to 20°) with 42.5" shaft I want to try the 18° down to 17°, as a possible single FW, and the 16° with the 42.5" shaft. I may do better to trim each shaft a little to gain control. Or, I might just choke down from fairway.
  13. Skins Game Question

    In some skins games, players only get 1/2 stroke on par 3 holes. This evens things out a bit for the low HDCP player.
  14. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    I only carry three wedges right now. I would keep the 48° and 54°, and leave out the 60°, although the 60° is the ideal club for one or two shots a round. But, I hit greenside cut shots with a SW for 15 years before the LW ever appeared, so I could probably get by OK.
  15. Tiger Woods generated max clubhead speed early in his career, and torque tore his body up. Looking ahead: I played stiff shafted clubs until I was 57, probably about four years too long. Besides losing distance, I lost what swing tempo I had trying to help the shaft. If you go to stiff and smooth out your swing, this will help your longevity. Also, it may open up some extra shot shapes since you don't need max muscle on each swing. And don't despair... 100 MPH on the swing is definitely in the stiff range. If you go with too light a shaft, the torque rating goes up and you'll have trouble keeping the ball under control. Tom Wishon warns that when players first go to a lighter shaft, they tend to go too light. I would say get on the launch monitor and use data and comparative feel to make your decisions. Don't rush it.

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