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  1. 26 minutes ago, Papa Steve 55 said:

    Overrated, have you seen John Daly's pants?

    Understandable that Loudmouth golf pants are not for everybody, but John Daly individualized himself when he started wearing them.  A dress code at the course is great. Have fun with it and put together good looking outfits. Individualize yourself and dress for success. The better you look, the better you may play. 

  2. 2019 Goals

    Start practicing Mon, Wed, Friday devoting 2 of those days to short game and 1 day on the range. Allotting 75 percent of the short game days to putting and 25 percent of that to 3-5 foot putts. 50 percent of range day will be spent on 100 yard shots. This is really a weakness of mine. Playing every Saturday and possibly a Sunday every so often. With setting this practice schedule, the goal is to drop 5 strokes by the start of 2020 🤞

  3. Quote

    Overrated/Underrated #8: Dress Codes

    Underrated...most businesses have a dress code or uniform policy. Why shouldnt a golf course? A polo shirt and a nice pair of shorts or slacks during the winter is sufficient. Never should you see t shirt, basketball shorts, jogging pants or any other clothing along those lines. IMO. 

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