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  1. The right clubs can make a lot of difference, but the right clubs aren't always the most expensive. Modern forgiveness irons are a lot easier to use than old irons, as are hybrids. In an ideal world you go to your local pro shop, get measured, and try some clubs out. If money is no object, this is the way to go, otherwise treat yourself to some used Pings, or similar.
  2. On a course I play quite often there is a plaque on the 14th tee that reads the club captain once shot a 28. It is a short par three, and stroke index 18.
  3. I have never replied to this thread before, because the last 9 months I have been dreadful, and not playing to my handicap. I joined a new club, and the course is so much tighter, and totally unforgiving. To be honest, I think the old course I was playing on complimented my golf. The last week or so I have been playing better, and yesterday I shot two under net. Of course, next time out may not be so good, but I am enjoying the glory while it lasts.
  4. Yes, I realised I spelt dough incorrectly but it was to late by the time I realised it. Anyway, I totally agree with your observations.
  5. Up until recently the worst part of my game has been my chipping. I would constantly hit the ground before the ball, probably in an effort to lift the ball. About a month ago I moved the ball back a few inches in my stance, now chipping is one of the best parts of game. That easy !!
  6. If you were 20 when you gave up there is a good chance you will get your distance back. If you were 60 and just took up again, forget it, you won't.
  7. A term I have heard over and over again, but is it actually true. I played a medal on Sunday, and whilst my short game was unusually good, my driving let me down. This is unusual, as my tee shots are traditionally the best part of game, and the following day when I played they were outstanding (I say it myself). I play on a very tight course, and if you don't get your tee shot right, nine out of ten times you will end up in trouble, and almost certainly have to sacrifice a shot. I would say that on the day in question I lost at least ten shots to bad drives and tee shots. Now, as bad as my putting has been on occasions, I don't think I have ever lost that many shots due to what happened on the green I don't think anybody with a handicap above single figures needs to be a big hitter, but if you can't hit the ball straight off of the tee, I would argue it can be worse than putting badly. Your opinion gentlemen !!
  8. Yep, and if he had a gold lesson he would never be the same again
  9. I am going to be controversial, but know I am right. Forget everything your pro has told you, and go back to what you where doing. This may take a few weeks, but you will get better again. You may not get better than you once were, but you will start enjoying the game again, and that's all that matters. I play with some guys with awful swings, but they have learned to make that swing work for them. Save your money, and mug off the pro.
  10. I always laugh when somebody shouts "fore left, or fore right". By the time the victim has figured out what is your right and his left, he has been hit. For God's sake everyone, just shout "FORE". Anyway, a friend of mine was hit whilst on the 12th tee a week ago, The ball bounced off of his wrist, and then hit his hip. The pain took him to the ground, and he rolled around screaming. The guy who did it can running down the fairway of the 11th, as he had just teed off. He was embarrassed and very apologetic. Meanwhile, his friend teed off and nearly hit my friend again. Perhaps some signage would have helped ?
  11. A subject close to my heart. As well as having arthritic feet, I suffer with golfers and tennis elbow, and at present my right shoulder is giving me hell. The strange thing is that taking time off doesn't appear to help it, although I am sure if I took long enough off it may. The problem being that at my age these aches and pains take quite a while to go away. I do a few exercises before I tee off, I also use hot and cold packs, as well as the usual creams. There has also been times when I resort to a tens machine, although that is better for nerve problems. After being retired for four years, I have taken a part time job, which in turn will reduce the amount of golf I play, so who knows, this may help.
  12. I use a Bushnell phantom. Its like the watch, but fits on to a magnetic holder, which can be attached your bag or belt. If you chose to use a phone app, it will drain your battery at an alarming rate. I tried a few phone apps, but never had much luck with them.
  13. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and we all play golf for the reasons we play golf. I on the other hand always remember a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work. Let us not forget, less than 1% of golf is striking the ball, the remainder is walking and talking. I would rather play badly and enjoy the company, than play well and not enjoy the company. Let's not forget, as good or as bad as you may think you are, golf will never become your living, it will only ever be a hobby !!
  14. Sand wedge gets me out of bunkers, and pitching wedge gets me over bunkers, everything else is chip and run. High angled clubs scare the hell out of me, and try to avoid them like the plague.
  15. Played today, and whilst standing on the tee of the 12th, my friend was hit by a ball aimed at the green of the 11th. The golfer who hit the ball claimed he lost site of the ball in flight, and thus didn't shout "fore". The ball first hit my friend on the wrist, and then bounced against his hip. He hit the ground as if he had been shot, and rolled around in pain. At first I didn't realise what had happened, and thought he was joking around, as he is a real comic. It then became evident he wasn't joking. The guy who hit the ball came sprinting down the fairway to apologise, and was obviously upset. Anyway, my friend survived, and continued to play the awful golf he had already been playing. So, anyone else encountered such an experience ????
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