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  1. Mr Puddle

    A Decently Humorous Story

    I have a decently humorous story. Paddy and Murphy were working on a building site. Paddy was hanging upside down from a ceiling. The foreman asked him what he was doing, and he told him he was a light bulb. The foreman informed he had had enough, he fired him and told to get off of the site. Five minutes later Murphy was putting on his coat. The foreman asked him where he was going, and he replied "I'm not working in the dark" 😁
  2. Mr Puddle

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    My friends mate puts Baileys on his cornflakes, that's an alcoholic
  3. Mr Puddle

    Unusual Putting Technique

    I have already said that the site software won't accept the video taken on my phone. I find this strange as it is the most common format. You are missing the point, I WAS a dreadful putter, but now quite reasonable. In fact, after just joining my new club I have been complimented on this part of my game. This is something that has never happened before. I have also said, if you are already a good putter, take no notice of this thread. As you may well know, in golf what works for one person doesn't for another. My thread is for those people who are presently struggling with putting and looking for an answer. It has worked for me, so I see no reason why it shouldn't help someone else. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought a forum was for this purpose ?
  4. Mr Puddle

    Unusual Putting Technique

    OK, I filmed it, but the sites software won't let me upload it. Shoulders remain still, arms stay almost still, hips rock from side to side. It sounds a bit strange, but it works as it keeps the putt more constant
  5. Mr Puddle

    Unusual Putting Technique

    I don't think I have made myself clear. My putting has traditionally been awful, but since finding this technique it has improved significantly. Now, if your already a decent putter I suggest you ignore this thread. The norm is to keep the body still and move your arms like a pendulum, although I have witnessed all sorts of things. My technique is to lock the arms straight and gently rock your body using the hips. For me this drastically reduces the adverse movement I experience when moving my arms. I don't suggest this will work for everyone, but if your struggling with your putting, it's worth an hour on the practice green, you may just be surprised
  6. Mr Puddle

    Unusual Putting Technique

    Honestly, as far as you want. Arguably the power from your hips is greater than the power from your arms. Keeping your arms stationary reduces the amount of adverse movement. I keep my arms still, and tuck my right elbow into my hip. This in turn produces a truer putting stroke. Go and get your putter, and have a go
  7. Mr Puddle

    Gps golf watch

    I have a TomTom golfer MK1, and it is brilliant. Every time you plug it into the PC it updates. It is waterproof, and gives all the hazard info etc. I picked up on eBay for a crazy low price, but these bargains don't come up all the time. Incidentally, if that is you in and your other half in the avatar, your fighting above your weight
  8. Mr Puddle

    Unusual Putting Technique

    Up until recently my putting has been dreadful, and amongst my friends it is a subject for jest. I have now found a technique that is far from orthodox, but it appears to be working, well, for the time being at least. I thought I would share this with you all, because I know I am not the only golfer that struggles with this part of the game. Now, this is going to sound strange, but honestly, it works for me. Simply line yourself up with the hole as you would do regardless. Now, keep your arms absolutely still, and instead of moving your arms to hit the ball, move your hips and keep your arms still. I find this reduces the inconsistency and side movement of your arms which in turn ruins the putting stroke. I am prepared to get bombarded with comments, but let us not forget, once upon a time we all thought the world was flat !!
  9. Mr Puddle

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    First 14 holes terrible, then only dropped one whole (gross) on the last 4. I am a late starter
  10. Mr Puddle

    Golf Philosophy… Which One for You?

    Quite true. I am at the years 3-6 stage, and have hit the inevitable wall. Fortunately I have the attitude to survive
  11. Mr Puddle

    What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

    They have just opened their first shop in the UK, but as yet few people have heard of them. They are of course available on eBay, and the range is quite extensive. Here is a link to a youtube video.
  12. Mr Puddle

    Anyone use a gps watch for golf?

    I use a TomTom golf watch. It updates every time I charge it on my pc. It has various screens including hazards etc. Absolutely brilliant
  13. Mr Puddle

    Restoring Deleted Pics on Android Phone

    I wouldn't think so. Is there any chance they are backed up to your google account ? Go to Google, click on the 9 dot box, click on photos
  14. Mr Puddle

    What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

    In the UK most people are obsessed with Samsung, Iphone, or Huawei. All these phones are very good, but expensive. Like everything I ever purchase, I research the given product carefully, looking at specification, price, and user reviews. The fourth biggest selling make of phone in the World is actually Xiaomi, although their sales are mainly in Asia. Nine months ago after reading many reviews and watching YouTube videos, I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 4x. The phone has a 5" screen, 3gb of ram, 32gb storage, and a Snapdragon processor. It also comes in a less powerful model with a smaller storage, and more powerful model with more storage. The phone is simply unbelievable for the money. It is very well put together, it is incredibly fast, the 400mhz battery lasts up to three days, and the additional Xiaomi apps are excellent. This phone cost me £99 ($120) on eBay, and as such I bought the "note" version for my wife. So, the next time you need a mobile phone, have a look at the range. Oh, and by the way, I do not work for them
  15. Mr Puddle

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    Strange thing is that I thought I hardly drank anything for a golfer. No idea why you would want to cut back, you are virtually tea total. Anyway, I am from the camp who would prefer to die at 70 happy, than 80 being boring and miserable

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