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  1. A well thought out post, with no aggression. Perhaps others could take note. I would love to improve, but am at an age where my golf is likely to go one way. My handicap has risen 3 shots in less than two years, and the WHS has just given me yet another shot back. I actually know people who would give up golf all together if that had happened to them. A guy I play with has just had his handicap adjusted from 22 to 36, but he hasn't figured out yet if he is happy about this or annoyed. To be honest though, he is a pretty rubbish golfer. We played Stableford the other week, and he hadn't m
  2. Admittedly I don't have a politically correct bone in my body, but the people I play golf with are from the same generation, so we tend to share the same sense of humour. I get the impression humour is very different this side of the pond
  3. Mod note: this topic now exists here: I have read dozens of threads and posts, and rarely read anything funny, which made me think. When I play golf it's generally with blokes that laugh all the way around the course. We constantly take the Micky out of each other, and if we don't play well (which is most of the time) it doesn't bother us. I know a few people who get angry when they play badly, or duff a shot, but I tend to steer well clear of them. You see, I know I am never going to be a world beater, and I know I am never going to make a living from it. To me it's just a game, and if
  4. Go into lockdown and press the pause button, open up and we are back to where we started. The vaccine is a myth, so we may as well get on with it. My last game tomorrow for four weeks
  5. All golf clubs in England are to close for 4 weeks in England as from Thursday 5th November. For what it is worth, I don't believe in any form of lock down, but that's another issue all together. We are permitted to go for a long walk with one member of another household, but we aren't permitted to hit a golf ball while we do it. Please, can someone tell me why or how that makes any sense. What's the situation where you live ?
  6. I agree, Ireland have overreacted to Covid. Lock down for six weeks, then a few weeks afterwards the infection level will just go up again. Nobody will become immune whilst they are stuck indoors, and if the government is waiting for a vaccine, forget it, that's years away. Like you say, a golf course is far safer than a supermarket, but nobody will shut those.
  7. I don't get that. To me the idea of golf is the company and the laughs accompanied by it. In fact, I hate playing on my own, and haven't done it for years. 18 months ago I was playing off of 15, now it's 18, and I am struggling to do that. I don't really care to be honest, because golf doesn't pay a mortgage, and I know I will never be a pro, especially now I am in my 60s. Golfers are very understanding people, and none of them care how good or bad you are. None of them will be laughing at you, and none will be passing judgement. Just go out there an enjoy yourself.
  8. This subject is a bone of contention with me. I shout fore if there is any chance what so ever of a ball hitting someone. I don't know if you do it in the U.S, but many golfers in the UK shout "Fore Right" or "Fore Left". First of all the golfers on the course have to figure out where the call is coming from, then they have to work out if your right is their left, or your left is their right, and that would depend on if they are facing you, or have their back to you. By the time they have figured this out they are laying in hospital waiting for an operation to have a golf ball removed from an
  9. Heavens no, we don't let them in the golf carts 😀
  10. That's great. I have a feeling I could play until I am 100 and still not get one. Suppose I have to hit the green first though 😁
  11. I have never played at any club in the where they mind black people playing. At my club we even let them use the same facilities 😁
  12. That's a good post, and very true. Poor pro's just try and teach by the book, without making allowances. A good lesson should help improve your score, not turn you into Tiger Woods
  13. It was in reply to another political post for God's sake
  14. There will be many people who tell you to stick with what you have been taught, and eventually it will pay off, but I won't. There are more bad pros out there than good ones, and the idea that everything you will ever get taught will improve your game is not true. A good pro will look at your age, your flexibility, and natural ability. He will get the best out of you, but will appreciate that you are unlikely to ever become a pro yourself. I have seen quite promising golfers get destroyed by golf lessons, and never be able to get back to where they were. I am not anti golf lessons, but am a fi
  15. Took it up when I was 57, just after I retired. I wanted male company, wanted to make sure I got exercise, and needed to kill time. The only problem is that I find it a real strain on my body. Elbows and shoulders suffer terribly I'm just thinking what would happen to a golfer who is a liberal at my golf club. I live in an extremely right wing area, if my town was in the USA it would be real Trump territory. Liberals and lefties get served in hot dog rolls here 😁
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