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  1. I can't believe that the poll is leaning to "NO". I very much suspect Americans and Canadians must be meaner than the Brits. It is traditional that anyone who gets a whole in one buys everyone a drink in the club house. You can even get insurance to cover you for this. Honestly, it disgusts me that any golfer would choose to do otherwise
  2. I have a Fiat 124 Spider, and thought you should it is totally unsuitable for golf
  3. One of the best players I play with, and plays in single figures, uses nothing bigger than a 5 wood. What he loses in distance he gains in accuracy, and a great short game.
  4. I don't believe any other sport will help or hinder your golf, but keeping fit obviously does help. It is so different to other sports I just don't see any cross over
  5. I say so myself, I have a pretty reasonable swing for someone of my maturing years. I believe I have little natural golfing talent, albeit I have always been quite sporty. The little I have achieved is by repeatedly mimicking what orthodox golfers do. Part of the reason I love golf is because I find it so damn hard. I play with many players who have horrible swings, yet are significantly better than me. Their natural coordination and ability to find out how to make their swing work for them, appears to out way my ability to copy a classic swing. Of course, it could be argued that the very best golfers have both a classic swing and posses natural ability. I played with a chap a few days ago who had just started playing. I know this is unkind, but I know if he played every day for the next five years he still wouldn't get to a 28 handicap. So how would you measure an amateur golfers ability to play golf based on natural ability v sheer hard work ?
  6. Great thread, and I agree. I am amongst the top 20% of long hitters in my club, and I hit about 220 yds on a good day. Of course, there are some younger and stronger players who can hit up to 300 yds, but they certainly aren't the norm. I know plenty of people who given up playing golf, and strangely enough they all used to hit the ball absolute miles
  7. My ageing limbs have meant I have now given into purchasing an electric trolley. I have managed to secure a deal on a good used Gokart trolley. The reviews appear to be very good, and after looking around it would appear a few people at my club use them. I am particularly interested in knowing if the trolley can be comfortably used if the battery dies, and if anyone here has used or owns one.
  8. Ahh, it would appear Americans do the same as Brits. You used centigrade to for the cold temperatures, and Fahrenheit for the warmer.
  9. I am suffering depression as a result of the winter. I am still getting out there a few times a week, but my golf has been dreadful. I find playing during the winter so damn hard. In the summer a perfect strike of the ball isn't necessary, as the ball will happily roll 150 yards even if you top it. Hit the ground before the ball, and the club face will bounce off of the hard soil and strike the ball. During the winter neither of these things happen, and the ball has to be struck perfectly. Even then the distance lost because of the weather is significant. Green conditions vary day today, and it takes me to the 9th to get a hold of how hard to hit the ball. At present I am a 16 handicapper playing like someone who has just taken the game up. I know it's the same for everyone, but I play with people who are still playing close to their handicap. NOW, that's depressing
  10. Good question, "what should a five year old focus on". Answer, don't accept lifts from strangers !!
  11. I retired at 57 and then took up golf, I am now 61. I play golf (weather permitting) 5 days a week, albeit many rounds are only 9 holes, I ten go to the pub for a few hours in the afternoon. My wife goes to the gym, and does other stuff that women do (not sure really). This is my tip, and it is a BIG ONE. After spending 40 hours a week at work, and then being in a situation where you are with the old woman all day, it will drive you absolutely crazy. You need to plan your retirement so you spend as little time as possible with her, otherwise you will end up suicidal.
  12. I keep my phone in the pocket of my bag. I will answer it only depending on who I am playing with, but to be honest I don't get many calls.
  13. I have a decently humorous story. Paddy and Murphy were working on a building site. Paddy was hanging upside down from a ceiling. The foreman asked him what he was doing, and he told him he was a light bulb. The foreman informed he had had enough, he fired him and told to get off of the site. Five minutes later Murphy was putting on his coat. The foreman asked him where he was going, and he replied "I'm not working in the dark" 😁
  14. My friends mate puts Baileys on his cornflakes, that's an alcoholic
  15. I have already said that the site software won't accept the video taken on my phone. I find this strange as it is the most common format. You are missing the point, I WAS a dreadful putter, but now quite reasonable. In fact, after just joining my new club I have been complimented on this part of my game. This is something that has never happened before. I have also said, if you are already a good putter, take no notice of this thread. As you may well know, in golf what works for one person doesn't for another. My thread is for those people who are presently struggling with putting and looking for an answer. It has worked for me, so I see no reason why it shouldn't help someone else. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought a forum was for this purpose ?
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