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  1. Heavens no, we don't let them in the golf carts 😀
  2. That's great. I have a feeling I could play until I am 100 and still not get one. Suppose I have to hit the green first though 😁
  3. I have never played at any club in the where they mind black people playing. At my club we even let them use the same facilities 😁
  4. That's a good post, and very true. Poor pro's just try and teach by the book, without making allowances. A good lesson should help improve your score, not turn you into Tiger Woods
  5. It was in reply to another political post for God's sake
  6. There will be many people who tell you to stick with what you have been taught, and eventually it will pay off, but I won't. There are more bad pros out there than good ones, and the idea that everything you will ever get taught will improve your game is not true. A good pro will look at your age, your flexibility, and natural ability. He will get the best out of you, but will appreciate that you are unlikely to ever become a pro yourself. I have seen quite promising golfers get destroyed by golf lessons, and never be able to get back to where they were. I am not anti golf lessons, but am a firm believer you have to find the right pro, and that isn't always easy
  7. Took it up when I was 57, just after I retired. I wanted male company, wanted to make sure I got exercise, and needed to kill time. The only problem is that I find it a real strain on my body. Elbows and shoulders suffer terribly I'm just thinking what would happen to a golfer who is a liberal at my golf club. I live in an extremely right wing area, if my town was in the USA it would be real Trump territory. Liberals and lefties get served in hot dog rolls here 😁
  8. My advice is, if you decide to shorten the club, shorten from the top
  9. Don't know how true this is, but was told by an experienced low handicapper. The stroke index (handicap) is designed to level things up between the lower and higher handicapped players, and not the order of difficulty. Hope you understand the post, as the terminology across the pond is a little different
  10. Interesting that you call the hardest hole handicap 1, whilst in the UK well call it stroke index 1. A handicap in the UK is what you play off, ie I am a 15 handicapper.
  11. It's not the same in the UK fortunately. Of course, there are a few liberals and non achieving black people who do claim racial injustice, but in reality it just doesn't exist. I am proud of this, and am sure it will continue. Of course, if the US does have a disproportionate amount of black people in poverty, it is important the reasons behind this be investigated, as I would be surprised if it is genuinely down to any form of racism, well it isn't over here anyway. I believe so few people of colour play golf is cultural, and that may never change. Our golf club system also appears a little different to yours. Whilst we have a few council owned golf clubs (municipal) , there are very few left now, as most were sold off. The vast majority are private, however nearly all of them welcome pay and play golfers, as most wouldn't survive without them.
  12. This is always a controversial subject, but it's a bit like driving. I don't bother overtaking a slow driver if I can see there is a queue of traffic ahead. Likewise, I wouldn't bother letting someone through if I know they are only going to get held up by three lot's of golfers in front of me. Unfortunately this is more often than not the case. Of course, none of this would be an issue if people didn't play slow golf, but regardless of rules and advice, we all know that will never happen.
  13. I don't know about the US but that isn't the case in the UK. People of colour have additional privileges, laws, and rights here, and are more than welcome to play golf at any course they wish, and so they should be. My best friend is of Asian decent and stands out like a sore thumb when he plays at my club. Not so much for his colour, but the fact he is the noisiest person on the course 😁
  14. I believe this is an interesting subject, because golf prices around the world differ so much. For example, play in Portugal or Spain and they charge a lot, primarily as they see it as a rich man's sport, rather than a game for the masses. In the UK for someone who lives locally and is under the age of 65, a 7 day membership varies from about £500 to £2000 per year, with an average of about £700/£800. Of course, there are exceptions. Nearly all our courses are privately owned, although the vast majority welcome pay and play members. The normal cost of a round for a pay and play golfer is about £20-£50 depending on various factors, but again there are exceptions. So, what about where you live?
  15. The membership pretty much reflects the population. We have very few people from an ethnic background who live in the area. However, we do have many women, but only a handful of female members. My best friend happens to be of Asian decent, but won't join my club because they insist on him wearing golf shoes, and he doesn't like them. Most proper clubs in the UK insist on the wearing of golf shoes, where I am aware it's not the same in the U.S
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