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  1. So, presently in the UK we are allowed our for one bit of exercise a day with a family member, but allowed to play golf. In short, I can go for a walk with my wife in a park, but I can't do the same thing and hit a golf ball. I just think the government don't want us to enjoy ourselves.
  2. So it's OK for me to dislike a person from Blackpool or Essex, but not OK for me to dislike a person from another country. How very strange !
  3. In the UK you can't even get a police officer to attend a house burglary because they claim they are short staffed, however all of a sudden they are everywhere. I suspect all those police sat at speed traps have been diverted
  4. Yes different cultures across the pond. I am quite possibly of an older generation, and the majority of golfers I play with don't take well to foreigners. That isn't to say we don't let them on the local course, because we welcome all. That said, I live in a part of the country that can be described a little England.
  5. I live in the UK, and have always found this a difficult question. I am no lover of foreigners, and moving to a country where the native language is foreign wouldn't suit me at all. That kind of restricts things. Parts of Australia are nice, but the taxes on anything enjoyable are very high, and I don't even know if they play golf over there. Parts of the USA are quite nice, such as Florida, but I'm not that keen on the American culture.
  6. They turn the cup up side down. In the UK all courses are closed, and will be for at least three weeks. My guess is that they won't open until about June. LOL Trump has said he wants the Corona crisis sorted by Easter in the USA, good luck with that one
  7. Mr Puddle


    Of course, and I'm the same. However, if don't have any obstacles to get over, it's always an 8 iron chip and run !
  8. I live in the UK, and it's all gone bonkers. Nature is simply attempting to trim the tree from the top. 8 billion people on planet earth, and we are worried about loosing a few old and sick ones. As far as golf is concerned, YES. I meant to be going to play in Portugal in 4 weeks, and I think there is about a one in a hundred chance of it actually happening. Then the fight to get money back
  9. Mr Puddle


    Watched an Arnold Palmer vid the other day. He said amature golfers are better off chipping and running, than attempting to throw the ball up in the air.
  10. I don't really understand spin, I just want the ball to go straight, and I buy balls that try and do this for me. Yes, I think that was point. A good golfer can use that spin to draw and fade his long irons/driver, but it's advantageous for a lesser player to use a ball that doesn't spin as much. I quite often hear mid/high handicappers say that at their level the ball doesn't matter, but I would argue it matters more at their level than a better golfer.
  11. I am a mid handicapper, and YES, they can make a difference. For example, PRO V1's are designed to spin. Good players who can control spin find this an asset, for people like me, who just want the thing to go straight, it is a disadvantage. There is little difference as far as distance is concerned, but the feel of the ball when chipping and putting is concerned varies a lot. The secret is to find a ball you feel comfortable with. I use Srixon Distance balls. They are as cheap as chips, but I like them, and that's all that counts.
  12. From driver to putter, all my clubs have covers. Takes me a second to put the cover on and take it off. Always been the same since I was a kid, and look after everything I own
  13. I can't understand anyone spending hundreds of dollars/pounds on a set of golf clubs and not putting them in head covers. Just my opinion
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