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  1. There are many golf jokes, but I am going to tell you my present favourite. I also have a very funny one I would like to share, but I suspect being an American site carries a great deal of political corectness, so I won't. Anyway. Paddy moves to a new area and decides to pop into his local golf club in order he can find a new playing partner. Whilst talking to the pro, he was approached by an American who offered to play with him. Paddy told him that he would meet him at 9am the next morning, but he may be 30 minutes late. As agreed paddy was there at 9am. Indeed Paddy was a great player and gave his new partner a good spanking. The American wanted revenge, so he asked Paddy if he would accept the challenge. Paddy told him that he would meet him the next morning, but he may be 30 minutes late. The next day Paddy turned up at 9am, but this time had left handed clubs. Once again he beet the American quite easily. The American asked Paddy how he made the choice to play left or right handed. Paddy replied, when I wake up in the morning if my wife is laying on her right side I use my right handed clubs, and if she is laying on her left side I use my left handed clubs. The American asked what he did if she was lying on her back, and Paddy replied, I MAY BE THIRTY MINUTES LATE
  2. And I suppose total strokes per round aren't either
  3. At a club I used to play at there was a woman who often played on her own. She was very attractive, albeit a little overweight. I often wondered if she had done all her housework before coming out ?
  4. I played 18 holes this morning and achieved a putting average of 1.83 (33 putts). A month ago that would have been nearer 2.5. I totally agree with that what works is right
  5. After being on the other end of a great deal of abuse, I thought I would give you all an update regarding my putting. I was having a pretty decent degree of success by placing the ball slightly back of centre (towards my rear foot). I felt it had straightened my putting and stopped me dragging the ball to the left. I was informed by more than one member this was simply putting a plaster on the problem. I took this to heart and spent a few weeks attempting to putt with the ball placed forward of centre. Well, my putting reached an all time low, so I reverted back to plan "A". Whilst my putting improved a little, I couldn't emulate the success I previously had, so I decided to spend some time on the practice green. As previously mentioned, I have a friend who putts one handed, and very rarely 3 putts. I attempted this for myself, and whilst I don't feel confident enough to use this technique as the norm, it was easier and better than I thought. This lead me to try something else. I now putt with the ball slightly back of centre, but only use my left hand to secure the putter, rather than to use it for directional purposes. In brief, my right hand does 90% of the work, and my left hand is there for moral support only. My putting is more consistent than it ever has been now, but I openly admit I will never be the best putter in the world
  6. Lessons are one of the most controversial subjects amongst golfers. Firstly, to everyone one good teacher there are probably half a dozen poor ones. I have had lessons from three different pro's, and two of them were hopeless. I am nearly 62 years old, and not very flexible, and the last pro to give me a lesson got frustrated because I couldn't swing like a 20 year old. Another pro thought it was a good idea to let me get on with what ever I did and just give me encouragement. The first pro to give me a lesson was brilliant. He gave me enough information to allow me to develop, but not to much to confuse me. You also have to consider your age and where you are in your golfing life. To be honest I don't care if I don't get better, but I would like to stay as good or as bad as I am at present. The only way I am going to be able to do this is to make what I do work. Of course, all the time I am looking for little changes in my swing or my putting technique etc to keep my shots down. Lessons can be a great thing, but they have to be for the right person, and given by the right pro
  7. No, I have a few friends who always make the ball buzz regardless of the ball they his. None of the players in question are low handicappers, and don't have the ability to make the ball spin at will. There is one answer, and one answer only, SPEED
  8. I think your site name probably says it all
  9. This person questioned my credibility. Even in the USA this is the same thing as calling somebody a liar, and you know it. I am quite long in the tooth, and have been posting on various sites, including political and watch enthusiast forums (my other hobby). When people such as the person in question have no logical argument, they find it best to accuse another person of lying, and at worst make threats. Over here we call them "internet warriors". It's sad that these people exist, but I suppose it's inevitable !
  10. Thank you, I think we agree Mate it's simple. I altered what I did, and it worked. What I did before was pretty text book, and it didn't work. Your ethos would have had you carrying on doing something that didn't work for you indefinitely, but mine is different. Of course, it's easy to accuse someone of being a liar on the internet, but people rarely have the confidence to do it face to face. Your very brave, keep it up
  11. Come on, you know exactly what I mean. We all know golfers who play off of similar handicaps, whilst their actual ability is a mile apart. I know people with an 18 handicap who should really be playing off of 28, and I know people with an 18 handicap that should be playing off of 10. perhaps it is different in the USA. Regarding putting techniques. There becomes a point in ones life where band-aid fixes are just fine. I am nearly 62, and the likelihood is that I will get progressively worse as I get older and more unfit. If a little tweak works, that's exactly what I will do !!
  12. OK, I shall give you another example to prove my point. I play with a golfer who plays off of 13, and a rather good 13 he is as well. He is naturally left handed, but plays right handed. As a result, he claims his dominant left hand forces him to pull the ball to the right, and now putts one handed with his weaker right hand. I can't remember ever seeing him three putt. Now, please tell me any pro that would suggest putting one handed with the wrong hand ? Again, if it works, it works !
  13. Disagree. What your saying is everyone has to putt using the same technique to get it right, when in actual fact putting techniques vary incredibly, even amongst the worlds best. If standing on my head and putting backwards with my left hand makes the ball go in the hole, then surely that's the path to take?
  14. Putting is like the rest of golf, it's about what works for the individual. I know that putting the ball back in my stance has straightened my putting, and has vastly reduced my average. It doesn't matter what the books say, it doesn't matter what the pro says, IT WORKS FOR ME. We all know good golfers with bad swings, and we all know bad golfers with fairly good swings. I used to know a chap who used to place his left leg so far in front of his right when he putted, he looked like he was walking. He was one of the best putters I have ever played with. I tried it myself, and it didn't work at all for me.
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