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  1. Today I hit the Simulator with my 5 year old son. I wanted to see where I was with my "newer" Irons. My son was hitting his clubs for the first time. Unfortunately flight-scope would not pick up on any of his hits. However towards the end of our shared hour season he was getting good contact and that was all I was looking for out of this. As the year moves on what should I focus hit practice on and what realistically should I expect from hit? I don't want to push him to far and him give up. Any suggestions out there, I know during the summer we will be at the range every morning before hitting the pool at the Club.
  2. @dennyjones Thanks, new to the forum. Ill keep this in mind on future post.
  3. bkuehn1952 Bkuehn1952, I do know they do not have dining or quarterly food minimums, only the monthly dues.
  4. I am gathering information about the Hershey Country Club. There is a 90% chance I will become a member in the coming months. I am trying to gain prospective on family events as I have 5 small kids. I know about the Jr. Golf program during the summer but am wondering about any other activity's they may have available to them. I have not had my walk thru of the property yet. During this time are there things I should ask about or look out for? If any of you are reading this that are not members of HCC but another country club and anything comes to mind please chime in. I have never belonged to a Country Club before. This would be a big commitment, but I believe my family would benefit from the membership as well. I have done some research and have compiled a few questions to ask referring to tee time restrictions, cart cost (is it mandatory), Locker fees, Clinics (fees for them), Guest fees and how many guest I can bring. If I am missing questions I should be asking please let me know. I would like to come out of this meeting as informed as possible and don't want to be surprised by cost halfway throughout the year.
  5. 3 inch's of snow on the ground. waiting for the weather to turn around.
  6. I have been looking into this and wonder if its worth it for a high handicapper. Are Jones and Snead flights really treated the same as Championship and Palmer flights. Due to my location I will have to drive close to 2 hours for every Tournament. I just want to make sure its worth it before committing.
  7. Thanks, I'm looking to take things serious this year and come up with a weekly/daily practice routine.
  8. Added myself to the map. Central PA , hope to find some playing partners
  9. Nice read, This was something I was looking for. Question, If you had a hour and a half to practice a day would you (A) focus on one per day or (B) break that time into all three per day?
  10. 2019 goals for myself 1. Develop a weekly/daily Practice routine's 2. Play 18 holes once a week 3. Break 90's my biggest 3, last year was my first playing. mostly playing with a buddy who loves to drink more then play. I'm ready to take golf serious and next year start playing tournaments.
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