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  1. I like oobgolf.com -- it has lots of other features, but will also track your handicap.
  2. Here's a 7736-yard course near me. We're at altitude, so the distance has to be discounted somewhat though: http://mynewmexicogolf.com/golf/prot...ors_course.htm
  3. Well done, and better than my first regulation 9 (68) a few weeks ago. You'll make quick progress... I'm down to a 54 my last time out. Getting rid of the total blow-up holes (I once made a 15, without any penalties!) helps get your score down quite a bit. It just gets harder and harder to shave off strokes as you go lower.
  4. http://unmgolf.com/home.html 74.6/133 from the tips. Pretty great course, and now $38 including cart.
  5. 56 on a par-31 9. Including a 15! on one hole, which was my worst hole ever by 3 strokes. Rest of the round wasn't too bad, at least for my new-golfer self.